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 Posted:   Jan 6, 2022 - 4:09 PM   
 By:   Sehnsuchtshafen   (Member)

I like what Hurwitz is doing, so happy to see others appreciate his work as well.

Have you seen his talk on Jane Eyre? The six minute synopsis he gives is cracking me up.

 Posted:   Jan 7, 2022 - 10:34 AM   
 By:   mgh   (Member)

 Posted:   Jan 7, 2022 - 10:52 AM   
 By:   Sehnsuchtshafen   (Member)

So glad, he did that chat on one of my absolute favourite film scores and composers:

Arthur Honegger - Les Misérables !

Great samples he's chosen. Anybody not familiar with Honegger's work might learn quite a bit just during those 12 minutes of this video.

 Posted:   Jan 7, 2022 - 11:55 AM   
 By:   Rozsaphile   (Member)

The score that convinced a young Miklos Rozsa that films might have a place for serious music after all.

 Posted:   Jan 9, 2022 - 11:00 AM   
 By:   mgh   (Member)

 Posted:   Jan 9, 2022 - 11:55 AM   
 By:   villagardens553   (Member)

I have a Naxos CD of author Colin Wilson speaking for an hour or so.

 Posted:   Jan 14, 2022 - 7:16 AM   
 By:   Sehnsuchtshafen   (Member)

Two more soundtrack related talks:

Review: Brilliant, Mostly Bubbly Shostakovich Suites

Theodore Kuchar and the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine deliver colorful, exciting, vibrant performances of Shostakovich's ballet suites, orchestral suites, overtures, and suites from two film scores (Hamlet and The Gadfly). With three CDs at the Brilliant Classics price, this makes the perfect introduction to Shostakovich, the composer of light(er) music. Great stuff.
Musical Examples courtesy of Brilliant Classics

Film Scores: The Adventures of Robin Hood (Korngold)

One of the most iconic, opulent, and simply perfect of all film scores, Korngold's complete music for The Adventures of Robin Hood (or just plain Robin Hood for short) contains over 80 minutes of glorious music. Splendidly continuous, you can listen to it like a giant Strauss tone poem, or skip around and enjoy your favorite bits. Either way, this is a must-have masterpiece.
Musical Examples courtesy of Naxos Records

 Posted:   Jan 15, 2022 - 9:10 AM   
 By:   Sehnsuchtshafen   (Member)

Film Scores: Beauty and the Beast (La belle et la bĂȘte) Georges Auric

One of the true masterpieces of immediate post-War French cinema (1946), Georges Auric's score for Jean Cocteau's rather silly fairytale Beauty and the Beast is both very French and very, very gorgeous. Over an hour's worth of music, lovingly conducted by Adriano, this Marco Polo (Naxos) production should find an honored place in any serious collection of 20th-century French music, whether for the cinema or not.
Musical Examples courtesy of Naxos Records

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