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 Posted:   Jun 8, 2018 - 11:18 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


"a small war
part one"

By: Nan Schwartz

  • 22:03 in.

    The budget for the show's scoring was cut steadily as the show went on. After being nominated for an Emmy for one score, they apparently thoughts: "An Emmy? That's great! Now, reduce the budget so the season six premiere is noticeably mostly synth!"

    A picture of Harriet has been added to the opening credits. Even though she's been a character on the show for probably three seasons now, they've decided to just now ad her (other part-time characters aren't in there).

    Now the Chief is listening to opera. And his dog is singing along.

    I didn't like it when Geordi grew a beard on "Star Trek: The Next Generation", and I don't like this weird mustache thing Virgil has suddenly sprouted.

    Chief: "I'll give you something free!"

    "a small war
    part two"

    By: Nan Schwartz

  • 9:00 in.
  • 10:05 in.
  • 20:10 in.

    I don't like either of the new characters introduced in this two-parter.

    Carol's acting and anger about drugs (an alcohol in previous episodes) is real, as despite in the show being police officers, in real life his song Hugh O'Connor had a drug problem that ultimate lead to his death. And Howard Rollins had an alcohol problem that required creative writing to deal with him being absent. Eventually the alcoholism lead to Rollins disappearing completely; online trivia says only Carol stayed in touch with him (apparently they were really good friends).

    The police are hiding behind a van for a bust, that says "POLICE" on it.

    "brother's keeper"
    By: David Bell

  • About 33:50 in.
  • 40:35 in. The string work kind of reminds me of Henry Mancini' score to "The Thorn Birds".

    Once again continuing the old plot idea that when an old friend or family member shows up, they are up to no good (or alternatively: will die).

    Bubba: "He's under arrest."
    Bar Patron: "What for?"
    Bubba: "Resisting arrest."

    Tibbs: "Sometimes I find you weird," to the Chief.

    "a frenzied affair"
    By: Nan Schwartz (minus the opening credits)

  • 0:00 in.
  • 10:42 in.
  • 25:19 in.
  • 34:53 in.
  • 39:55 in.

    Theater Owner: "Why'd you stop coming around, Chief?"
    Chief: "Oh, well, I ... I don't much care for movies nowadays. They seem to leave nothing to your imagination, except the story."
    Theater Owner: "Sad but true."

    By: Nan Schwartz

  • About 40:20 in.
  • 42:52 in.

     Posted:   Jun 9, 2018 - 10:22 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON SIX:

    "random's child"
    By: David Bell

  • 2:28 in.
  • 4:33 in.
  • 7:20 in.
  • About 11:45 in.
  • 13:34 in. And right after the commercial. Given the way the music has played out so far, these two would be good together.
  • 25:30 in.
  • 44:00 in. A lovely little end to the episode.

    Lonnie: "Don't make me chase ya, I'm just gonna get mad!"

    Mobster: "You wouldn't have done that if these cops weren't here," after Chief punches him in the face.
    Chief: "If these cops weren't here I would have shot ya!"

    "an occupational

    By: Nan Schwartz

  • 1:31 in.
  • About 1725 in.
  • 21:13 in.
  • 32:18 in.

    What business do you clean for where it's closed at night and you have the keys to unlock it, but don't lock the door behind you? You'd get fired for something like that! Especially considering there is a computer bandit theft ring in the city.

    "last rights"
    By: David Bell

  • 1:31 in.
  • 13:13 in.
  • 18:02 in.
  • 2111 in. I know it's kind of short, but I just like the low-key melancholy of the score.
  • 24:19 in.
  • 27:12 in.
  • 29:18 in.
  • 32:11 in. And after the commercial break.
  • 35:23 in.
  • 37:25 in.
  • 39:35 in.
  • 44:22 in.

    A nice sad emotional score, strings and piano heavy. The full score should be released.

     Posted:   Jun 11, 2018 - 12:52 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON SIX:

    "when the music stopped"
    By: Nan Schwartz

  • 6:24 in.

    "flowers from a lady"
    By: David Bell (minus the opening credits)

  • 10:50 in.
  • 36:20 in.
  • About 40:15 in.

    Tibbs: "Look -- why don't you come out of there? It's too damn hot for this."

    "private sessions"
    By: Nan Schwartz

  • About 1:35 in. Some nice melancholy strings and woodwinds work, with a long-lined theme.
  • 7:25 in.
  • 13:12 in.
  • 15:48 in.
  • 29:30 in.
  • 34:43 in.
  • 37:03 in.

    This is a good example of a score better than the one she was nominated for.

    "judgment day"
    By: Nan Schwartz

  • 3:53 in.
  • 11:38 in.
  • 13:09 in. And after the commercial break.

    "falsely accused"
    By: David Bell

  • 17:10 in.
  • 27:32 in.
  • 33:40 in.
  • About 36:30 in.

     Posted:   Jun 12, 2018 - 11:59 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON SIX:

    "a step removed"
    By: David Bell

  • 12:53 in.
  • 20:35 in.
  • About 22:30 in.
  • 28:30 in.
  • 32:35 in.
  • About 40:00 in.

    "deadly affection"
    By: David Bell

  • 1:32 in.
  • 7:15 in.
  • 12:53 in.
  • 20:55 in.

    "leftover man" (no "part i")
    By: David Bell

    Some of the end credits credits are in the opening.

  • 0:00 in.
  • About 17:40 in.
  • About 26:00 in. Another rare use of snare drum in the series' scoring.
  • About 42:00 in.

    The last few episodes a change in mind about the budget must have been had, because I'm hearing a lot of more real orchestra.

    "leftover man
    part 2"

    By: David Bell

  • 1:32 in.
  • 12:03 in.
  • 17:45 in.
  • 26:43 in.

    Chief: "I'd love to ram him into the cell with the other guys. I'll control myself, now you watch me. I'll show you some patience."

    "a dish best served cold"
    By: Nan Schwartz

  • About 11:30 in.
  • About 24:35 in.
  • About 27:20 in.

    Chief said if Parker's guess turns out the way Parker figures it, he'd give him back his Sargent stripes. Still no explanation why he lost them (also, still none for why Bubba lost his).

    Parker: "Chief, I've been thinkin'--"
    Chief: "Well, that's allowed."

     Posted:   Jun 13, 2018 - 11:01 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON SIX:

    By: David Bell

  • 13:00 in.
  • 21:37 in. Continues after the commercial.
  • 44:25 in.

    "even nice people"
    By: Joe Sherman (minus the opening credits)

    This is Sherman's first effort for the series.

  • 0:00 in.
  • 14:50 in.
  • 28:25 in.
  • 31:39 in.
  • 42:48 in.

    It's certainly a different pace in the scoring.

    The whole episode is just kind of off; from the editing, to the cinematography, to the writing, to even the way to just flows.

    O'Connor must have liked what he heard, because not only did Sherman do more episodes, but he scored a 1985 TV movie called "Brass" that Carroll was in and co-wrote. This series and that movie, are the only scoring credits on his IMDb page.

    "lake winahatchie"
    By: Nan Schwartz

  • 6:24 in.
  • 17:08 in.
  • 28:27 in.

    "a correct settling"
    By: Joe Sherman

  • 1:33 in.
  • 14:38 in.
  • 25:20 in. A lovely cue from the new comer.
  • 29:50 in.
  • 37:30/38:50 in.
  • 41:07 in.
  • 44:41 in.

    And that concludes season six.

     Posted:   Jun 13, 2018 - 12:00 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


    "child's play"
    By: David Bell (minus the opening credits)

  • 3:19 in.
  • About 8:20 in.
  • 9:45 in.
  • 13:28 in.
  • 22:12 in.
  • 36:06 in.
  • 39:33 in.

    Bill is out of the Chief; voted out purposefully by the city council.

     Posted:   Jun 14, 2018 - 11:17 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON SEVEN:

    "hatton's turn
    part 1"

    By: David Bell

  • 36:35 in.
  • 38:46 in.
  • 42:10 in.

    "hatton's turn
    part 2"

    By: David Bell

  • About 17:00 in.
  • 25:32 in.
  • 26:53 in.

    "a depraved heart"
    By: David Bell

  • 22:34 in.
  • 25:48 in.
  • 4143 in.
  • 44:10 in.

    "incident at brewer's pond"
    By: Eddie Horst

    This is Horst's first effort for series.

  • 13:47 in.
  • 17:08 in.
  • 28:12 in.
  • 31:20 in.
  • 37:17 in.
  • About 41:55 in.

    A fine effort that isn't readily distinguishable from what Bell and Schwartz were doing; he fit in that well.
    There is no music editor credited on this episode, so presumably he did that himself.

    Bill: "You try and be polite, you here? That's a good policy."

    "a love lost"
    By: Nan Schwartz

  • 1:32 in.
  • 7:13 in.
  • About 11:10 in.
  • 35:45 in.
  • 36:29 in.
  • 41:31 in.

    Guest starring Stephen Root (Jimmy James from "Newsradio").

    "singin' the blues"
    By: Nan Schwartz (minus the opening credits)

  • 33:00 in.
  • 34:35 in.

    I just couldn't connect with what little jazz score there was in this episode. Most of the "score" was jazz night club pieces.

    "virgil tibbs: attorney at law"
    By: Nan Schwartz

  • 7:44 in.
  • 16:31 in.
  • 32:25 in.
  • 41:18 in.

    I hope to finish the series the middle of next week. Then take a couple days off before starting another one.

     Posted:   Jun 15, 2018 - 11:20 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON SEVEN:

    "every man's family"
    By: Nan Schwartz

  • About 33:10 in.

    Overall I just couldn't connect with this episode score.

    A first in the series: a song instead of score, playing over a scene.

    "a baby called rocket"
    By: David Bell

  • About 22:15 in.
  • 30:21 in.

    "little girl lost"
    By: David Bell

  • 1:31 in.
  • 6:30 in.
  • 16:56 in.
  • 20:43 in.
  • 29:51 in.
  • 44:43 in.

    "your own kind"
    By: Eddie Horst

  • 1:31 in.
  • 10:24 in.
  • 28:37 in.
  • 36:26 in.

    A power anthem and thumbs up at the end? Out of place for such a series.

    "good cop, bad cop"
    By: Eddie Horst
    Score suite:

    "maybelle returns"
    By: Nan Schwartz (minus the opening credits)

  • 0:00 in.
  • About 13:30 in.
  • 18:28 in.

    "the last round"
    By: Eddie Horst

  • 1:30 in.
  • 11:13 in.
  • 18:35 in. Some romantic music, with strings and piano.
  • 22:36 in.
  • 25:56 in.
  • 27:24 in.
  • 28:38 in.
  • 30:12 in.
  • 36:33 in.
  • 38:45 in.
  • 40:15 in. Horst has a video clip of this on his website, so presumably this was a favorite cue by him.
  • 41:58/43:02 in.

    Another fine effort from Horst. He should have gotten more work after this, but he didn't. Another composer who died young -- 58 years old.

     Posted:   Jun 16, 2018 - 11:27 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON SEVEN:

    "ches and the grand lady"
    By: Nan Schwartz

  • About 24:20 in.
  • 30:25 in.
  • 31:20 in.
  • 34:38 in.
  • 36:50 in.
  • 37:15/38:18 in.
  • 39:36 in.

    "conspiracy of one"
    By: Eddie Horst

  • 1:29 in.
  • 9:10 in.
  • 11:10 in.
  • 27:20 in.
  • 28:21 in.
  • 31:19 in. And after the commercial break.
  • 35:33 in.
  • 37:47 in. Emotional funeral music; first beginning with soft strings, then some menacing muted trumpet and lower octave piano.
  • 42:40 in.

    The producers seem to be -- in my opinion -- be favoring the composers in certain ways: Horst for the regular-style scores, Schwartz for the more jazz=based ones which have cropped up as of late, and Bell for the more dramatically weighty emotional ones, with Sherman popping up for something different.

    If Rollins hadn't ruined his health, which may have contributed to his illness that ultimately killed him, we probably would have gotten a "Virgil Tibbs: Attorney at Law" spin-off series.

    "the rabbi"
    By: Joe Sherman

  • 2:38 in.
  • 13:07 in.
  • 17:54 in.
  • 23:29 in.
  • 28:53 in.
  • 34:37 in.
  • 38:07 in.
  • 43:15 in.

    With some Jewish-sound flavoring in a most of the cues, for a different touch this episode.

    I rarely ever talk about "top tier" or "second tier" or even "deserves a full release" in this thread at all, but surely this score deserves a full release.

    "hard choices"
    By: Nan Schwartz

  • 4:35 in.
  • 12:03 in.
  • 23:07 in. It's short, but I like it.
  • 2818 in.
  • 32:15 in.
  • 37:10 in.
  • 42:48 in.

    Bubba has been noticeably absent from episodes, with no explanation. A quick look online doesn't show any reason for it. So when he does show up, you wonder about it.

    "time's long shadow"
    By: David Bell

  • 1:32 in.
  • 28:50 in.
  • About 32:05 in.
  • 37:25 in. Some emotional string-heavy work.
  • 40:54 in.
  • 42:16 in.

    Bill: "I am not into rap; I hate rap."

    "poor relations"
    By: Nan Schwartz

  • 3:55 in.
  • 9:27 in.
  • 15:08 in.
  • 27:40/28:21 in.
  • 35:17 in.

    Kind of in a similar vein to the Emmy-nominated score Schwartz did.

    Old Lady Neighbor: "Parker, you going to church?" seeing Parker leave his house for his vehicle.
    Parker: "Ah, yes ma'am, miss Yohay. I didn't have to work too late last night, so--"
    Old Lady Neighbor: "The Lord don't mind you yawning in his house, just so long as you get there."
    Parker: "Ah ha ha."
    Old Lady Neighbor: "I went to early church myself."
    Parker: "Ah, that's real nice, miss Yohay," getting impatient.
    Old Lady Neighbor: "You oughta make it a habit, Parker."
    Parker: "You sound just like Penny."
    Old Lady Neighbor: "That girl's got good sense; you oughta marry her."
    Parker: "Ah, anything else I should do, miss Yohay?" his smile disappearing with his patience.
    Old Lady Neighbor: "Yes ... respect your elders..."
    Parker: "I'm tryin'."
    Old Lady Neighbor: "Well, you do that."


    By: Joe Sherman

  • 1:32 in.
  • 7:04/8:26/10:01 in.
  • 16:08 in.
  • 17:30 in.
  • 28:44 in.
  • 38:15 in.
  • 41:03/42:04 in.
  • 43:28 in. Pretty soft wedding music.

    Bill: "This marriage was made in Heaven."
    Harriet: "But it has to be lived here on earth."

    I had to skip the two-part season/series finale -- NO LOADS FOUND.

    "give me your life: part 1"
    By: Nan Schwartz

    "give me your life: part 2"
    By: Nan Schwartz

    I will pick up "season eight" Monday.

     Posted:   Jun 18, 2018 - 12:18 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


    I've referred to this is quotation marks for a reason. Like some other shows -- like "season one" of "Walker, Texas Ranger" -- there is no eighth season, but rather a series of TV movies which people and IMDb decided to label as a season. I'm not against it, I'm just point it out.

    And each composer gets an movie, so I don't need to say "final effort for the series".

    "a matter of justice"
    By: Nan Schwartz

    I had to skip this one. NO LOAD FOUND.

    "who was geli bendl?"
    By: Joe Sherman
    Part 1:
    Part 2:


    Part 1:
  • 15:50 in.
  • 17:53 in.
  • About 33:00 in.

    Part 2:
  • 5:27 in.
  • 24:10 in.

    "by duty bound"
    By: Eddie Horst
    Part 1:
    Part 2:


    Part 1:
  • 26:12 in.
  • 41:03 in.

    Part 2:
  • 14:45 in.
  • 30:09 in.
  • 35:20 in.

    "grow old
    along with me"

    By: David Bell
    Part 1:
    Part 2:


    Part 1:
  • 33:16 in.
  • 39:30 in. It's a long cue and after sis minutes (and a brief lull), continues into Part 2.

    Part 2:
  • 2:45 in.
  • 5:28 in.
  • 8:48 in.
  • 10:24 in.
  • 13:07 in.
  • 21:57 in.
  • 40:03 in.

    This was Hugh O'Connor's final appearance in anything. His wikipedia page puts it better than I would have:

    On March 28, 1995, the third anniversary of his marriage, O'Connor called his father to tell him he was going to end his life. He told his father he believed he could not beat the drugs and could not face another drug rehabilitation program. Carroll called the police, who arrived at Hugh's Pacific Palisades, California home just as he shot himself. The police later determined he had cocaine in his blood.

    The final composer tally:
    Nan Schwartz (75)
    David Bell (52)
    Eddie Horst (5)
    Joe Sherman (4)
    Joseph Harnell (3)
    Dick DeBenedictis (2)
    Larry Blank (2, one rejected)

    Additional Music Composers:
  • Danny Pelfrey.
  • Stu Goldberg. On the Harnell-scored episodes only.
  • Ron Aston. Musician on the scores. ASCAP lists him for cues.
  • John Debney.
  • Stanley Clarke. I don't know if it's the same Stanley Clarke. I e-mailed him to ask, but never heard back.
  • Mike Lang.

    And the man behind the jazz scat vocals heard in the majority of the episode scores:
    Mack Dougherty.

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  • "L

  • "L

    (If I missed a thread, let me know!)

     Posted:   May 25, 2022 - 11:34 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


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