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 Posted:   Oct 21, 2020 - 2:57 PM   
 By:   lacoq   (Member)

Been listening again to some Dynasty music via YouTube from several years back. Some mighty fine Conti scores. A boxset of his scores from that series would be an instant buy for me!

 Posted:   Oct 21, 2020 - 3:03 PM   
 By:   Thor   (Member)

Agreed. Obviously have a huge nostalgic connection to the show -- back in the 80s, there was only one TV channel in Norway, so we had to watch what we were given. DYNASTY was obligatory viewing for me and my mom in the mid and late 80s.

Score-wise, I really only remember the iconic theme, but I'm sure there must have been other great themes in it as well.

Here's a bizarre thread I created on the show's theme back in the year 2000 -- clearly very 'show-offy' in terms what I was studying in university at the time:

 Posted:   Oct 21, 2020 - 3:21 PM   
 By:   henry   (Member)

One of my favorites! Conti did the theme and the entire pilot which has beautiful music. Same for FALCON CREST the same year!

 Posted:   Oct 22, 2020 - 3:39 AM   
 By:   tyuan   (Member)

Love Dinasty music! It would be an instant buy also for me!

 Posted:   Oct 23, 2020 - 8:13 AM   
 By:   johnbijl   (Member)

Thanks for posting this! One of my last holy grails wound be a Dynasty-set.

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