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 Posted:   Jul 27, 2020 - 2:04 AM   
 By:   Peter Greenhill   (Member)

Not a film score but definitely a film score composer. Richter's new work VOICES is released this Friday. It was performed at the Barbican in London in February, a concert I unfortunately missed. However the trailer for the album sounds spectacular.

 Posted:   Jul 27, 2020 - 9:47 AM   
 By:   KeV McG   (Member)

Yes Peter, it was originally due out on the 17th July I think, but I noticed the drop date shift by two weeks recently.
Any new Richter is a cause for excitement in this casa and it will be bought immediately upon release.
I might even journey to my local HMV to purrrrr-chase it and support the local economy.

 Posted:   Jul 27, 2020 - 10:13 AM   
 By:   Khan   (Member)

The three singles that are out from this already are great.

Here's the most recent:

 Posted:   Jul 27, 2020 - 3:06 PM   
 By:   Xebec   (Member)

Excellent news, thanks!

 Posted:   Jul 28, 2020 - 4:19 AM   
 By:   Peter Greenhill   (Member)

 Posted:   Aug 11, 2020 - 5:18 AM   
 By:   KeV McG   (Member)

If you like that Max Richter style, this is more dreamy/gorgeous stuff from him.
His music is like a tranquil cure for insomnia (I mean that in a good way).
It floats and drifts and wavers beautifully, mainly comprised of piano/violin/cello over soft strings.
It's a double discer, with disc 1 containing 55 minutes of his music WITH readings of the Human Rights overlayed (quite relaxing in itself actually..the voice of the main female narrator puts me in mind of Virginia Madsen from the opening of the DUNE/Toto OST)) and disc 2 is the same programme WITHOUT the narration (like a score album with the dialogue/sound FX removed).
Both are equally enjoyable in their own right.
The opening track (All Human Beings) has a similar style to his theme from AD ASTRA, which I absolutely adore.
£10.99 from HMV. Bargain!!

 Posted:   Aug 11, 2020 - 6:01 AM   
 By:   acathla   (Member)

Was a bit disappointed when I heard this album. Only liked 3 of the tracks (All Human Beings, Chorale and Mercy).
But I think I have a hard "connecting" to the music since its not score and I haven't "seen" the music in motion beforehand. Maybe it just needs to grow on me...

Havent checked out the talking mixes though. Hate dialogue over music, just not for me. Specially if it gets political, lol

 Posted:   Aug 11, 2020 - 6:08 AM   
 By:   KeV McG   (Member)

Use disc 1 as a sleep supplement, acathla wink

I hardly ever 'get' his music from the first listen.
It always takes a few listens for it to take a hold of me (apart from AD ASTRA, where I was smiling just hearing it IN THE FILM, while watching it).

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