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 Posted:   Apr 29, 2020 - 9:17 AM   
 By:   nicholediaz   (Member)

So have you been assigned to write a book review or a book report? Hopefully, you’re not one of them, but many new students have worked hard on their writing assignments about a book they read and turned in their paper only to find out that what they wrote was a book report and not a book review as the instructor had asked. So, I’ll ask again, have you been assigned a book review or a book report? If you don’t know the difference, then don’t leave this page just yet. Keep reading to find out.

So which should we talk about first - the book review or the book report? Let’s start with the simpler of the two; the book report, some advice from service. The book report is essentially a summary of the book that you have read for the paper. It also must include information about the book such as the author’s name and the date and place it was published. Sometimes biographical information about the author is also included.

The book review, on the other hand, requires analysis of the book. In the book review, the purpose is not to summarize the plot of the book but rather to analyze certain elements of the book such as its theme or use of symbolism or language. Often, the book’s setting is analyzed in relation to current times or the era in which it was written. The strengths and weaknesses of the book and criticisms of the book are usually included in the book review as well. In short, while the book review does briefly discuss the book’s plot and name its’ author, the emphasis is on evaluating the book whereas a book report’s emphasis is on summarizing the book.

If, in the unlikely situation that your professor asks which you prefer to write, the book review or the book report, then you must decide whether you want the simpler task of the book report or the more challenging task of the book review. Either assignment can be interesting if the book that is the topic of your paper is thought-provoking and a compelling read. If you have difficulty getting started, sometimes seeing samples of book reports or book reviews can be helpful as well as provide useful sources. There are also great sites specifically about writing book reviews or writing book reports that are definitely worth checking out before you start your assignment. Generally, though, both the book report and the book review are fun writing assignments, so try to have fun with it– whichever one you are writing! In fact, that's a good piece of advice whatever type of paper you are writing, argumentative essay, analytical paper, pro-con essay etc., - just try to enjoy what you are learning and the writing process!

 Posted:   Apr 29, 2020 - 9:42 AM   
 By:   Octoberman   (Member)


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