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 Posted:   Jun 10, 2019 - 11:45 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


Another show I didn't see (well maybe I saw something but have long since forgot), but I hear is good so I am going to watch rather than skimming. To busy watching others shows like "Columbo".
Again, as with "Matlock", I don't feel it's right to watch all the seasons for free, so I'll do two or three and that's it.

"Murder of Sherlock Holmes"
By: John Addison

This is the only episode Addison scored.

  • 0:00 in.
  • 3:10 in. I keep thinking it'll break out into "Santa Claus is coming to town".
  • 6:28 in.
  • 7:38 in.
  • 19:45 in.
  • 28:05 in.
  • 29:45/30:07/31:18 in.
  • 36:30 in.
  • 40:03 in.
  • 53:57 in.
  • 54:53 in.
  • 57:33 in.
  • 1:03:13 in.
  • 1:12:57 in.
  • 1:19:48 in.
  • 1:31:56 in.

    That's nearly all the score. The whole score should be released. Or at least all the cues I cited.

    Addison won an Emmy for his score.
    The other nominees that lost
    "Miami Vice"
    Episode: Evan" (the Hammer)

    Episode: "Triangles" (Angela Morley)

    "St. Elsewhere"
    Episode: "Fade to White" (J.A.C. Redford)

    "Cagney & Lacey"
    Episode: "Organized Crime" (Nan Schwartz)

    "Deadly Lady
    By: David Bell

  • 6:40 in.
  • 13:49 in.
  • 17:00 in.
  • 33:42 in.
  • 36:58 in.
  • 40:51 in.
  • 43:31 in.
  • 47:12 in.

    Guest-starring Claude Akins.

     Posted:   Jun 11, 2019 - 12:19 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 1:

    "Birds of a Feather"
    By: Lance Rubin

    This is Rubin's only effort for the series.

  • 1:18 in. Opens with a breezy and kind of lush orchestral piece, where for a moment, it kinds of reminded me of Horner (specifically his Trek work).
  • 15:48 in.
  • 27:25 in.
  • 31:24 in.
  • 33:57 in.
  • 42:23 in.

    Goddamn, even in this series people walk into a room and pick up the murder weapon and get caught by somebody who just happens to handily be coming by at that moment! If I had a CinemaSins-style Youtube channel, I'd be sinning this shit every time!

    And they're having affairs, too now. 1980's TV: Murders, affairs, and cops who need help from people who are not cops.

    "Hooray for Homicide"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • About 1:20 in.
  • 3:50 in.
  • 5:26 in.
  • 9:30/10:13 in.
  • 10:41 in.
  • 14:44 in. And after the commercial break.
  • 16:21 in.
  • 28:48 in.
  • 32:10 in.
  • 37:07 in. And after the commercial break.
  • 46:00 in.

    "It's a Dog's Life"
    By: David Bell

     Posted:   Jun 12, 2019 - 2:50 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 1:

    "Lovers and Other Killers"
    By: Richard Markowitz (sped up, flipped, cropped, and lower quality)

  • About 1:15 in.
  • 12:32/13:14 in. That short but nice outro cue can be tacked onto the second one.
  • 15:10 in.
  • 21:03 in.
  • 30:14 in.*
  • 35:45 in. Very pleasant but short cue using part of the Addison theme.
  • 37:13 in. Perhaps this could be tagged onto the above cue.
  • 39:50 in.

    I like how this episode leaves you with just enough doubt and suspicion end to the very end.

    LOL, complaining about a secretary making $5.60 an hour. Some complaints never go away. fifty years from now: Man, you're an expensive employee at $20.00 an hour.

    Sometimes when I see Fletcher, there are certain looks and movements that remind me of hte evil queen from the Jim Henson Kermit the Frog-starring short, "The Frog Prince". I know, that's awful, but that's what I see.

    * = CinemaSins voice: "She survives this."

    "You ask a lot of questions."
    Fletcher: "I'm nosey."

    "Hit, Run and Homicide"
    By: David Bell (sped up, flipped, cropped, and lower quality)

  • 1:11 in.
  • 4:06 in.
  • 9:50 in.
  • 10:58 in.*
  • 22:23 in. Continued after the commercial break. Almost five minutes.
  • 38:31 in.

    * = CinemaSins voice: "Also attended the Prometheus School of Running Away from Things."

    "We're Off to Kill the Wizard"
    By: David Bell

  • 5:35 in.
  • 12:27 in.
  • 17:25 in.
  • 20:47/25:47 in.
  • 30:23 in.
  • 47:13 in.

    "Death Takes a Curtain Call"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 2:16 in.
  • 10:10 in.
  • 23:25 in.
  • 29:16 in.
  • 37:18/40:41 in.
  • 46:40 in.

    Guest-starring William Conrad. You know, it might have been all kinds of good fun had Frank Cannon, "Cannon", appeared on the show.

    This is Claude Akins' final episode. He was a regular character, a friend of Fletcher.

    32:55 in: That's an extremely obvious painting that is supposed to be passing for real life behind them.

    Every time I hear the words "Cabot Cove", I think of a 1977 failed pilot I've been trying to find a video of online for years called "The Cabot Connection" (to hear the score); no relation to the series, but that would have made a good name for a spin-off.

    Major Anatole Karzof (William Conrad, Russian KGB)): "Ours is a war of attrition, misses fletcher; that was a warning shot across your bow -- don't be deceived by my gentle manner."

     Posted:   Jun 13, 2019 - 1:56 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 1:

    "Death Casts a Spell"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 10:25 in.
  • 15:44 in.
  • 19:10 in.
  • 39:10 in. The rise and fall kind of reminds me of two-note Gozer idea from "Ghostbusters".
  • 35:52 in. Car chase music; well, more like the kind of car chase music you would have heard on "Remington Steele". So, good stuff in other words.

    I hate it when TV series build the plot of their episodes around bullshit.

    "Capitol Offense"
    By: David Bell

  • 3:23 in.
  • 12:13 in.
  • 14:12 in.
  • 37:15 in.

    This should have been titled: Misses Fletcher Goes to Washington: And Solves a Murder.

    Detective: "When people move bodies, I ask why."

    fletcher: "I am a cop, when I'm at the type writer."

    "Broadway Malady"
    By: Richard Markowitz

    "Murder to a Jazz Beat"
    By: Richard Markowitz

    I'm hoping for a jazzy score...

  • 2:34 in.

    If I were compiling a set of season one scoring, I'd skip this episode score.

    "My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean"
    By: David Bell

  • 1:20 in.
  • 3:49 in.
  • 15:10 in.
  • 16:54 in.
  • 26:35 in.
  • 32:25 in.
  • 43:06 in.

    Guest-starring Leslie Nielsen.

    "Paint Me a Murder"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 17:28 in.
  • 25:42 in.
  • 27:07 (brief lull)/28:04 in.
  • 33:33 in.
  • 35:58 in.

    So ... why can't the killer be ambidextrous?

    "Tough Guys Don't Die"
    By: David Bell

    "Sudden Death"
    By: David Bell

  • 4:04 in. Music Sam Spence would have appreciated.
  • 27:57 in.
  • 47:12 in.

     Posted:   Jun 14, 2019 - 1:49 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 1:

    "Footnote to Murder"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 3:45 in.
  • 15:35 in.
  • 18:30/19:08 in.
  • 23:10 in.
  • 32:13 in.
  • 38:57 in.
  • 43:49 in.

    "Murder Takes a Bus"
    By: David Bell

  • 4:28 in. Parodying the driving scene score from "Psycho". There's a brief lull.
  • 21:30 in.
  • 24:26 in.
  • 35:59 in.
  • 41:40 in.
  • 45:08 in.

    Aside from the pilot, from memory this is the most consistently good score over all. I wouldn't be opposed to the whole score being released; I did, after all only skip a three or four of short cues and there was nothing wrong with them.

    This isn't the first score to a TV series that used Herrmann; see my "Flying High" thread for an another one that did a lot of homaging:

    "Armed Response"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • About 11:30 in. The source music, the news theme on TV.

    If I were compiling a set of season one scoring, I'd skip this episode score. Maybe include the news theme as a bonus track.

    "Murder at the Oasis"
    By: David Bell

  • 11:14 in.
  • 36:40/19:35/22:38 in. Yes, I have a cue out of order because I think the cues would work combined in this order. A short beat and then 19:35 begins.

    I can't imagine skipping any of the cues; all cited ones should be on a season one set.

    18:20 in: Finally, a police officer corrects the inaccurate "Silencer" term!

    "Funeral at Fifty-Mile"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 1:17 in.
  • 15:12 in.*
  • 40:20 in.
  • 46:20 in.

    * = CinemaSins voice: "Come see this cliché. Just fucking say it!"

    "You can both suck eggs!"

     Posted:   Jun 15, 2019 - 12:41 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    SEASON 2:

    "Widow, Weep for Me"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 1:18 in. And tropical-music sounding source music that follows it.
  • 10:23 in. The tropical-music sounding source music.
  • 23:21 in.

    "Joshua Peabody Died Here... Possibly"
    By: David Bell

  • 22:38/24:53 in.

    "Murder in the Afternoon"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 0:46 in.
  • 13:27 in.
  • 21:25 in.
  • 43:13/44:39 in.

    "School for Scandal"
    By: David Bell

  • 12:14 in.
  • 47:14 in.

    "Sing a Song of Murder"
    By: David Bell

  • 10:11 in.
  • 19:48 in.
  • 24:44 in.

    "Reflections of the Mind"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 4:13 in.
  • 18:08 in.
  • 25:13 in.
  • 36:27 in.

    That's it for today.

     Posted:   Jun 17, 2019 - 10:30 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 2:

    "A Lady in the Lake"
    By: David Bell

  • 1:19 in.
  • 3:00 in.
  • 11:39 in.
  • 18:47 in.

    "People just love second-hand excitement."

    "Dead Heat"
    By: David Bell

  • 13:55 in.
  • 15:12 in.
  • 27:00 in.
  • 36:23 in.

    "Jessica Behind Bars"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 8:26 in.
  • 10:11 in.
  • 11:18 in. And after the commercial break.

    "Sticks and Stones"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 7:07 in.
  • 33:15 in.

    "Murder Digs Deep"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 1:16 in. With ethnic percussion and an ethnic woodwind.

    "Murder by Appointment Only"
    By: David Bell

  • 18:08 in.

    If I were compiling a set of season two scoring, I'd skip this episode score.

    "Trial by Error"
    By: David Bell

  • 43:29 (some lulls)/13:44/28:00/47:00 in.

    A downbeat somber score, to add some variation to a season two set.

    "Keep the Home Fries Burning"
    By: David Bell

  • 1:19 in.
  • 11:00 in.
  • 14:26 in.

    "Powder Keg"
    By: David Bell

  • 34:48 in.

    "Murder in the Electric Cathedral"
    By: David Bell

  • 24:42 in.

    1345 in: The "Yes, doctor!" line wins the Caluculon Unholy Acting Talent! award.

    "One Good Bid Deserves a Murder"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 3:27 in.
  • 22:15 in.
  • 23:18 in.

    Guest-starring Michael Knight's boss.

    This is the second episode with the character Harry McGraw, who got his own spin-off series that lasted only one seasons, titled "The Law and Harry McGraw". I'll cover that in this thread, as there is only one episode up to cover.

    "If murder were a disease, you'd be contagious."

    "If a Body Meet a Body"
    By: David Bell

  • 1:19 in.
  • 24:13/36:05/36:31/37:01/39:00/45:35/47:23 in. Plucky Fletcher music, like it was written to be combined.

    "Christopher Bundy -- Died on Sunday"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 17:27 in.

    If I were compiling a set of season two scoring, I'd skip this episode score.

    "Menace, Anyone?"
    By: David Bell

  • 14:31 in.
  • 25:03 in.
  • 39:27 in.
  • 44:21 in.

    "The Perfect Foil"
    By: Richard Markowitz
    No link provided since I cited nothing.

  • Nothing.

    Obviously, if I were compiling a set of season two scoring, I'd skip this episode score.

    "If the Frame Fits"
    By: David Bell
    No link provided since I cited nothing.

  • Nothing.

    Guest-starring John de Lance.

     Posted:   Jun 17, 2019 - 1:13 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    SEASON 3:

    Note: I am making it threw the episode so quickly because I stopped watching them; I just am not enjoying the show like I do "Matlock".

    "Death Stalks the Big Top: Part 1"
    By: David Bell

  • 1:16 in. After several episodes of mostly low-key material, it's very nice to hear this rather jublient and fun opening cue.
  • 11:26 in.

    For the guys here: 13:43 in. You're welcome.

    "Death Stalks the Big Top: Part 2"
    By: David Bell

  • 21:48 in.
  • 32:40 in. And after the commercial break.

    "Unfinished Business"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 12:26 in.
  • 15:27 in.
  • 35:25 in.
  • 45:53 in.

    I'm not sure I'd take away any of these for a season three set of scoring.

    "One White Rose for Death"
    By: David Bell

  • 12:58 in.
  • 45:50 in. Melloncholly solo violin, piano and woodwinds, with a little brass.

    10:35 in: Does anybody know who is conducting the orchestra? No conductor is credited in the cast.

    "Corned Beef and Carnage"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 118 in.
  • 15:04 in.*

    * = If this had been an episode of "Matlock", she would bent down and picked up the murder weapon.

    "Dead Man's Gold"
    By: David Bell

  • 1:18 in.
  • 6:18 in.
  • 38:12 in.

    Guest-starring Leslie Neilsen.

    "Deadline for Murder"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 1:18 in.

    "Magnum on Ice"
    By: David Bell

  • 0:00 in. The recap music.
  • 5:53 in.
  • 8:28 in.
  • 34:34 in.
  • 38:09 in.
  • 39:25 in.

    This was the second part of a two-parter crossover; the first part was on "Magnum, pi". And so three characters from the show appear in this episode: Thomas, Higgins, and Tanaka.

    It would have been nice if the series witched composers for it, just for fun.

    Magnum: "You think I did it?"
    Lt. Tanaka: "I think you should stop showing up at murder sites."

    "Obituary for a Dead Anchor"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 16:04 in.
  • 23:00 in.
  • 46:24 in.

    "Stage Struck"
    By: David Bell

  • 2:50 in.
  • 22:27 in.

    Edward Mulhare guest stars again. And an atress who ws in three episodes of "Knight Rider".

    Actor: "What my motivation for this scene?"
    Director: "You're a butler; you're motivation is to butler."

    "Night of the Headless Horseman"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 2:42 in.
  • 8:17 in.
  • 17:58 in.
  • 22:17 in.

    "The Corpse Flew First Class"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 34:28 in.

    Guest-starring Kate Mulgrew.

     Posted:   Jun 18, 2019 - 9:35 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 3:

    "Crossed Up"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 27:09 in.
  • 42:25 in.

    "Murder in a Minor Key"
    By: David Bell

  • 11:00/14:44 in. There's a brief lull.
  • 17:32 in.
  • 45:20 in.

    Guest-starring Rene Auberjonois.

    40:29 in: The Fourth Wall is broken.

    "The Bottom Line Is Murder"
    By: David Bell (lower quality, flipped, and cropped load)

  • 24:02 in. Kind of short, but nice cue.
  • 42:29 in. Strings and piano for mystery.

    Guest-tarring George Takei.

    "Death Takes a Dive"
    By: Richard Markowitz

    Feature-length episode.

  • 15:19 in.
  • 27:22 in.
  • 41:44 in. A mainly brass and strings training montage cue. Almost a minute long, almost SFX free.
  • 49:11/52:23 in.
  • 1:05:42 in.
  • 1:09:40 in.

    Guest-starring Adam West, John Amos, and LeVar Burton. And the Harry McGraw character is back.

    Holy obligatory Bat-boxing episode, Batman!

    "Simon Says, Color Me Dead"
    By: David Bell

  • 1:18 in.
  • 10:37/11:53 in.

    "No Laughing Murder"
    By: Richard Markowitz
    no link provided, since I cited no cues.

  • Nothing.

    Obviously, I'd skip this episode for set of season three scoring.

    "No Accounting for Murder"
    By: David Bell

  • 1:18 in. What's the name of the peice Bell is dacing around but not directly homaging? I can't recall it.
  • 3:03/5:06 in.
  • 5:52 in.
  • 24:23 in.
  • 44:57 in.

    "The Cemetery Vote"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 24:00 in. Sort of frantic strings, cymbol claps and brass for some car chase music.

    "The Days Dwindle Down"
    By: David Bell

  • 23:51 in.
  • 44:46 in.

    Guest-starring Harry Morgan.

    "Murder, She Spoke"
    By: Richard Markowitz

  • 46:29 in.

    And that concludes all the seasons I am going to cover. I'll count up the ones I missed and do some one-off's and, if I have time today, do the TV movies (if any are loaded).

     Posted:   Jun 18, 2019 - 10:40 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


    I missed three episodes, so I am going to do three one-off's. there were seven one-off's, and I already covered one (Addison's pilot score), so I'm cherry picking for composers I know I'll enjoy the effort of (well, at least I hope so).

    Season 9:

    "The Mole" (9.3)
    By: John Cacavas

  • 1:19 in.
  • 10:14 in. And after the commercial break.
  • 25:16 in.
  • 45:23 in.

    "Killer Radio" (9.14)
    By: Dick DeBenedictis

  • 1:23 in.
  • 3:19 in.
  • 16:26 in.
  • 21:23 in.
  • 23:00 in.
  • 38:56 in.
  • 40:52 in.

    "Float like a butterfly, sting like a side-winder."

    Season 11:

    "The Murder Channel" (11.6)
    By: Peter T. Meyers

  • 0:47 in.
  • 10:54 in. There's a lull.
  • 16:53 in.
  • 23:38/25:00/32:31/33:59 in.
  • 35:42 in.

    Guest-starring Doris Roberts.

     Posted:   Jun 18, 2019 - 10:47 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


    "Murder, She Wrote: South by Southwest" (1997)
    By: Van Dyke Parks

    "Murder, She Wrote: A Story to Die For" (2000)
    By: Mark Snow

    "Murder, She Wrote: The Last Free Man" (2001)
    By: Stanley Clarke

    "Murder, She Wrote: The Celtic Riddle" (2003)
    By: Stanley Clarke


    Culled from ASCAP and BMI. In no special order.

  • Ralph Kessler. (also listed with Markowitz)
  • Thomas Sawyer. (listed with Bell)
  • John Peter Smalley. (listed with Markowitz)
  • Don Bagley. (listed with Markowitz)
  • Mark Mueller. (listed with Bell)
  • Ian Janis and Rhonda Flaming.
  • Harold Mooney.
  • Susan Marder. (also listed with Bell)
  • Gerald De Pego. (listed with Sturges)
  • Evangeline Heath. (listed with Sturges)
  • Mark Burley. (listed with Sturges)
  • Pamela Varney. (listed with Sturges)
  • Amy Hayashi-Jones. (listed for the same TV movie, "A Story to Die For", that Mark Snow scored)
  • Eugene Cordero. (listed with an un-named composer)
  • Domenic Troiano.
  • Bermand Herrmann. (this would be for the episode that parodied the "Psycho" score)
  • Giacomo Puccini. (listed with Bell)
  • Steve Dorff. (listed with Doering)
  • George Doering. (listed with Dorff)
  • Larry Herbstritt. (listed with Dorff; they worked together, including co-scoring episodes of a short-lived STV series)
  • Daniel Ferguson. (must have worked with Allyn Ferguson)
  • John Osiecki. (listed with an un-named composer)
  • Andrew Dorff. (must have worked with Steve Dorff)

    Other Threads I Have Created or Commented in About TV Scores:

  • "The Orville":

  • "The Rockford Files":

  • "Private Eye": (technically completed)

  • "Cannon": (complete)

  • "Barnaby Jones": (complete)

  • "Dan August":

  • "Markham":

  • "T.H.E. Cat":

  • "The Name of the Game":

  • "McCloud":

  • "Hart to Hart":

  • "T.J. Hooker": (complete)

  • "The Simpsons": (technically complete)

  • The Shirley Walker Odyssey (on episodes of TV series she has scored):

  • "Christy":

  • "Walker, Texas Ranger": (complete)

  • "Rawhide": (complete)

  • "Cover Up": (complete)

  • "Matt Helm": (complete)

  • "87th Precinct": (complete)

  • "Quantum Leap":

  • "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman":

  • "The Untouchables" (1993):

  • "Gunsmoke": (technically complete)

  • "In the Heat of the Night":

  • "Flying High": (complete)

  • "Bodyguards": (complete)

  • "FX: The Series":

  • "Seaquest: DSV": (complete)

  • "The Dirty Dozen: The Series": (complete)

  • "CHiPs": (technically complete)

  • "Bronk": (complete)

  • "Buffy the Vampire Slayer": (technically complete)

  • "Spencer's Pilots":

  • "Police Story":

  • "Longstreet": (complete)

  • "Vega$":

  • "Crazy Like a Fox":

  • "Voyagers!": (complete)

  • "Gemini Man":

  • "Automan":

  • "Manimal": ("complete"; until I heat Stu's rejected score, I'm not counting it completed)

  • "The Fall Guy": (added so next time I have to copy it I don't have to go hunting for the link)

  • "Matlock":

  • "Black Saddle":

  • "Dark Justice":

  • "Mannix":

  • "Jake and the Fatman":

  • "Murder, She Wrote": (added so next time I have to copy it I don't have to go hunting for the link)

  • "Miami Vice":

  • "Tenspeed and Brown Shoe":

  • "Matlock":

  • "Magnum, pi":

    (If I missed a thread, let me know!)

     Posted:   Jun 18, 2019 - 3:40 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


    There is only one episode up.

    "Mr. Chapman, I Presume?" (1.3)
    By: David Bell

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:

    Part 1:
  • Nothing. I left the link up since it's a rare series and maybe somebody here wants to watch the episode in full.

    Part 2:
  • 6:07/7:18 in.

    Part 3:
  • 3:42 in.
  • 7:32/8:31 in.

    Part 4:
  • 3:04/9:35 in.

    The composer listing isn't full on IMDb, as three episodes are still not accounted for. I think I did it all (using loads and the UCLA CBS collection entries). They are:

    The composer roster for the spin-off:
  • Richard Markowtiz. (who also did the theme, which can be heard in the samples I cited above; the theme was nominated for an Emmy)
  • David Bell.
  • Jack Smalley. (with Markowitz)

    Only one other composer was found via ASCAP and BMI:

  • Nicholas Stokes.

     Posted:   Jun 19, 2019 - 6:00 PM   
     By:   Mr. Jack   (Member)


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