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 Posted:   Dec 8, 2019 - 1:57 AM   
 By:   Mark   (Member)

A & C. Maybe you have to be a Brit to get some idea of what I'm implying. Spacey is gay, bi or whatever. The British dramatic establishment is rife with that type of persona and Spacey might have come to the UK to thrive in it. That makes sense to me. What has happened in recent years is that some people who were a part of that deep and closeted establishment and who experienced years and years, if not decade after decade under the norm of complete and total protection from exposure under an umbrella of respectability, had the rug pulled out from under them in a flash. People like Rolf Harris were darlings of this way of life. Indeed they could do no wrong. Their long and continued public impression of whiter than whiteliness was one of the factors that maintained the outward impression of continued stability and family balance etc, etc, etc. That is how things used to be. Then, very suddenly and almost without warning, that tradition of constancy changed overnight. It seems to have everything to do with instanstaneous communication that modern media feasts on for that feverish buzz of controversial gratification that calls for sacrificial victims to be strung out on the altar of sacrifice, thick and fast. In fact, it's so chaotic that no one actually knows whose turn it is to get passed around next. I did actually think the gist of what I was saying was clear in my previous post. Obviously not.

With Spacey, what seems to have happened is that he gained a learned response where being notoriously indiscrete, when there were pre-existing 'closet' norms, had no comeback. All that has changed with the new pardigm of accepted 'normality,' where it's okay to be 'bad' just so long as the hypocritical finger of 'justice' does not catch up with you.

I agree with Grecchus (and not just because I am a Brit !). The sort of stuff now getting mass media attention and (rightly) much criticism has been rife in the world of luvvies for decades - the old casting couch, the quid pro blows etc - and it has been accepted by people within that rank, not widely reported, and when mentioned (in biographies etc) done so often in a lighthearted way with the perpetrators actions often cast as 'eccentricities' and something that comes with the territory and the talent. Now Spacey, Weinstein etc have had the rug pulled from under them - people are not accepting the sort of behaviour that was the norm and used to be covered up, and are standing up and speaking out. Unfortunately it is difficult to separate the false claims from the genuine ones, with the accused often ruined (whether guilty or not) and impossible to tell if the accusers are doing it for the right reason, or just for the publicity or money. What annoys me is the hypocrisy of some actors who are now trying to make out they never knew what was going on and others such as Rose McGowan (the face of the MeToo movement) who is crying fire after happily working with a director like Victor Salva (who was jailed for sexual abuse of a minor and child pornography).

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