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 Posted:   Sep 20, 2022 - 1:10 PM   
 By:   filmusicnow   (Member)

Can anybody think of any soundtrack albums that had another front or back cover (aside from imports)? I
can name two examples:

Henry Mancini - "Peter Gunn" Vol. 1 - though many people remember the midnight blue cover with the lightning bolts (which was the one used in the series' main title sequence, though filmed in B&W), when R.C.A. Victor ran out of covers, they used a turquoise and orange mosaic cover.

Jerry Goldsmith - "Q.B.VII" - the back cover had a seriograph of Goldsmith conducting the orchestra, yet there was an inverted version in B&W that was replicated for Intrada's C.D. reissue that was in the inlay cover (I saw the B&W version when I came across it at the Wherehouse store in San Mateo, California).

 Posted:   Sep 20, 2022 - 1:38 PM   
 By:   Nicholas_DW   (Member)

Starship Troopers had two different covers.

 Posted:   Sep 22, 2022 - 9:17 AM   
 By:   Thierry Schreurs   (Member)

David Newman's TARZAN also has two different covers...

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