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 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 6:21 AM   
 By:   Quartet Records   (Member)

We are glad to present our last batch of the year…

Expanded Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed by Nino Rota
Restored and Mastered by Chris Malone
Liner notes by Tim Greiving
Limited edition of 3000 units

To celebrate our 300th release, Quartet Records, in collaboration with Gruppo Sugar, are proud to present a mammoth 2-CD set presenting for the first time ever Nino Rota’s complete original score for Federico Fellini’s masterpiece LA DOLCE VITA.

Starring Marcello Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg, Anouk Aimée and Walter Garrone, LA DOLCE VITA is a 1960 Italian drama that follows Marcello Rubini (Mastroianni), a journalist writing for gossip magazines, over seven days and nights on his journey through the “sweet life” of Rome in a fruitless search for love and happiness.

Fellini once described his film as “a veritable Tower of Babel” because of the many languages spoken in it, and Rota’s score for LA DOLCE VITA is its own Babel of genre—a grab bag of melancholic orchestral music, jazz, light pop, rollicking rock, circus fanfares, dances, pastiches and cultural references. Nino Rota provides a beautiful underscore, almost phantasmagorical, to illustrate the empty streets of Rome, the solitude of the next morning, the world of luxury, decadence and lust that seems to end.

A 40-minute LP of the soundtrack was released on RCA Victor in 1961 and reissued many times on CD by C.A.M. For this premiere complete edition, we have included the complete 77-minute score on CD 1. On the second disc we have included more than 35 minutes of previously unreleased music with lots of alternates and music written by Rota that was not used in the final print of the movie, as well as the original album. The entire project has been produced by Jose M. Benitez, supervised by Claudio Fuiano, and carefully restored and mastered by Chris Malone from the first-generation master tapes—originally recorded in mono—courtesy of Gruppo Sugar. The original album has also been reconstructed by Mr. Malone from the original session tapes and now sounds better than ever.

The package includes a richly illustrated 20-page booklet with liner notes by Tim Greiving, who offers a detailed analysis of the film and score, including quotes from exclusive interviews with film critic A.O. Scott and composer Alexandre Desplat.

Expanded Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith
Reissue Produced and Mastered by Mike Matessino
Liner notes by Dirk Wickenden
Limited edition of 1000 units

Quartet Records, Universal Music Group and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer present the remastered, expanded edition of Jerry Goldsmith’s romantic noir score for the spy-drama THE RUSSIA HOUSE, a 1990 adaptation of a John Le Carré novel directed by Fred Schepisi, and starring Sean Connery, Michelle Pfeifer, Roy Scheider, James Fox and Klaus Maria Brandauer.

First of the collaborations between Goldsmith and Schepisi (they would continue working together on several films, giving Goldsmith the opportunity to write some of the most unusual—and controversial—scores of his final period), THE RUSSIA HOUSE was composed just after TOTAL RECALL, but is a radically different score. It’s one of the most intimate, melodic and special scores composed by Goldsmith in the nineties, and one of the composer’s personal favorites as well.

MCA released a generous 61-minute CD in 1990, including most of the score, but missing some key suspense cues. We now present the complete score with more than 15 minutes of unreleased music. This edition has been carefully produced by Mike Matessino, with tracks prepared by Neil S. Bulk and mastered by Matessino from the original mixes by Bruce Botnick. The package includes a 16-page full color booklet with Dirk Wickenden providing in-depth liner notes and musical analysis of this masterful Goldsmith score.

Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed and Conducted by Burt Bacharach
Reissue Produced and Mastered by Chris Malone
Liner notes by Jeff Bond
Limited edition of 2000 units

Quartet Records and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a very special new edition of Burt Bacharach’s timeless classic soundtrack for the 1967 James Bond spoof CASINO ROYALE to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The infectious main theme performed by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass is just the starting point of an epic comedy ride that includes such highlights as the unforgettable “The Look of Love,” sung by Dusty Springfield, or the epic fight music at the end of the film. Produced by record industry legend Phil Ramone, the original soundtrack LP offered selected highlights, expertly edited to showcase the best parts of the entire score. Thanks to the legendary sound quality of the stereo copies, this record became one of the most highly sought-after collectibles in the industry.

Previously released on CD by several labels, including us (twice, both now out of print), this edition is an important landmark for this legendary score, and we can proudly say that it now sounds better than ever. This new edition has been produced, restored and mastered by Chris Malone, rebuilding the score from the ground up. Malone’s work has focused on addressing unintended technical anomalies (such as filling dropouts and covering analogue splices) rather than broadly applying a modern sound palette. He has eschewed dynamic range compression and retained the brilliance of the original recording. Because the LP program derived from the original film recordings (with some edits made for a more pleasure listening), we have included it on our CD and added all the music composed by Bacharach that was not on the LP to make a 77-minute CD. The bonus tracks are in mono (music stems are still the only available source to date), but Chris has worked them in a very different mood from our previous edition, respecting the mono without adding any stereo reverb and carefully restoring each track in a very warm way. We can say the sound is day and night compared with our previous edition. Live and learn.

To learn more about Chris Malone’s work on this release and read an interview with sound engineer Jack Clegg, who recorded this score 50 years ago at C.T.S. Bayswatster, please follow this link:

This release includes a bonus track making its CD debut: the promo-single version by Mike Redway, and arranged by Bacharach, of the song “Have No Fear, Bond Is Here.” The CD also showcases all-new, exclusive liner notes from film music writer Jeff Bond, and new art design by Nacho B. Govantes in a 20-page full-color booklet.

Original Motion Picture Score
Composed and Conducted by Fernando Velázquez
Recorded and Mastered by Marc Blanes
Liner notes by Gergely Hubai

Quartet Records is proud to celebrate the tenth anniversary of J.A. Bayona’s horror cult-classic THE ORPHANAGE with a newly recorded, complete edition of the score composed by Fernando Velázquez. THE ORPHANAGE was the first collaboration between director and composer, a partnership that has continued in such modern classics as THE IMPOSSIBLE and A MONSTER CALLS.

It may seem unusual that a barely ten-year-old score is being re-recorded, but giving THE ORPHANAGE a second chance to shine is an undertaking of which Quartet Records is especially proud. This tenth-anniversary edition includes every note Fernando wrote for the film in its original conception to give fans a bold, new take on a modern classic. The original soundtrack album was negotiated and signed off before the recordings were made, and while Fernando wasn’t quite satisfied with the performance, the album had to be released nonetheless. It was a problematic recording, without much possibility of correcting mistakes (do not forget that THE ORPHANAGE was a low-budget film). When the possibility of expanding the original 47-minute-long program was being discussed in early 2017, a review of the original multi-track recordings revealed that time hasn’t been kind to Velázquez’s first major score, so a new plan was formulated. The composer took it upon himself to revisit the project by doing a brand-new recording with the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra, the same ensemble he used for A MONSTER CALLS, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES, SUBMERGENCE and his “Concert Suites” album. By using one of his favorite orchestras and his usual recording engineer, Marc Blanes, whom he couldn’t use on his seminal score, Quartet Records and Fernando Velazquez present the same music he wrote a decade ago (including previously unrecorded alternates), using the know-how and skills he has gained in the past 10 years to bring fans a new recording of which we can all be proud.

This edition includes newly commissioned artwork by PosterSpy & Karl Fitzgerald. The package comes with a 16-page full-color booklet with liner notes by Gergely Hubai discussing the film and score, an essay by Spanish musical authority Luis Ángel de Benito, and statements by Fernando Velázquez and director J.A. Bayona.

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed and Orchestrated by Bruno Coulais
Conducted by Alastair King
Album Produced by Jean-Pierre Arquié
Mastered by Benjamin Joubert

Quartet Records and 22D Music Group present the new score by renowned composer Bruno Coulais (MICROCOSMOS, LES CHORISTES, LES ADIEUX A LA REINE, CORALINE, THE SEASONS) for the animated film directed by Antoon Krings and Arnaud Bouron.

The plot is about Apollo, a kind-hearted traveling performer and ingenious cricket who lands in the village of the Funny Little Bugs, where the whole kingdom is about to be disrupted. The beloved reigning queen bee Marguerite is soon kidnapped on the orders of her jealous and treacherous cousin Wendy, who sets up a trap to frame Apollo for the crime, causing panic and despair in the hive.

Bruno Coulais provides a charming, ingenious score, full of leitmotifs for every character, action music, wondrous melodic themes and refreshing orchestration, all in his own inimitable style. The music was recorded in magnificent sound in London under the baton of Alastair King; the recording was produced by Jean-Pierre Arquié.

Also available…

Music Composed by Nick Bicât
Conducted by Tony Britten
Mastered by Marc Blanes
Liner notes by Gergely Hubai
Limited edition of 500 units (fewer than 200 in stock!)

Quartet Records presents a holiday treat: the premiere CD release of a long-awaited Christmas classic!

We are all familiar with Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol—the tale of three ghosts who teach a miserly businessman the true meaning of Christmas. The 1984 version (which debuted on television in the US market) stars George C. Scott as Scrooge, along with David Warner, Susannah York, Frank Finlay and Angela Pleasence. The film was directed by Clive Donner, who edited the 1951 adaptation of the Christmas classic.

The wonderful symphonic score was composed by Nick Bicât (Stealing Heaven, Wetherby, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Reflecting Skin)—twice nominated for a BAFTA Award—who provides yuletide joy, adaptations of classic (but not clichéd) Christmas carols as well as an original song for the end credits. The score itself is organized around the three ghosts, all of whom have their own sounds: the fun gavotte of the Ghost of Christmas Past, the fanfare for the Ghost of Christmas Present and the cold atmosphere of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. The album features the premiere release of the fan-favorite end-credits song: “God Bless Us Every One.”

Orchestrated and conducted by Tony Britten, this complete score release has been produced by Nick Bicât, mastered by Marc Blanes, and comes with a richly illustrated booklet with notes by Gergely Hubai discussing the film, the composer and the score. The lyrics to all the featured songs are included for you to sing along!

Original Television Soundtrack
Music Composed and Orchestrated by Henrik Skram
Conducted by Matt Dunkley
Mastered by Morgan Nicolaysen
Limited edition of 500 units

Quartet Records and NRK Television present another holiday treat!—a 2-CD set featuring composer Henrik Skram’s original score to the 2016 acclaimed Norwegian TV series Snøfall (Snowfall), a fantasy Christmas tale about courage, friendship and the search for belonging.

The story is about Selma, who, having lost her parents in an accident five years ago, wishes for nothing more than a family she can belong to. The letter she writes to Santa Claus turns into a paper bird which flies to Snøfall—a magical village full of wondrous people. On her journey through this enchanting Christmas fairy tale, Selma will figure out who she is and where she belongs—although it is far from what she would have ever expected.

Talented young Norwegian composer Henrik Skram (90 Minutes, Ballet Boys, Tordenskjold & Kold) provides a warm, charming, massive orchestral tour-de-force performed by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra under the baton of Matt Dunkley, in a score full of fantasy, tender melodies and impeccably tasteful writing. Fans of John Williams, James Horner, Alan Silvestri or Bruce Broughton will not be disappointed!

Henrik Skram won his second Golden Screen Award for his work on this series score.

All titles are in stock now. For order, listen audio samples and more info, please visit

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 6:29 AM   
 By:   slint   (Member)

Wow! LA DOLCE VITA (2-CD). I don't think anything else would have been more appropriate for the 300th release! It is the one for me!

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 6:34 AM   
 By:   KeV McG   (Member)

Goldsmith must be spinning in his grave!

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 6:35 AM   
 By:   JTWfan77   (Member)

Goldsmith must be spinning in his grave!

Oh man, what a blow to whittlers everywhere!!! Then again it gives us more to choose from when whittling! wink

That Russia House cover art is beautiful. Is this the first prior MCA release to be expanded by Quartet?

Fantastic batch!

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 6:39 AM   
 By:   Thomas   (Member)

Casino Royale again! Can there be anyone left who doesn't already own this score? I've always been happy with the previous Quartet release.

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 6:57 AM   
 By:   Ado   (Member)

Quartet does superb work, I am playing that massive Santa Claus The Movie score a lot this time of year.

Russia House gets a lot of grief, but I love that lush score.

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 6:58 AM   
 By:   jfallon   (Member)

I have such a soft spot for Russia House... such a smooth listening score all the way through. Will US retailers like Intrada be selling this? Always forget if the only way to buy Quartet releases is through their website.

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 6:59 AM   
 By:   Montana Dave   (Member)

After nearly 60 YEARS of the same tired, old, CAM reissue of that original release, Nino Rota FINALLY gets his marvelous complete score released! Personally, for me, THE RELEASE OF THE YEAR! (And I'm fully aware of all those mega-titles that have come out this year.) After nearly 60 years, I can wait another couple of weeks for it's release. THANK YOU QUARTET RECORDS!

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 7:05 AM   
 By:   Ado   (Member)

I have such a soft spot for Russia House... such a smooth listening score all the way through. Will US retailers like Intrada be selling this? Always forget if the only way to buy Quartet releases is through their website.

SAE usually has these. I know they have Snofall for preorder right now.

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 7:05 AM   
 By:   raferjanders   (Member)

I have such a soft spot for Russia House... such a smooth listening score all the way through. Will US retailers like Intrada be selling this? Always forget if the only way to buy Quartet releases is through their website.

They sell Quartet releases via SAE. I'm just waiting for the site to update, not available as of yet. Haha, and I've just seen the above post.

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 7:42 AM   
 By:   couvee   (Member)

Oh my, what lavish treatment for La Dolce Vita, 2 discs full of classic score. I only recently bought the 'remastered' Sugar CD with those carton white sleeves and a filmposter on them. Bare bone release without notes or booklet. Oh well, glad to replace it with this gem by maestro Rota at the top of his game. Thanks Quartet, worthy number 300 indeed!

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 7:52 AM   
 By:   Mark Langdon   (Member)

THE RUSSIA HOUSE is one of my favourite Goldsmith scores, so I'm happy to see this release!

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 7:58 AM   
 By:   The Mutant   (Member)

Oh man. This month is killing me. Had to have Russia House. I suspect that will sell out fairly quick at 1000 copies.

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 8:13 AM   
 By:   SchiffyM   (Member)

"La Dolce Vita"! Great, great score, but I always found the old album a frustrating listen, a bit of a catch-all that never cohered. This new one looks great!

I like "The Russia House" but never thought I needed more of it. Hmmm…

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 8:47 AM   
 By:   chriscoyle   (Member)

"La Dolce Vita"! Great, great score, but I always found the old album a frustrating listen, a bit of a catch-all that never cohered. This new one looks great!

I like "The Russia House" but never thought I needed more of it. Hmmm…

Agreed at a thousand copies I bet Quartet agrees.

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 10:15 AM   
 By:   Dylan   (Member)

"La Dolce Vita" is a great score and this looks like such a wonderful release. I too always found the CAM LP/CD assembly oddly unfulfilling despite loving the music in the film. An "expanded with alternates" release of this score is something I never thought would happen.

Hopefully "8 1/2" is next. While a better album than "La Dolce Vita," there is a lot of great music in the film that isn't on the album (such as the haunting End Credits).

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 10:24 AM   
 By:   dbrooks   (Member)

-Casino Royale again! Can there be anyone left who doesn't already own this score? I've always been happy with the previous Quartet release.

I still don't own this score. Reason for that was I didn't want to pay the $30 plus dollars or I had other things to listen to. I don't know if it is worth the extra release but it always sells out. For all those who do own the previous releases, is it worth the purchase?

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 12:37 PM   
 By:   Niall from Ireland   (Member)

So, there is something for everybody after all (said he gladly, lol) in this great Christmas batch from Quartet Records! Thank you for the great upgraded and expanded edition of Goldsmith's Russia House, and the superb release of the complete Nino Rota score for Fellini's Classic La Dolce Vita! Ordered, and sending a big Merry Christmas to Jose Maria and all those good people connected with Quartet Records releases!

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 1:14 PM   
 By:   Yavar Moradi   (Member)

This is an incredible batch. Dolce Vita complete. The Orphanage complete re-recording! One of the few 90s remaining Goldsmiths not controlled by Varese, now in definitive form. And yes, Kev, I understand your humor about this but just because the existing album feels like a slog does not necessarily mean an expansion will feel the same way. Dirk W. who wrote the notes for this explains in this article he wrote years ago that the missing cues actually add some important variety to the score and break up the repetitiveness:

It wouldn't be the first Goldsmith expansion that actually played much better (perhaps even felt shorter) than the original album. I'm looking at you, Star Trek: Nemesis, half-full of boring suspense noodling!


 Posted:   Dec 7, 2017 - 1:24 PM   
 By:   Carburetor Float   (Member)

(sorry 1)

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