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 Posted:   Jun 27, 2020 - 4:52 PM   
 By:   GoblinScore   (Member) guys remember these BIG UPCOMING ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!

...a few years ago?
Know what I'm on about, anyone remember?

Bringing it up due to watching HIGHLANDER, which was my guess for Persev.

What say you, did I miss the circus??

 Posted:   Jun 27, 2020 - 8:56 PM   
 By:   VeronicaMars   (Member)

Yes, I definitely remember this and I will definitely say that you're blazing hot on that. Someone in the know told me that they were working on that which is strange considering that the producers of the Highlander movies won't even license Michael Kamen's score at all to anyone at that time. Think the issues that Intrada is having with James Horner's Volunteers currently and I hope they take care of that soon. I want that very badly.

That was years ago, but who knows now. Maybe, it will happen.

 Posted:   Jun 28, 2020 - 10:00 AM   
 By:   GoblinScore   (Member)

Thank you VM for confirming I have an ounce of sanity left!

The Persev. "we" gave up on awhile ago, but hope springs eternal...

The euro label, Quartet or Music Box, I think it was one!!, had a bit of a longer forecast for a big deal title....again, could've been a year or 4 since this mystery was alluded to.

 Posted:   Jun 28, 2020 - 10:48 AM   
 By:   JTWfan77   (Member)

When was the last time Perseverance released anything? Are they even in business still?

Around the time they starting licencing WB records titles, I had hope that they would re-issue Kamen's Munchausen score, but alas, nothing.

 Posted:   Jun 28, 2020 - 10:52 AM   
 By:   Last Child   (Member)

When was the last time Perseverance released anything? Are they even in business still?

I just used a search engine and found out.

 Posted:   Jun 28, 2020 - 11:45 AM   
 By:   andy b   (Member)

Unless things have shifted dramatically I would say a Highlander score release would be a legal nightmare.

As stated above the producers have never shown interest in a release, you would be dealing with the estates of one producer, Freddie Mercury, Michael Kamen and the surviving Queen band members and one surviving producer, plus Studio Canal and I am sure as MGM / UA control USA rights, they to would be involved at some point or place!

The interesting thing is as someone who actually worked on the film when it was EMI before Cannon took over, there were to be two music releases, the queen album, It's A Kind of Magic and a score album, which if I recall was music from and inspired by kind of thing. We even went as far as to promote it in the huge campaign books issued world wide to distributors and cinema chains and any associated market places.

I know as a fact there was never a Kamen / score release at the time and it was sometime later Edel put out a cd with parts of the first three film score on it. Not a bad representation. I always wanted a blu ray with the respective videos of the song releases as all of them contain footage not in the final film as well as the 4 EMI trailers again with footage never used in the final cut, just me being a completest!

But I could not imagine the legal wrangles any label would go through and for what really a few thousand copies maybe?

enjoy the film.
andy b

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