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 Posted:   Oct 17, 2021 - 1:40 PM   
 By:   Konga   (Member)

I love that he hasn't died. That he is still alive and still composing.

After all, I've been listening to his music for the last 46 years, from the moment I got my first soundtrack ever, the JAWS LP (that I still keep) in junior high. G bless him.

 Posted:   Oct 17, 2021 - 4:32 PM   
 By:   Octoberdog   (Member)

LOL, you are so f***ing pretentious it's unbelievable.
Keep it coming!

Which would be the textbook response to concepts that are beyond you.
I very much appreciate that you can use bigger words along side the f-bombs--I guess that's how we know you're a rebel.
I especially enjoy how serious questions cause you to eventually revert to the schoolyard name-calling when they reveal that you actually have no intellectual position.
You do it just about every time--and as long as you post passive-aggressive nonsense, I will call it out.

However... Kev, you are absolutely right.
It's a JW thread and I won't keep making fun of the oblivious in it.
Onward we go.

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