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 Posted:   Mar 29, 2021 - 4:42 PM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 2:

"The Hit"
By: Richard Shores

  • 12:35 in. And the cue after the commercial break.^(both)
  • 27:02 in.
  • 37:31 in. The restaurant source music. And the score cue that immediately follows it (re-uses the plucked strings idea Stevens did in an early season one episode).

    15:42 in: more of that Immel cues tracked into yet another episode. Granted it's an edgy cool cue, but it's hard for other composes to come up with something that can also be tracked if you don't give them a chance.
    20:49 in: Yet more tracked Immel score. Then afterwards, they track more of that same above cue!
    46:42 in: And a third time that Immel cues is edited up into the episode. Half the episode score is a track job of Immel alone.

    By: Richard Shores

  • 2:44 in.
  • 8:26 in.
  • 47:16 in. Unfortunately, I think over half this is tracked Stevens score from one of the early season one episodes.

    And yup -- there's that whimsical closing cue again!

    0:00 in: There's that Immel cue again.
    13:07: And yet again the Immel cue. Something else is edited onto the end, but it doesn't sound familiar.

    5:27 in: tracked score; I think Stevens work.

    43:11 in: Another tracked cue. Don't recall which composer.

    "Music by" was not accurate at all. A more accurate credit would have been: "Some Original Music by".

    "Incident Near a Black and White"
    By: Richard Shores

  • 3:55 in. This might be tracked (Stevens or Immel).
  • 24:38 in.^
  • 46:32 in. Sounds like this was inspired by Immel (unless it is a cue by him that I am just not recognizing off hand).

    And there's that whimsical closing cue again, this time with an opening bit I don't recall hearing before.

    1:31 in: Pretty sure that's tracked from season one and a Stevens effort.

    " The Melting Point of Ice"
    By: Morton Stevens

  • 1:30 in. Sounds familiar; might be tracked Immel score (it's got that sound). Pauses for like three seconds.^
  • 5:19 in.
  • 10:22 in.
  • 43:32 in.^
  • 45:50 in. Some of this this is tracked Stevens score.^

    Yup, you guessed it -- the whimsical closing cue strikes again! This cue is surely going to make a list of the most tracked cues in an episode of any TV series.

    33:06 in: Tracked.
    The climax car chase is also all tracked, best I can tell.

    "The Pawn Shop"
    By: Morton Stevens

  • 3:16 in.^(parts)
  • 18:06 in.
  • 27:51 in.
  • 47:22 in. I don't know if this is tracked or not (doesn't sounds familiar); up to the noted start time, it was all tracked Immel.

    Oh yes, why end an episode without that whimsical closing cue? Said every producer on that show, all the time

    Guest-starring Joan Collins.

    4:58 in: more tracked Immel score. Immel did one or two episodes with these cues that keep tracking in and the producers apparently went bonkers over them. Granted, it's good stuff, but damn -- does it have to be tracked into nearly every single episode since then?
    45:59 in: tracked in again.

    One thing is for sure, tracking it so often will help me do a patch work job where I can end up with the best nearly SFX free cues I can get.

     Posted:   Mar 31, 2021 - 1:32 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Concluding SEASON 2:

    And this batch has me finishing all the credited scores of season two.

    By: Morton Stevens

  • 1:29 in.^
  • 3:56 in.^(parts: opening/6:52)
  • 16:38 in.
  • 17:27 in.^
  • 20:56 in.

    47:19 in: That classical music, right?

    "Wednesday's Child"
    By: Richard Shores

  • 5:49 in.^(parts)
  • 8:13 in.^
  • 14:01 in.
  • About 20:30 in.
  • 27:49 in.^
  • 36:35 in.
  • 38:39 in.
  • 45:07 in. Somewhere after 46:00 in, it cuts to tracked Immel score. About 48:50 in the original scor9ng picks back up.

    I think highlights one, two, and six might be tracked.

    For the guys here: 21:14 in. You're welcome.

    "Generation of Evil"
    By: Jerrold Immel

  • 8:57 in.
  • 21:56 in.
  • 26:48 in. The disco-ish source music. Oh, and guys, if you don't mind seeing hot girls dancing around in tight skimpy clothing, this viewing is for you...^
  • 32:37 in.^(parts)
  • 48:05 in.

    2:29 in: tracked scoring. I can't say off hand who the composer is, though I'm leaning toward Stevens.

    14:48 in: tracked.

    44:21 in: tracked.

    "Double Image"
    By: Richard Shores

  • Around 14:00 in. The disco source music that starts somewhere around that time. I'm not doubling back to find a precise time. And the score cue that immediately follows it; got some cool action music (that'll probably get tracked like crazy now, too).
  • 29:08 in. 30:21/32:42 in: tracked scoring bits.
  • 35:28 in.

    0:00 in: tracked.

    3:00 in: There's that tracked Immel cue again!

    35:20/35:38 in: tracked.

    44:32 in: tracked Immel once again.

    49:15 in: I expected her to start rambling about "large grains of salt"...

    "Mother Love"
    By: Morton Stevens

  • 5:52 in.
  • 34:52 in.^

    For the guys here: 6:30 in...

    0:00 in: tracked.

    16:30 in: pretty sure that's tracked.

    29:19 in: tracked.

    29:35 in: tracked. I think this is Stevens though.

    36:17 in: tracked Immel.

    40:47 in: there's that Immel cue tracked again. About 46:50 it switches to score I don't readily recognize.

     Posted:   Apr 5, 2021 - 3:02 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 3:

    I missed a bunch of episodes in season three, but as usual I am breaking it down to five or six at a time.

    "Tender Soldier"
    By: Morton Stevens

  • 13:22 in.

    I'd be surprised if there is any original scoring in the episode, despite what the credit reads.

    1:31 in: tracked. About half-way in I think it switches to Immel.

    13:32 in: tracked Stevens score; parts of two different cues, it sounds like, unless Steven made a cue very similar to prior works (which I can't rule out).

    17:00 in: sounds like tracked Stevens score.

    21:10 in: tracked Stevens score.

    34:09 in: tracked Stevens score.

    44:37 in: more tracked Stevens score.

    47:30 in: Two different cues edited up and tracked in.

    "The Lifeline Agency"
    By: Morton Stevens

  • 1:30 in.
  • 20:22 in.^
  • 23:19 in.
  • 37:24 in.^
  • 45:55 in.
  • 49:10 in.

    0:00 in: tracked score.

    25:44 in: tracked score.

    34:16 in: tracked Stevens score.

    47:56 in: tracked Stevens score.

    "Tennis Bum"
    By: Morton Stevens

  • 1:32 in.
  • 23:12 in.
  • 31:37 in.
  • 47:35 in.

    On a set of season three scoring, I'm not sure I'd include any of this.

    45:07 in: tracked.

    Bill: "Sixty-four cents for two coffees???"

    By: Morton Stevens

  • 1:31 in.
  • 9:16 in.
  • 13:38 in.
  • 39:04 in. Joining a cue already in progress.

    I'm not sure how much, if anything I'd include from this on a set of season four scoring. I'm not even sure, quite frankly, if there is any original material.

    For the guys here: 19:36 in. You're welcome.

    23:50 in: tracked.

    35:21 in: tracked.

    "Father to the Man"
    By: Morton Stevens

  • 14:18 in.^
  • 19:27 in. The source music.^(19:50)
  • 36:31 in.

    1:31 in: tracked.

    7:53 in: tracked.

    25:32 in: tracked.

    27:24 in: tracked. Two cues edited up and combined.

    40:58 in: pretty sure this is all tracked Immel scoring.

     Posted:   Apr 7, 2021 - 2:14 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 3:

    "Once A Snitch"
    By: Morton Stevens

  • 1:31 in.^
  • 31:48 in.
  • 49:23 in.^

    14:13 in: tracked Immel. Maybe something else edited onto it.

    28:07 in: tracked Stevens.

    About 44:40 in: tracked Immel.

    "Night of the Full Moon"
    By: Morton Stevens

  • 1:31 in.^
  • 14:13 in.
  • 17:29 in.
  • 25:18 in. and.^(both)
  • 27:15 in.^
  • 37:25 in.^
  • 40:27 in.^

    (NtM: 49:19)

    Was I supposed to be fooled for a New York second that was ever a woman?

    0:00 in: tracked.

    "Banker's Hours"
    By: Morton Stevens

  • 1:31 in.
  • 7:55 in.^
  • 14:17 in.^
  • 27:47 in.^
  • 31:32 in.^
  • 42:30 in.

    Return of the Whimsical Closing Cue. Just when you thought it was safe to listen to the closing again...

    (NtM: 19:00)

    About 23:20 in: tracked.

    35:50 in: tracked Immel. Something else is edited onto it.

    "The Disco Killer"
    By: Morton Stevens

    Here's to hoping for a lot of disco scoring and disco source cues...

  • 47:43 in.^

    Honestly, I'm not sure any of the cues I didn't note as being tracked, aren't also tracked. I can't say for certain there is any original scoring in this episode. And there was ZERO disco!!!

    And the whimsical closing cue strikes again!

    0:00 in: tracked.

    7:54 in: tracked.

    For the guys here: 11:07 in. You're welcome.

    23:37 in: two different cues edited up and tracked.

    42:42 in: tracked. Pretty sure it's Stevens.

    By: Morton Stevens

  • 22:27 in.
  • 30:40 in.

    I can't even say with any certainly the two cues I cited are even original. I doubt there was any original scoring in the episode.

    0:00 in: tracked.

    1:31 in: tracked. Without doing a direct comparison, I think there might also be some Markowitz here, too.

    8:51 in: tracked Immel.

    16:20 in: tracked.

    33:24 in: an edit job of tracked cues.

    35:55 in: tracked.

    42:38 in: tracked. All scoring in the episode from this point onward is tracked, including the closing whimsical cue.

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