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 Posted:   Jun 22, 2024 - 6:35 AM   
 By:   Scott McOldsmith   (Member)

This release was a jaw dropper and an immediate buy when I saw it at one of the long gone record stores of the 90's. Like many others, I prefer the sound quality of this release over the SE, but also appreciate the additional music of the later releases.

I feel ROTJ is much better treated in the Anthology, in sound quality and in the fact that the cues aren't crossfaded to make 15 minute tracks. This also goes for Empire - the Hoth battle doesn't need to be a single cue.

The presentation for A New Hope is fun and I always liked Williams' arrangement. I have a mix of the Anthology and the SE on a "Best of Star Tres" playlist - and it's mostly from the anthology.

ROTJ famously got the worst treatment on LP in 1983 and the Anthology went a long way towards fixing that. I have a love hate relationship with it. I really don't enjoy the Jabba music. Other than the Rancor and the Sail BArge Assault, it's all pretty meandering dull (Lati Nek and Jedi Rocks are dire). The Ewok music also does nothing for me. However....

Luke and Leia and the companion music Brother and Sister are masterpieces. All of the rest of the music is some of Williams' best for the saga.

Star Wars (ANH) was the most influential to the industry and fun
TESB was the most complex and influential to Star Wars as a whole
ROTJ was the most operatic and moving

Funny thing, John Williams is about 3rd down my list of favorite composers, but my top 5 favorite scores are his. The Star Wars Trilogy is some of the greatest fantasy music of all time (and I'm compartmentalizing it to minimize argument - we know how this board gets).

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