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 Posted:   Feb 13, 2020 - 4:28 AM   
 By:   Kev McGann   (Member)

Much like Sony's recent revelation that the mighty John Williams has been leading a double life all these years, composing film scores to some of the most famous and successful films EVER MADE...AND...playing his guitar in classical circles on the sly (sky?), Jimmy Hoffa, before he went to ground (hoho) wrote* a few music scores in honour of his OGGY OGGY OGGY-ness.

Your choices are thus...

F.I.S.T (Bill Conti)
HOFFA (David Newman)
THE IRISHMAN (Robby Robertson)
BLOOD FEUD (Fred Steiner)**

"Let the games begin and may the odds be ever in your favour"

*he didn't really

**edit after intel from Ford T

 Posted:   Feb 13, 2020 - 4:35 AM   
 By:   Graham Watt   (Member)

I haven't heard the Newman score or the Robertson one, but seeing as F.I.S.T has always been one of my favourite soundtracks ever, and certainly my favourite Conti, I'm confident in going for the Bill.

 Posted:   Feb 13, 2020 - 4:37 AM   
 By:   Kev McGann   (Member)

Thanks Graham.
1-0 to Bill Conti (should I just make it 2-0 and not wait for henry?) smile

 Posted:   Feb 13, 2020 - 5:09 AM   
 By:   mgh   (Member)

I'm like Graham; FIST is one of my favorite scores.

 Posted:   Feb 13, 2020 - 6:17 AM   
 By:   solium   (Member)

F.I.S.T- One of my favorite Conti scores. Gets a five star rating.
HOFFA - I rated this around three stars.
THE IRISHMAN- Never heard it.

 Posted:   Feb 13, 2020 - 7:56 AM   
 By:   Kev McGann   (Member)

I'm struggling to choose between FIST & HOFFA.
The Bill Conti is the more rounded score, with a gorgeous Main Theme and quite a bit of variety within the score too.
HOFFA'S Main Theme is outstanding though. One of the best I've ever heard (no wonder it launched a thousand trailers) but the score overall is not as interesting as the Conti (unless the new expanded LLL edition is a revelation).
So I've got FIST as the best score overall, but HOFFA has the best theme!!

 Posted:   Feb 14, 2020 - 12:05 AM   
 By:   McD   (Member)


That theme. And I love the gansgta liner note from DeVito on the original release.

 Posted:   Feb 14, 2020 - 12:20 AM   
 By:   bobyaco   (Member)

F.I.S.T. great score by Conti

 Posted:   Feb 14, 2020 - 12:35 AM   
 By:   Ford A. Thaxton   (Member)

Let's not forget the 1983 mini-series BLOOD FEUD: Bobby Kennedy Vs. Jimmy Hoffa
scored by none other then FRED STEINER

Any understated score, but quite good.

Maybe someday it will see the light of day

Ford A. Thaxton

 Posted:   Feb 14, 2020 - 3:47 AM   
 By:   Kev McGann   (Member)

Good shout Ford.
You know what they say. 'Every day is a school day' smile
Added to the list, although I doubt it will be troubling the Bill Conti score in the popularity stakes.

 Posted:   Feb 14, 2020 - 4:08 AM   
 By:   Kev McGann   (Member)

Current Score...

FIST = 4

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