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 Posted:   Dec 2, 2021 - 12:42 PM   
 By:   c8   (Member)

I feel like I'm borderline spamming this thread so I apologize.

One thing this thread also got me thinking about is that we really haven't discussed "Sing the Wee" at all.

So when I've been referencing the shooting script, I've been looking at this:

By all accounts that is probably the script that was filmed with some minor dialog edits here and there (and certainly different songs/lyrics as My True Love's Eyes is slightly different and Bumps and Hollows completely missing). It can be inferred from the different cuts and evidence in the editing (especially in the DC) that anything missing was probably meant to be there and anything out of order was indeed shuffled in the editing booth.

That said, Sing the Wee. I always wondered what that was about. I'm guessing whatever sequence it was to be featured in probably was shot and cut given that Goldsmith went out of his way to record an album version of it and integrate it into his end credits.

Sure enough there's a place for it in the script between "The Riddle" and "Forgive Me" in the score. The lyrics are different, but after Jack and the faeries drink to his solving of the riddle, they were supposed to set off to find the unicorns. Instead of "Forgive Me" starting (tracked with the main title) and Jack calling out for Lili, the faeries were supposed to sing on their trek to the unicorns (!).

That we must. But first, we better
see that no harm's come to the

I sadly fear the worst....

Gump claps his hands and everyone is magically
holding luminous flower lanterns.



The faerie procession moves out of the woods onto
the frozen meadow.

(singing together)
What can you do when there's
Nothing to be done?
Sing a little song
And have fun, fun, fun....

The Silhouette of the ice-glazed unicorn is
glimpsed in the glow of the faerie lanterns. The
mare stands guard

Led by Jack, the faeries run towards the recumbent

Gump stoops and picks up an arrow dropped by the
(studying arrow)
This is goblin's work....
Revised 6 June 1984

Suddenly the mare charges. Gump runs for cover.

I didn't agree with many of Scott's changes (the extended script is a fascinating read) but cutting "Sing the Wee" was the right call. Its darn near ludicrous where it was intended in the film and I'm sure the song would slow the forward motion of the film to a halt.

Basil, to your point about Tom Cruise, I always thought his performance got better the more he was given to do down in the dungeon. Sadly, if you look at that script, that's where Scott seemed to chop up the film the most. Instead, he dwells far too long on the parts where Cruise just stares dumbfoundedly into the camera at the start of the film.

 Posted:   Dec 3, 2021 - 5:18 AM   
 By:   W. David Lichty [Lorien]   (Member)

Ahhh I see. So the Arrow Blu-ray that I have includes the U.S. version and the Director’s cut.

Yes, and I was mistaken about the Psycho II bits being exclusive to the UK.

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