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 Posted:   May 30, 2019 - 3:41 PM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


It was inevitable I was going to do this series, considering the composer roster. However, I want to watch it, so no skimming, so that means this may take a year to get threw.
I'll probably do some here and there, but likely not every day.

Or maybe I'll just do one or two seasons; I don't think it's right to watch nine seasons for free. And I can't find copies of it with ads on or Hulu.

I missed this show. I was too busy watching other shows like "Magnum, pi" and "Knight Rider".

"Diary of a Perfect Murder"
By: Dick DeBenedictis
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


Part 1:
  • 2:47/33:39 in.
  • 6:30 in.
  • 7:17 in.
  • 17:02 in.*
  • About 28:35 in.
  • 38:27 in.
  • 45:08 in.

    Part 2:
  • 1:11/3:01 in.

    Part 3:
  • 7:30 in. One thing I've noticed Dick is good at in particular: edgy and dark drama and tense suspense.
  • 20:02 in.

    * = Brilliant. No wonder people love this show.

    If you've not seen the show before, the first episode comes highly recommended.

    "Look in my eye ... you see the gratitude there?"

    "The Judge"
    By: Dick DeBenedictis

  • 1:46 in.
  • 21:00 in. Joining a cue already in progress.
  • 38:09 in.
  • 45:14 in.

    A good episode. Not as good as the first one.

    "The Stripper"
    By: Dick DeBenedictis

  • 4:14 in.
  • 9:37 in.
  • 22:07 in. Some congas for a brief car following scene.

    Not as good as the previous episode.

    A strip club with an orchestra. Sure, sure. And behind the curtain is an orchestrator working furiously.

    Matlock: "It was a very unusual case."
    "How so?"
    Matlock: "I lost."

    "The Affair"
    By: John Cacavas

  • 4:52 in.
  • 8:42/10:02 in. The first one could make a lead in.
  • 13:22 in.
  • 15:44/17:47 in. Begins out slow, but there's some moderate chase music.
  • 25:49 in.
  • 35:30 in.


    Matlock: "When I win I'm considered a bargain."

    "The Seduction"
    By: John Cacavas

  • 25:24 in.

    Too synthy and last-minute sounding. If I were compiling a set of season one scoring, I'd skip this episode score. It wouldn't shock me at all if this was a rush-job score replacing another score.
    Cacavas did a superior job on "Mrs. Columbo".

    That's it for today.
    Next time will bring in Morton Stevens.

     Posted:   May 30, 2019 - 3:57 PM   
     By:   Livio Merino   (Member)

    I would love the original versions of the main title to this show. I ripped audio from the DVD's for the Pilot version, and season1-5 or 6. I haven't got any of the later seasons for the last mix of the main title.

     Posted:   May 31, 2019 - 6:26 AM   
     By:   counterpoint   (Member)

    When you`re done with Matlock I highly recommend Father Dowling Mysteries. It basically has the same group of composers as Matlock. And it has some of the best TV music of the 90s. IMHO.

     Posted:   May 31, 2019 - 10:57 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    The problem with "Father Dowling Mysteries" is many loads are slowed down, inaccurately labeled, and missing episodes. Too much work to tackle it. :-(

     Posted:   May 31, 2019 - 3:16 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 1:

    "The Don: Part 1"
    By: Morton Stevens (minus the opening credits and a small portion of the opening)

  • 0:57 in.
  • 3:59 in.
  • 15:17 in.
  • 20:14 in.
  • 25:47 in.
  • 33:12 in.

    Guest-starring William Conrad, in one of his final acting roles. His character says he was a cop, but sadly the name plate reads McShane. I would have liked to have seen him on the show more as a counter lawyer to Matlock; this was a missed chance, if you ask me. Hell, I would have loved to see a spinoff series with him as a lawyer*! We didn't get enough of William Conrad (acting wise; yeah, I made a fat joke -- I think he'd like it) while he was alive.

    * = Well, technically there was a spin off series with him starring as a lawyer, but it wasn't the same character.

    "The Don: Part 2"
    By: Morton Stevens (minus the opening credits, a small portion of the opening, and some of the ending)

  • 5:23/6:47 in.
  • 29:25 in.
  • 31:17 in.
  • 32:32 in.
  • 39:21 in.

    This was a good two-part episode. Not as good as the pilot, mind you.

    I got to mention how good Stevens was at woodwind writing and combining with the orchestra.

    Matlock: "You notice anything different about me?"
    Tyler: "Would you be made if I don't?"
    Matlock: "No hey fever."
    Some acknowledging sounds from Conrad.
    Matlock: "Gone. Doctor Baron cured me."
    Tyler: "Doctor Baron?"
    Matlock: "Yeah."
    Tyler: "He could be our killer."
    Matlock: "Maybe."
    Tyler: "You let him stick a needle in you."
    Matlock: "Yeah, you think I made a mistake?"

    "The Sisters"
    By: Dick DeBenedictis (minus the opening credits, a small portion of the opening, and some of the ending)

  • 2:06 in.
  • 4:45 in.
  • 16:53 in.
  • 29:05 in.
  • 37:54 in.

    Special note to actress Gail O'Grady, who played a real little plotting bastard.

    "The Cop"
    By: Dick DeBenedictis (minus the opening credits, a small portion of the opening, and some of the ending)

  • 0:40 in. Cut off and doesn't finish.
  • 1:22 in.
  • 10:15 in.
  • 16:20 in.
  • 17:22 in.
  • 31:05 in.
  • 36:42/40:35 in.

     Posted:   Jun 1, 2019 - 2:38 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 1:

    All episodes this batch are missing the opening credits, a tiny part of the open, and some of the end.

    "The Angel"
    By: Dick DeBenedictis
    No link provided since I cited nothing.

  • Nothing.


    Guest-starring a beardless Jonathan Frakes.

    Obviously, if I were compiling a set of season one scoring, I'd skip this score.

    "The Professor"
    By: Dick DeBenedictis

    "Santa Claus"
    By: Dick DeBenedictis

  • 6:51/3:04 in. Twisted Christmas music with choir.
  • 10:13 in.
  • 13:23 in.
  • 41:11 in.
  • About 41:52 in.

    Standard fair, nothing remarkable about this episode.

    If I had access to all the recorded score and any possible alternates (just in case), I think there could be a way to maybe arrange most of it into a suite.

    There is one cue tracked from another DeBenedictis score from earlier.

    "The Chef"
    By: Dick DeBenedictis

  • 19:10 in.
  • 28:20 in.
  • 37:56 in.
  • 41:52 in.

    This score was nominated for an Emmy.

    The other nominated scores that year:
    "Knots Landing"
    Episode: "Cement the Relationship" (Joel Rosenbaum)

    Episode: "A Death in the Family" (Angela Morley)

    "The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd"
    Episode: "Here's Why You Should Never Wear High Heels to the Bank" (Patrick Williams)

    "Jack and Mike"
    Episode: "Come Together" (Nan Schwartz)

    Episode: "Atomic Shakespeare" (Alf Clausen)

    "The Author
    By: Morton Stevens

  • 5:02 in.
  • 7:52 in.
  • 16:30 in.
  • 20:24 in. Short but nice.
  • 32:08 in. There's a brief lull.
  • 42:06 in.

    It's not a bad episode, but I figured out who did it I think somewhere fifteen minutes in.

    Special note to the acting of Guy Stockwell.

     Posted:   Jun 4, 2019 - 3:53 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 1:

    All the loads are missing the opening credits, a small part of the opening, and some of the end (except "The Convict", which has all the ending).

    "The Rat Pack"
    By: Robert Prince

  • 2:06 in.
  • 3:51 in.
  • 7:23 in.
  • 15:14 in.
  • 19:17 in.
  • 23:39 in.
  • 29:46 in.
  • 42:27 in.

    A good episode.

    "The Nurse"
    By: Morton Stevens

  • 0:00 in.
  • 2:40/3:11 in.
  • 16:36 in.
  • 18:12 in.
  • 33:13 in.
  • 34:15 in.
  • 40:20 in.

    An okay episode.

    About 13:10 in: Magic door portals. You push somebody behind the door, and they literally vanish.

    "The Convict"
    By: Morton Stevens

  • 0:00 in.
  • 3:29 in.
  • 4:16 in. There's a lull for a couple seconds. Including a playful rendition of the theme.
  • 10:10 in. A short cue, but I like it. Frustrating there's not more.
  • 12:35 in.
  • 18:10 in.
  • 21:55 in. And after the commercial break.
  • 34:25 in.
  • 42:29 in.

    This is a good episode. Not as good as the pilot, but certainly one the series' best.

    Some of Stevens' writing and orchestration choices, remind me of parts of Ron Jones' work to "Star Trek: The Next Generation". I think it would have been interesting to hear a Morton Stevens ST: TNG score.

    Guest-starring not one, but two lead actors from "CHiPs". Looking over the cast, I was disappointed Erik Estrada wasn't also in this. That would have not only been neat, but if it turned out he was the killer, that would be even better.

    29:00 in: Is that Matthew Perry? Not listed on the IMDb page.

    "The Court-Martial: Part 1"
    By: Dick DeBenedictis

    "The Court-Martial: Part 2"
    By: Dick DeBenedictis

    "The Therapist"
    By: Dick DeBenedictis

  • 1:34 in.
  • 7:06 in.*
  • 13:20 in.
  • 20:33 in.
  • 28:11 in.
  • 30:46 in.
  • 11:38/38:00 in. I didn't want to skip that short bit, so I've connected it to this piece.
  • 42:25 in.

    A good episode.

    * = Yeah. ah huh. That's what everybody would do -- walk into a room wit ha dead body, see what is obviously the murder weapon and pick it up, putting my finger prints on it.

    That's it for today.
    Tomorrow: more Stevens.

     Posted:   Jun 4, 2019 - 6:03 PM   
     By:   Advise & Consent   (Member)

    Thanks for these great series Justin. Invaluable.

     Posted:   Jun 4, 2019 - 6:43 PM   
     By:   MRAUDIO   (Member)

    Thanks again, Justin! I always especially loved THE CONVICT by Mort.
    The intro and outright music for this episode is classic Stevens. Some
    great woodwind writing for the scene when Matlock is in his car tailing
    the beautiful Lee Purcell.

    I remember recording the music from this episode with a small cassette
    Recorder back in 1987. Always enjoyed THE DON, as well. Picked up
    the DVDs quite a while back.

    Anyway, keep up the great work, my friend.:-)

     Posted:   Jun 5, 2019 - 4:13 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 1:

    When you hover over Dailymtoion videos, this weird little icon with horizontal bars and slider buttons on them appears. If you click on it, you will see a "Speed" option; perhaps one of those options will play the episode at the proper speed or a close ehough speed. I won't assume everybpody's browser version will see that, so I am sticking with the slowed down speed for time stamps.

    "The People vs. Matlock"
    By: Dick DeBenedictis (load slowed down and flipped)

  • 2:22 in.
  • 4:47 in.
  • 11:29 in.
  • 13:15 in.
  • 16:34 in.
  • 27:12 in. And after the commercial break.
  • 38:03 in.
  • 52:08 in.

    A good episode.

    There were two episodes I knew were coming eventually: Matlock gets off somebody who he then realiaes was guilty, and Matlock is taken to court for something he didn't do. Well, strike one off the list.

    "The Photographer"
    By: C.R. Cassey

  • 5:18/5:47 in.
  • 16:51 in.
  • 17:42 in.
  • 19:01 in.
  • 25:50 in.
  • 27:35 in.
  • 28:35 in.
  • 30:26 in.
  • 33:34 in.
  • 42:44 in.

    I've only heard one C.R. Cassey score before and it left no impression and wasn't something that needed to be released, so it was refreshing to heard a good score from him. I look forward to his next effort for the show.

    Driver's License Clerk: "Oh. Yes. You look younger. We can't fix that."

    "The Reporter"
    By: Robert Prince

  • 2:28 in.
  • 4:03 in.
  • 11:03 in.
  • 19:13/20:10 in.
  • 30:55 in.*
  • 40:49 in.

    * = Whoa, whoa, how'd the judge let Ben get away with that language?

    Matlock: "There are other lawyers in Atlanta besides me. Good ones, too."
    "Not as good as you"
    Matlock: "I don't know how strenuously I want to argue with you on that..."

    Matlock: "People like you will destroy this country, and everything it represents, in an effort to save it."

    "The Doctors"
    By: Artie Kane (load slowed down and flipped)

  • 1:12 in.
  • 6:00 in.*
  • 8:40 in.
  • 16:12 in.
  • 24:13 in.
  • 25:49 in.
  • 27:43 in.
  • 40:18 in.
  • 51:27 in.
  • 53:31 in.

    A good episode. Little weak in the beginning, with the obvious set up of facts to be used later when questioning and in court.

    * = So, ah, what exactly was that frumpy grumpy looking old lady doing except looking out the window at a very coincidental plot time?

    I think for every episode I couldn't find, I'll substitute with one-off's from other seasons (since I'm only going to do one or two seasons, as mentioned earlier in the thread), like the one episode Don Davis scored.

    Tomorrow: repeat players and a new addition.

     Posted:   Jun 6, 2019 - 2:32 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    SEASON 2:

    "The Billionaire"
    By: Dick DeBenedictis

    A feature-length episode.

  • 1:34 in.
  • 2:38 in.*
  • 4:17 in.*
  • 8:13 in.
  • 13:20 in.
  • 22:50 in.
  • 28:06 in. And after the commercial break.
  • 33:25 in.
  • 37:03 in.
  • 45:27 in.
  • 47:26 in.
  • 49:55 in.
  • 1:09:18 in.
  • 1:26:50 in.

    A good episode.

    * = I know, sacrilege, but I think I'd cut off the super cheesy synth sounds and combined these to the first cue.

    "Blind Justice"
    By: Artie Kane

    "The Annihilator"
    By: Artie Kane

  • 0:00/0:35 in. There are some lulls and the music keeps going.
  • 14:16 in.
  • 15:57 in.
  • 17:01 in. Interesting choice to have bassoon as the solo over driving snare and occasional timpani. This is probably -- from memory -- the most enjoyable Kane cue I have heard from him on any series.
  • 20:34 in.
  • 23:22 in. Kind of similar to the 17:01 kind.
  • 25:30 in.

    Goddamnit -- an obligatory boxing episode on MATLOCK!

    When boxing scenes pop up, I skim for score, otherwise...
    Cinemasins voice: "SKIP!"

    "What was that?!"
    Matlock: "Well, it ws a table."

    "The Husband"
    By: Bruce Babcock

  • 2:17 in.
  • 4:04 in.*
  • 6:03 in.
  • 9:11 in. And after the commercial break.
  • 11:17 in.
  • 15:39 in.
  • 18:22 in.
  • 19:54 in.
  • 21:40 in.
  • 23:09 in.
  • 26:43 in.
  • 33:44 in.
  • 35:43 in.
  • 4252 in.

    That's most of the score.
    One of the things I love about Babcock's work, what little I have heard outside the promo I have, is his way with colorful orchestrations, and that's on display here.

    * = Old ladies looking out windows at convenient plot times are a thing in this show, apparently.

     Posted:   Jun 7, 2019 - 3:04 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 2:

    "The Power Brokers: Part 1"
    By: Morton Stevens

  • 7:04 in.
  • 8:51 in.
  • 10:29 in.
  • 15:19 in.
  • 34:06/35:04 in.
  • 43:38 in.

    Guest-starring Scott Bakula.

    "The Power Brokers: Part 2"
    By: Morton Stevens

  • 3:47 in.
  • 10:11 in.
  • 16:39 in. Including some cool chase music.
  • 21:40 in. Fun stuff like this makes is sadder that Stevens didn't do more episodes.
  • 33:47 in. Short woodwind piece, but I like it.
  • 39:30 in.
  • 43:06 in.

    "The Gambler"
    By: Morton Stevens

    This is, sadly, Stevens' final effort for the series.

  • 8:49 in.
  • 10:23 in. I can imagine James bond working a casino table while playing against a big bad guy, while this is playing.
  • 16:09 in.
  • 19:44 in.
  • 24:14 in.
  • 43:37 in. Unfortunately, the episode cuts off during the jazz piece with bass flute.

    An okay episode.

    Matlock: "There's nothing like a bunch of beautiful girls dancing around not wearing much."

    "The Network"
    By: Bruce Babcock

    "The Best Friend"
    By: Artie Kane

  • 2:21 in.
  • 8:12 in. Part of another cue, but I think it would worked chopped off and added to the above one.
  • 19:54 in. This could also probably be added to the above.
  • 21:07 in.
  • 22:05 in. There's a brief lull followed by some action material.
  • 41:24 in.

    A good episode.

    Ah, the days when most people didn't know anything about computers.

    Guest-starring Nana Visitor.

     Posted:   Jun 8, 2019 - 12:54 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 2:

    "The Country Boy"
    By: Robert Prince

    This is Prince's final effort for the series.

  • 0:00 in.
  • 2:00 in.

    Kind of boring episode.

    There's little scoring in the episode.

    "The Gift"
    By: Artie Kane

    A Christmas episode.

  • 4:10 in.
  • 9:50 in. Some nice soft warm fuzzies.
  • 13:58 in. Pizzicato strings and quick flute playing.
  • 2058 in.
  • 21:26 in.
  • 23:14 in.
  • 24:47 in. And the cue after the commercial break.
  • 26:22 in.
  • 33:07 in.*
  • 42:32 in. A nice little cue with a bass flute.
  • 43:08 in.

    A good episode.

    Are you fucking kidding me? Another innocent person finds the dead body, picks up the murder weapon, putting his finger prints on it? This is borderline comically bad now. It reminds me of the Youtube channel CinemaSins where he likes to point out in films where you have a strange unknown substance and the first thing characters do it touch it.

    * = The two lovers exchange wins the Caluculon Unholy Acting Talent! award.

    "The Body"
    By: C.R. Cassey

    This is Cassey's final effort for the series.

  • 0:00 in.
  • 1:43 in.
  • 5:35 in. Well, I think this is a first for me -- a score cue transitioning to a source cue playing at a place of business; I don't mean the source is aping the score cue, but the cue keeps playing, only now from a roof speaker system.
  • 9:35 in.
  • 15:17 in.
  • 18:27 in. Deliciously brief and fun piece for Ben finding real food. ;-)
  • 19:06 in. Short but nice double sax's playing the theme.
  • 42:25 in.

    Unfortunately, Cassey's solo scoring career was brief, but looking over his ASCAP and BMI credits, he did a lot of uncredited scoring, mainly for John Cacavas. I suspect they asked Cacavas back but he was busy and recommended Cassey.

    Matlock: "I guess overweight people have a lot of curiosity..."

    "The Reunion"
    By: Dick DeBenedictis

  • 7:50 in.
  • 21:51 in.
  • 42:28 in.

    "The Gigolo"
    By: Artie Kane

    "The Umpire"
    By: Bruce Babcock

  • 3:20 in.*
  • 9:26 in.
  • 44:30 in.

    * = Innocent people picking up the murder weapon and strangers showing up and seeing it, is starting to just piss me off.

    Baseball talk = CinemaSins voice: "SKIP!"

    Matlock: "Six innings?! You're kidding!" (LOL)

    "The Investigation: Part 1"
    By: Artie Kane

  • 4:40 in.
  • 5:47 in.
  • 15:39 in. Including some chase music.
  • 21:25 in. Joining a cue already in progress.
  • 26:44 in.
  • 28:50 in. The club source music.
  • 3652 in.
  • 42:14 in.

    Tyler says he's ben working but Matlock "for a couple of years now", but we already know from a coupe prior episodes that he's been with Matlock for longer than that.

    "The Investigation: Part 2"
    By: Artie Kane

  • 0:55 in.
  • 10:10/11:34 in.
  • 12:01 in.
  • 16:00 in.
  • 20:03 in.
  • 23:05 in.
  • 26:17 in.
  • 41:10 in.
  • 42:10 in.
  • 43:18 in.

    I've got to say, I've really been appreciating Kane now that I've heard his work on this show. On other shows, not so much.

    "The Hucksters"
    By: Bruce Babcock

  • 8:19 in.
  • 1233 in.
  • 16:31 in.
  • 17:16 in.
  • 19:23 in.
  • 23:20 in.

    27:00 in: There's actually three phone numbers to decide how did it and the audience will decide on who did it, so apparently that means three endings would have to have ben shot AND scored, so there's un-used score to be heard. And that means there are clues for the other two endings, hidden in the episode.

     Posted:   Jun 10, 2019 - 3:49 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 2:

    "The Lovelorn"
    By: Dick DeBenedictis

  • 5:23 in.*
  • 12:33 in.
  • 14:00 in. Short, but I like it.
  • 1754 in.
  • 21:18 in.
  • 33:22 in.
  • 41:35 in.

    I got to say, the set up wasn't not especially well written and the direction was rather poor.

    So many people have affairs on this show.

    * = Well, I got to say, I'm surprised he didn't take a minute to find the murder weapon and leave all his finger prints on it.

    "The Genius"
    By: Artie Kane

  • 0:30 in.
  • 3:15 in.
  • 5:53/8:20 in. Pizzicato strings and harp.
  • 18:11 in.
  • 20:12 in. Cool cue.
  • 23:18 in.
  • 31:08/32:00 in.
  • 44:04 in.

    An okay episode.

    It seems like you can't go one episode without somebody cheating on their spouse. So many affairs on this show.

    "The Magician"
    By: Bruce Babcock

  • 2:28 in.
  • 5:49 in. Including a waterphone.
  • 6:53 in.
  • 14:21/15:33 in.
  • 23:04 in.
  • 28:33 in.
  • 34:28 in. And the cue after the commercial break.
  • 41:26 in.

    An okay episode.

    "The Fisherman"
    By: Artie Kane

  • 0:00 in.
  • 3:34 in.
  • 11:03 in.
  • 15:50 in.
  • 21:13 in.
  • 30:03/31:10 in.
  • 37:42 in.
  • 42:00 in.
  • 43:38 in.

    "The Heiress"
    By: Artie Kane

    And that concludes all the episodes from season one and two that I can do.
    Like I said prior, I'll cover one-off's to make up for the episodes I missed. I missed seven episodes and there were seven one-offs. What a coincidence.

     Posted:   Jun 11, 2019 - 4:35 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


    Here are some of the seven one-off's as mentioned before (I don't have the time today to finish them all). I've included what season they are from.

    SEASON 4:

    Only one this season.

    "The Star"
    By: Arthur Kempel

  • 0:00 in.
  • 9:37/10:51 in.
  • 21:32 in.
  • 23:22 in.
  • 32:15 in. Slow, moody Dick DeBenedicis-esque piece. Little FX.
  • 44:16 in.

    Director: "I didn't kill her."
    Matlock: "You're wearing an earring."

    SEASON 5:

    All the one-off's from this season.

    "The Madam"
    By: William Ross

  • 2:12/3:33 in.
  • 6:11 in. A melancholy string piece with I think some hints of brass, before turning dark with the addition of lower octave piano and some brass. Little FX (tiny bit of dialogue).
  • 8:07 in.???
  • 10:33/18:39/23:24/28:34 in.
  • 13:51 in. Some brief chase music with chugging cellos and brass.
  • 29:14 in.
  • 33:03 in. And the little kind of upbeat piece after the commercial break. Could probably tack on 39:48 to it.
  • 43:25 in.

    This was early on in Ross' solo scoring career; aside from two TV movies, all he had under his belt was four episodes of "Beauty and the Beast". Like his work on "MacGyver", Ross does a quality professional job and does not disappoint.
    He should have done more episodes.

    Andy Griffith appears to be struggling to deliver his lines in many scenes.

    "The Personal Trainer"
    By: Don Davis

  • 0:00 in.
  • 3:05 in.
  • 8:36 in.
  • 22:06 in.
  • 42:08 in.
  • 43:32 in.

    For the guys here: 7:30 in. You're welcome.

    They should have named this episode "The Affairs".

    Matlock: "A lot of people are going to have to go to a lot of churches."

    "The Brothers"
    By: Peter T. Meyers

  • 2:46 in.
  • 441/6:04 in.
  • 7:15 in.*
  • 15:58 in.
  • 17:56 in.
  • 19:46 in.
  • 22:18 in.
  • 25:57 in.
  • 27:15 in.
  • 32:58 in.
  • 34:54 in.
  • 36:45 in.
  • 44:19 in.

    * = What in the ever loving fuck ... he puts his finger prints on the door out. The entire plot hinges on the police not collecting finger prints from either suspect. This is ludicrous. A dusting of the door handle would have found finger prints.

    Note: As you likely know, "Matlock" is a staple of required viewing for the old people in "The Simpsons"; on that show is Sideshow Bob, who's real name is Robert Terwilliger. In this episode of "Matlock" is a person referenced, but not seen, with the last name Terwilliger. This episode aired abut six months after Sideshow Bob's first episode ("Krusty Gets Busted"); perhaps this is a nod to "The Simpsons".

    Conrad: "Have you ever thought he was a little weird?" (about Don Knotts' regular character, Les)
    Matlock: "Oh, yes -- often."

    SEASON 7:

    "The Mark"
    By: Paul Buckmaster and Steve Tyrell

  • 12:10 in.
  • 14:20 in.
  • 17:29 in.
  • 25:07 in.


    Note: This is Buckmaster's only effort. Tyrell worked on three other episodes, as well as one episode of the spin-off series "Jake and the Fatman".

    A nice change-of-pace score, with acoustic guitars and a country feel, though obviously a very inferior score when you consider the intricate writing and orchestrations of people like Bruce Babcock and Dick DeBenedictis. And the synth strings don't help.

    If I had to take a guess, the only reason the whole score isn't synth is that one or both of the composers offered to play guitar so players wouldn't have to be hired.

     Posted:   Jun 12, 2019 - 12:05 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    SEASON 8:

    "The P.I."
    By: Jay Gruska

  • 0:53 in.
  • 8:18 in.
  • 30:27 in.
  • 43:46 in.

    Super booorrriiinnng.

    The slashed budget for the scoring, in the later seasons, is noticeable, with the cheesey synths. The climax scene was so cheesy and lacking in any impact, it was grim to watch what was once a show with orchestral scores. I certainly couldn't cite it.

    I'd likely skip the score altogether on a set of scoring, to make way for more orchestral material.

    Matlock is barely in this episode (maybe a minute). The IMDb Trivia page states:
    This was a pilot for a proposed spin-off, which would have followed the further adventures of Max and Jesse. Unfortunately, George Peppard died before the planned series was filmed.

    This is one of the things I didn't like about spin-off shows, which became common somewhere in the 1980's: Spin-off series that don't feature a character from the show, but rather new characters shoved into an episode to generate a spin-off and claim -- to draw interest from the viewing audience -- it's a spin-off of the show they love. This is another case.

    By: Bruce Miller

  • 3:21 in. Tossed salad and scrambled composer roster.
  • 8:24 in.
  • 12:25 in.
  • 19:36 in.
  • 32:05 in. Goes on for a few minutes.
  • 39:39/41:14 in.

    So bored, I found myself skimming the episode for score. The score is a blues-y/jazz mix with a hint of noir.

    Tell me you don't hear parts of the "Frasier" theme in the cues. Heck, I even hear that one score cue from "Frasier" (notable, because it's the only score cue I remember there being on the whole show; "My Coffee With Niles", if I remember correctly) in here.

    SEASON 9:

    "Dead Air"
    By: Dana Kaproff

    And that's that. In a time where TV shows were getting multiple TV movies, notably "Gunsmoke" and "Perry Mason", for some reason this did not happen with "Matlock".

    At this time no reboot or remake talk from the studio, has surfaced. Hopefully it never does. It'll just use the show to push social agendas and lies from news stories of recent memory, take the opportunity to cast based on genitalia and skin color, and of course butcher the theme music. You won't do better than Andy Griffith as Ben Matlock.

     Posted:   Jun 12, 2019 - 12:07 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


    Culled from ASCAP and BMI. In no special order.

  • Christopher Page. (listed with DeBenedictis; page worked on a nubmer of shows, uncredited. Why he never had a TV scoring career like them, is weird)
  • Maurice Hargrove.
  • One "writer unknown".
  • Mary Ekler. (listed with Robert Prince) (from her website: "She has composed music for the TV series Matlock and for numerous feature films."; must be uncredited ghosting, 'cause her IMDb page has only one scoring credit)
  • Dead DeBenedictis. (listed of course with...)
  • Edward Karam. (listed as an orchestrator on the episode "The Outcast", scored by Kane, so presumably this is the episode he contributed to...)
  • Albert Olson.
  • William G. Turner. (listed with DeBenedictis)
  • Raymond Templin.
  • Louis Bilao and James Zavala. (Zavala is also listed with Tyrell)
  • Robert Mann. (listed with Bilao)
  • Thomas Rainer.
  • Stewart Levin.
  • Michael Melvoin.
  • Ron Taylor. (Actor; from wikipedia: "and played a blues singer in a two-part episode of Matlock, a role that was written for him"; presumably he wrote his own music)
  • D. Vaughn Pershing. (also listed with DeBenedictis)
  • Michael Lang.
  • John Neufeld.
  • James Latham.
  • Bedrich Smotana. (listed with Kane)
  • James Pierpont. (listed with Kane; this would be for "Jingle Bells", which he wrote and Kane used; and Babcock, but not shown together on ASCAP OR BMI)
  • Alexander Matson. (a keyboardist and composer [one documentary score], he probably was doing keyboards on scores and talked his way into doing some cues)
  • Bobby Bruce, Jack Cookerly, and Peter Woodford.
  • Joel Bennett. (listed with Michael Turner)
  • Steven Schaeffer. (listed wirth Babock)
  • Guy Moon. (listed with Tyrell)
  • Ralph Grierson. (also worked, uncredited, on a number of TV shows)
  • Mark Heyes. (listed with Robert Mann)
  • Louis Forestieri. (not listed on ASCAP or BMI)

    Damn that's a lot! Probably still shorter than "Ducktales".

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  • "The Waltons":

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  • "L

  • "L

    (If I missed a thread, let me know!)

     Posted:   May 10, 2023 - 9:39 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Remake series coming. From dragon53's second tv/film update thread today:
    MATLOCK---Kathy Bates will star in the CBS reboot of the Andy Griffith lawyer tv series.

    Further info' and a preview trailer:

    Okay, so, this is a bizarre remake series, because as you will hear the title character say in the trailer, she says her last name is just like the old TV series. So the original series is a real TV series in this remake series. How's your brain feeling right now?

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