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 Posted:   Aug 28, 2020 - 10:11 AM   
 By:   SBD   (Member)

Wild Wild West, was composed by the legendary Elmer Bernstein (The Magnificent Seven, To Kill A Mockingbird, Ghostbusters, The Great Escape). This is a score you’d expect from a master of Western themed scores – chock full of hummable melodies and big orchestral themes. This 76 minute Deluxe Edition features the score from the film along with additional music by Peter Bernstein as well as alternate versions and music not used in the film. Mastered by Chas Ferry and transferred from tapes provided by the Bernstein estate. Featuring detailed liner notes by film music journalist, Tim Greiving.

Limited Collector’s edition of 2000 copies

1. Blade (:51)
2. Main Title (2:09)
3. Punch (:28)
4. West Fights* (1:13)
5. Cliffhanger (:35)
6. Whirly Girly (1:19)
7. Punch Up (1:17)
8. Washington (:54)
9. Dismissed (2:11)
10. Man’s Head (1:53)
11. Waltz First Mansion (2:52)
12. Polka (2:33)
13. East Meets West* (1:14)
14. Reeling (2:34)
15. Boobies (:22)
16. Rescue (1:12)
17. Tank (:41)
18. Tank To Catch (2:56)
19. Exit McGrath (1:29)
20. Ritaless (1:18)
21. Missing Something†§ (1:59)
22. Train Attackठ(2:08)
23. The Cornfield* (1:08)
24. Fear (:42)
25. Memories (:23)
26. Spider Canyon (1:46)
27. Big Ride (original Wild Wild West television theme) (:27)
28. Coincidence† (:51)
29. Captured (1:05)
30. The Plan / America (2:25)
31. She Dances (2:18)
32. Eight Ball† (1:14)
33. Avante / Air Gordon† (1:19)
34. Flying Attack† (1:59)
35. Knife Guy† (2:30)
36. Tin Man / Four Of A Kind (2:41)
37. Last Fight‡ (2:43)
38. Bye Loveless / Whoopin’†§° (1:27)
39. The End (Ride The Spider)*§ (2:12)
40. Main Title (alternate version) (2:09)
41. 1M3 Take 119 (not used in the film) (2:06)
42. Whirly Girly Stop (not used in the film) (:30)
43. 4M3 R Take 165 (not used in the film) (1:04)
44. Flying Attack† (alternate version) (1:51)
45. The End (Ride The Spider)§ (alternate version) (2:12)
46. Blood On The Saddle / Arise (instrumental) (1:38)
47. Camptown Races / Oh Susanna (2:21)
†Theme by Elmer Bernstein, Music Composed by Peter Bernstein

‡Music Composed by Peter Bernstein

§Orchestrations by Patrick Russ

°Orchestrations by Jon Kull

 Posted:   Aug 28, 2020 - 10:15 AM   
 By:   Tom Servo   (Member)

Always great to have another expanded Bernstein score released! I never saw the movie so I have no idea about what the rest of the score sounds like, but Elmer is one of my top 5 favorite composers so I'm sure I'll love it.

 Posted:   Aug 28, 2020 - 10:33 AM   
 By:   The Mutant   (Member)

I will definitely get this one. I actually bought the old version from a guy on eBay like 10 years ago but he sent me the song album instead. So, yeah. I need this.

 Posted:   Aug 28, 2020 - 10:47 AM   
 By:   Henry Jones   (Member)

What a great time to be a CD collector ! I never bought the score ost because of its shortness, so... ordered! Thank you so much VS gang and Bernstein estate !

 Posted:   Aug 28, 2020 - 10:48 AM   
 By:   Lokutus   (Member)


 Posted:   Aug 28, 2020 - 10:49 AM   
 By:   johnonymous86   (Member)

Love this movie! Salma Hayek stole my heart big grin

Will definitely be purchasing this one!

 Posted:   Aug 28, 2020 - 10:52 AM   
 By:   Yavar Moradi   (Member)


More than 40 more minutes as compared with the original album (more than twice as long). What a major expansion! I’m a little surprised that even more cues aren’t marked as being composed by Peter Bernstein, because in my interview (about an hour and a half in, if you want to hear) with him last year he told me he composed about 30% of the score:

As I’ve observed before, this is kind of the Bernstein Star Trek: First Contact, with father calling talented composer son in when there was a post production time crunch.


 Posted:   Aug 28, 2020 - 11:05 AM   
 By:   Dylan   (Member)

An excellent score that was in great need of expansion. Wonderful news for Bernstein fans.

 Posted:   Aug 28, 2020 - 11:10 AM   
 By:   Mr. Jack   (Member)

Love this movie! Salma Hayek stole my heart big grin

 Posted:   Aug 28, 2020 - 11:11 AM   
 By:   Dr. Nigel Channing   (Member)

What a great surprise! I was just reminiscing about this film the other day, how much potential it had with the great cast, and how the opening titles floored me... and then the rest was so disappointing. But I loved the score, and am excited to acquire this new release. Bravo, Varese!

 Posted:   Aug 28, 2020 - 11:59 AM   
 By:   Landstander   (Member)

 Posted:   Aug 28, 2020 - 1:13 PM   
 By:   KeV McG   (Member)

Bryon, put some better clips up.
Everybody thinks it sucks!! (remember The Big Fix fiasco) wink

 Posted:   Aug 28, 2020 - 2:22 PM   
 By:   Commodore   (Member)

I agree...Elmer Bernstein was a great western score composer. And, this score always intrigued me. Considering the amount of money that was spent on making it, it was indeed a very BIG disappointment as a movie! (Maybe my wife will let me get a copy?!)

 Posted:   Aug 28, 2020 - 3:21 PM   
 By:   Yavar Moradi   (Member)

Essentially this score combines three genres that Elmer was great at: western most of all (obviously) but also science fiction and comedy. I think as people get their copies and start to report back about all the previously unreleased music, a lot more of you are going to want this.

I recommend not showing your wife the film (because the talented Salma Hayek is clearly just there to be a sex object), but just tell her you need it because it’s an Elmer Bernstein western score. smile


 Posted:   Aug 28, 2020 - 3:37 PM   
 By:   BryonDavis   (Member)

Bryon, put some better clips up.
Everybody thinks it sucks!! (remember The Big Fix fiasco) wink

I have two more if anybody wants to listen:

Knife Guy:

Check them out.

 Posted:   Aug 28, 2020 - 3:56 PM   
 By:   SBD   (Member)

Bryon, put some better clips up.
Everybody thinks it sucks!! (remember The Big Fix fiasco) wink

I have two more if anybody wants to listen:

Knife Guy:

Check them out.

If these clips don't convince people to give it a chance, nothing will.

While I wouldn't mind a better (and less smutty) adaptation down the line, I think the '99 movie has its moments and Bernstein's music is terrific, even if the Markowitz theme only appears once. Definitely getting this.

 Posted:   Aug 29, 2020 - 3:50 PM   
 By:   Jens   (Member)

Those new clips give a slightly better impression of why this is one of my few remaining Holy Grails.

Just a smorgasbord of awesome Bernsteinisms, and so many nifty variations on what to me is one of his most memorable themes. Not to mention all that intense Peter Bernstein action.

Cannot wait to get my hands on this.

 Posted:   Aug 29, 2020 - 3:50 PM   
 By:   Jens   (Member)

I love how "Washington" goes from funk to a really badass twist on the main theme to noble Faber college and then back to funk. What a journey in 54 seconds, what variety!

 Posted:   Aug 29, 2020 - 11:02 PM   
 By:   Sirusjr   (Member)

Funny story...

I hadn't really listened to this much before this year. I don't recall having ever watched the film. A few months ago I put the album on in Spotify and certain synths and drums didn't work for me at that moment so I turned it off.

Friend messaged me today to ask if I was going to grab this so I said "eh idk."

But on a whim I decided to put on the album again and see if I missed something. This time I was in the right mood and the themes connected with me so by the end of the album I ordered this new release. Such a difference your mood makes with connecting with certain scores.

After seeing that such a substantial amount of music is missing from the album I ordered this and am excited to hear this new edition.

 Posted:   Aug 30, 2020 - 1:22 AM   
 By:   George Flaxman   (Member)

£17.48 at the UK site.

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