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 Posted:   Nov 13, 2019 - 10:56 AM   
 By:   GoblinScore   (Member)

One of two reasons:

Write thought...walk away...add another thought...


Posting in the can. Nuff' said. :-D

John Connor is still a chick, Junkie still got mixed to death & the Danger Zone remains our lil' nebulous Phantom Zone for film scores.

Additional excuse for fragment cavespeak - listening to lots of street poetry lately - anyone know this is a thing?? - those meters & cadences must be seeping in. Shucks.

 Posted:   Nov 14, 2019 - 12:48 PM   
 By:   danbeck   (Member)

I found most of the developments and "twists" of the story totally predictable, as based on stuff from the first two/three movies. There is only so much things you can do with the premise "Terminator back from the future sent to kill some kind of savior" story - basically 4 movies have been remaking the original or a variant of, and practically all the scenes have been (better) done already.  In this respect, I actually enjoyed "Rise of The Machines", which I find really underrated (at the same time that T2 is imho a little overrated - I could expand on this some other time). 

This is too bad because there are actually some decent character moments, particularly those involving Sarah Connor, and MacKenzie Davis is really good. But the movie's emotional impact is slowly taken down by over-familiarity, and the characters bits fail to build up to something. Having 4 major characters, just pursued by an un-charismatic villain probably doesn't help. Arnold's new character felt completely artificial, his story just being told, as something happening off screen, just doesn't ring true. 

Even in terms of action, Tim Miller's direction lacks clarity, there is a truck/car chase that doesn't old a candle to the stuff of Cameron and even Mostow, and a fight within a plane that is rather confusing.  

I think the movie that should not have failed (artistically and financially) and that would have successfully relaunched the franchise was "Salvation", with its post apocalyptic setting and getting rid of time travel elements, building on the John Connor mythology for several movies the way of the three recent Caesar-centric "Planet of the Apes" pictures did. Well, that did not happen...

I need to listen to the score separately but in the movie itself, it seemed pretty generic and standard, lacking much of the personality that at least the Fiedel stuff had. Like the movie, saying it is better than the last one is faint praise.

Having just watched the movie I fully agree with your review (and Jon Broxton’s). The movie is watchable and it was good to see Hamilton back, but, much more than the previous sequels, it is just a rehash of the first.

The score was only noticed when it quoted Fiedel’s themes. A disappointment since Tom Holkenborg already shown that he can do much better.

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