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 Posted:   Nov 17, 2022 - 9:25 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


Short-lived series from 1976 inspired by the 1973 film.

The theme music is by Elmer Bernstein, which is presented in two entirely different presentations: the opening jazz/action arrangement, and the end credits sad synth arrangement.

All loads are in French or other languages. If one ever pops up in English, I will note it.

"The Deadly Game" (feature-length pilot)
By: Elmer Bernstein

Alternative link #1:
Alternative link #2:
Alternative link #3:

NOTE: A now deleted load on YouTube was used, so I cannot guarantee time stamps will line up.

  • 0:35 in.^
  • in.^
  • in.^
  • in.^
  • 9:52 in.^
  • 13:24 in. Is this classical music?
  • 22:12/22:59 in.^
  • 27:18 in.^
  • 32:32 in. The piano source music.^
  • 45:08 in.^
  • 1:02:30 in.^
  • 1:06:42 in.^
  • 1:21:06 in. Some times a cue just screams a composer's name, and this is such an example: You won't be confusing this with many other composers -- it's unmistakably Elmer Bernstein.
  • 1:28:13 in.^
  • 1:30:47 in.^
  • 1:35:21 in. Closing cue which segways into the end credits music (which is some what different than the regular-episode end credits music).

    NOTE: I recorded the score already.

     Posted:   Nov 18, 2022 - 7:35 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 1:

    No episode loads today, just a clip is all that is available. There will be an episode Monday.


    "Country Boy"
    Says music by by Bernstein, but...
    Full episode: (in English)
    Alternative link #1: (in English)
    Alternative link #2: (in English)

    First cue after the opening credits is from the pilot, the second cue I think might be from the TV series "Most Wanted" (interspaced with a cue that might be from "Chopper One").

    12:44 in: was either in the pilot or the episode "Every Man Pays His Dues", so it doesn't appear to be an original cue for the episode.

    16:05 in: Same cue that might be from "Most Wanted".

    27:18 in: unidentified country-music source piece. Doubtful this is Elmer.

    29:40 in: mystery cue. This doesn't sounds like it's from "Serpico", probably from another TV series.

    32:04 in: I think this was also from the pilot.

    34:54 in: edit job of a longer cue, so this isn't an original cue for the episode. The cue after the commercial break might be an original cue.

    38:08 in: An edit job with again that cue which might be from "Most Wanted". 40:49 into this is material by Elmer which itself is an edit job, so nothing new for this episode.

    42:46 in: I'll have to double check because he did like three or four versions of this general type of cue, but I think this is one unique to this episode, tracked into a later track-job episode, so this should be new material.

    So, all-in-all, it appears maybe three new cues which might have been composed for this episode.

     Posted:   Nov 21, 2022 - 7:58 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 1:

    "The Traitor in Our Midst"
    By: Lyn Murray
    Clip: (incase the episode goes down)
    Alternative link #1:
    Alternative link #2:
    Alternative link #3: (in English)

  • 1:27 in.
  • 3:27 in. The funky source music cue.
  • 5:50 in.
  • 10:38 in.
  • 12:55 in.
  • 21:50 in.
  • 27:20 in.
  • 32:12 in.
  • 38:36 in.
  • 44:44 in.
  • 46:09 in.

    NOTE: Two suites up covering the score.

    NOTE: As of late 2023, according to his IMDb credits, this was the last episode of a standard episodic television series that he scored. Some National Geographic work is the nearest to a series.

     Posted:   Nov 22, 2022 - 7:39 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 1:

    As I will be offline Thursday and Friday, I am posting two days worth of loads and tomorrow's as well, so nothing tomorrow.


    "The Indian"
    By: Robert Drasnin
    Alternative link:

    While there is no load currently up (channel deleted), it's clear his score was tracked into the track-job episode "Prime Evil". His score shares a number of similarities to his one effort for short-lived series "Most Wanted", in which he scored another Indian episode. EDIT: Later I realized that a small part of this score was in fact tracked into that episode of "Most Wanted"!

    NOTE: I recorded the full score.

    "Every Man Must Pay His Dues"
    By: Elmer Bernstein

    Alternative link #2:

    NOTE: The same channel that had the pilot, also had this one. While the channel is deleted, I did record the full score to this episodes as well. It also had the cleanest, best-sounding (and looking) copies of the opening and closing credits music, so I recorded those as well.

    By: ?????

    "Trumpet of Time"

    Alternative link #2:

    NOTE: I recorded the full score.

     Posted:   Nov 23, 2022 - 7:40 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 1:

    Oops -- realized I have nine episodes remaining and I want to finish this and all series on the last weekday of November, so one more this week.

    "Prime Evil"
    Alternative link #2:
    Alternative link #3: (in English)
    Alternative link #4: (in English)

    NOTE: I recorded all the score already.

    (Score: 0:00, 3:35, 6:54 [very likely Drasnin], 8:59 [source music], 11:47, 12:13 [funky source music], 14:12 [very likely Drasnin], 16:27, 22:14 [probably Drasnin], 24:01 [has to be Drasnin], 26:29 [probably Drasnin, and so should the cue after the commercial break], 33:44 [has to be Drasnin], 37:19 [has to be Drasnin], 39:49, 41:40, and 42:48 [Drasnin].)

     Posted:   Nov 23, 2022 - 10:15 AM   
     By:   James MacMillan   (Member)

    Thank you for your efforts here, Justin. I remember the series being shown on UK TV at the time - I don't think it's been available anywhere since. Bernstein's main title always seemed to me to be a close cousin of his theme for Saints and Sinners (1962).

    Serpico - Have there been any other other instances of a TV series where the main titles (exciting, up-beat) differ completely from the end titles (pensive, almost sad-sounding)?


     Posted:   Nov 23, 2022 - 10:23 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    The UPN series "Seven Days" springs to mind. I think that was only the first season though. Solemn closing credits.

    And in the reverse, "Vengeance Unlimited".

     Posted:   Nov 28, 2022 - 7:38 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 1:

    No loads today, sorry.


    "Rapid Fire"
    Alternative link #2:

    NOTE: I recorded the score already.

    "Dawn of the Furies"

    The closing cue is a edit job of the closing cue from Bernstein's pilot score.

    Alternative link #1:
    Alternative link #2:

    NOTE: I recorded the score already.

    "The Serbian Connection"
    TRACK JOB (NEW link as of Feb. 17, 2023) (link used)
    Alternative link #1:
    Alternative link #2:

    30:16 in: What it sounds like he is saying in French, in English: "What part ice cream?"

    (Score: 1:29 [some or all might be Drasnin], 8:33 [probably Drasnin], 12:47 [Drasnin or Bernstein], 17:42 [most or all Drasnin], 21:58 [might be Drasnin], 24:46, 28:35 [first: probably Drasnin], 30:25 [probably Drasnin], 31:47, 32:16, 35:05 [might be Drasnin], 37:09, 40:15 [most of the second half of the cue -- after the bad edit -- is Drasnin], and 45:56.)

    NOTE: I recorded the score already.

    "Danger Zone"
    By: John Parker (in French) (in English)
    Alternative link #1:
    Alternative link #2:

    NOTE: I recorded the score already.

     Posted:   Nov 29, 2022 - 8:18 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 1:

    By: Thomas Talbert
    Alternative link #1:
    Alternative link #2:

  • 1:27 in.
  • 4:27 in.
  • 12:08 in.
  • 14:37 in.
  • 22:09/24:37 in.
  • 28:39 in.
  • 30:45 in.
  • 39:41 in.
  • 47:07 in.

    Perhaps a little thin sounding, but this was a good score. I cited all but one score cue and maybe one source cue. I wouldn't be opposed to the entire score being released.

    And this is the final original score for the series.

    0:00 in: is tracked Drasnin from "The Indian".

    (NtM: 38:06)

     Posted:   Nov 30, 2022 - 7:30 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 1:

    And the rest of the series was track jobs.

    "The Party of Your Choice"
    TRACK JOB (load used)
    Alternative link #1:
    Alternative link #2:

    NOTE: I recorded the score already.

    (Score: 0:00, 1:27 [maybe Murray], 3:00, 8:17 [maybe Murray], 15:24, 17:34, 19:58, 23:25 [Drasnin], 33:14, 36:49, 38:29, 40:17 [maybe Parker], 42:19 [probably Drasnin], and 47:16.)

    "One Long Tomorrow"
    Alternative link #1:

    NOTE: I recorded the score already.

    Contains a cue tracked from the series "Chopper One" (Frontiere).

    "A Secret Place" (final episode)
    Alternative link #2:

    NOTE: I recorded the score already.

    And that was that. There were no TV movies, no remakes, no reboots, no sin-off's, etc.

     Posted:   Dec 1, 2022 - 7:40 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


    Culled from BMI and ASCAP. In no particular order:

  • James O'Keefe.
  • Fred Steiner.
  • Jeff Alexander.
  • Dominic Frontiere.
  • Richard Hazard.
  • George Romamnis.
  • Lalo Schifrin.
  • Andrew Chinich and Leonard Hambro.
  • Ib Glindermann.
  • Leonard Saltzberg and Blossom Dearie.

    There has, of course, been no release of the scoring from the series.

    Other Threads I Have Created or Commented in About TV Scores:

    PLEASE NOTE: There are some shows left off, that I created as place holders to new TV series, incase I wanted to cover then later, but changed my mind.

  • "MacGyver":

  • "The Orville":

  • "The Rockford Files":

  • "Private Eye": (technically completed)

  • "Cannon": (complete)

  • "Barnaby Jones": (complete)

  • "Dan August": (complete)

  • "Markham":

  • "T.H.E. Cat":

  • "The Name of the Game":

  • "McCloud":

  • "Hart to Hart":

  • "T.J. Hooker": (complete)

  • "The Simpsons": (technically complete)

  • The Shirley Walker Odyssey (on episodes of TV series she has scored):

  • "Christy":

  • "Walker, Texas Ranger": (complete)

  • "Rawhide": (complete)

  • "Cover Up": (complete)

  • "Matt Helm": (complete)

  • "87th Precinct": (complete)

  • "Quantum Leap":

  • "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman":

  • "The Untouchables" (1993): (complete)

  • "Gunsmoke": (technically complete)

  • "In the Heat of the Night":

  • "Flying High": (complete)

  • "Bodyguards": (complete)

  • "FX: The Series":

  • "Seaquest: DSV": (complete)

  • "The Dirty Dozen: The Series": (complete)

  • "CHiPs": (technically complete)

  • "Bronk": (complete)

  • "Buffy the Vampire Slayer": (technically complete)

  • "Spencer's Pilots":

  • "Police Story":

  • "Longstreet": (complete)

  • "Vega$": (complete)

  • "Crazy Like a Fox":

  • "Voyagers!": (complete)

  • "Gemini Man":

  • "Automan":

  • "Manimal": ("complete"; until I heat Stu's rejected score, I'm not counting it completed)

  • "The Fall Guy":

  • "Matlock":

  • "Black Saddle": (complete)

  • "Dark Justice":

  • "Mannix": (complete)

  • "Jake and the Fatman":

  • "Murder, She Wrote" (including "The Law & Harry McGraw):

  • "Miami Vice":

  • "Tenspeed and Brown Shoe": (complete)

  • "Matlock":

  • "Magnum, pi":

  • "The A-Team":

  • The Random TV Pilots Thread:

  • "Wiseguy": (complete)

  • "Cagney & Lacey":

  • "The Visitor" (1997):

  • The Random TV Movies & Miniseries Thread:

  • "Paper Dolls": (complete)

  • The Random Westerns Score Thread:

  • "From the Earth to the Moon": (complete)

  • "Nowhere Man": (complete)

  • "Starsky and Hutch": (complete)

  • "Vengeance Unlimited": (complete)

  • "Hawk":

  • "Remington Steele": (complete)

  • "King of the Hill": (complete)

  • "Ghost Whisperer":

  • "Baretta":

  • "Dynasty":

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  • "Moonlighting": (complete)

  • "Falcon Crest":

  • "Dallas":

  • "Petrocelli":

  • "Mrs. Columbo": (complete)

  • "Police Woman": (complete)

  • "Madigan":

  • "Salvage-1": (added so next time I have to copy it I don't have to go hunting for the link) (complete)

  • "Charlie's Angels": (complete)

  • "Emerald Point, N.A.S.":

  • "Wagon Train": (complete)

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  • "Cimarron Strip": (complete)

  • "Born Free": (complete)

  • "Father Dowling Mysteries": (complete)

  • "Pasadena": (complete)

  • "The Six Million Dollar Man":

  • "The Mod Squad":

  • "Samurai Jack": (complete)

  • "Lady Blue": (complete)

  • "Knots Landing":

  • "The Twilight Zone" (2002): (complete)

  • "The Waltons":

  • "First Monday":

  • "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" (radio):

  • "The Feather and Father Gang": (complete)

  • "Greatest American Hero": (complete)

  • "City of Angels" (1976): (complete)

  • "Lancer":

  • "Laredo": (complete)

  • "Peyton Place": (complete)

  • "Custer": (complete)

  • "The Streets of San Fransisco": (complete)

  • "The Ghost & Mrs. Muir": (complete)

  • "Matt Houston":

  • "Switch": (complete)

  • "Johnny Midnight":

  • "Ohara":

  • "Hawaii Five-O":

  • "S.W.A.T.":

  • "The Loner": (complete)

  • "The Rookies": (complete)

  • "Harry O": (complete)

  • "Cade's County": (complete)

  • "The Powers of Matthew Star": (complete)

  • "Daniel Boone": (complete)

  • "Law of the Plainsman": (complete)

  • "Tales of Wells Fargo":

  • "Code Red":

  • "Chase" (1973):

  • "Delvecchio":

  • "Get Christie Love!":

  • "Sarge":

  • "12 O'Clock High": (complete)

  • "Once an Eagle" (WWII mini series): (complete)

  • "Thriller" (1973): (complete)

  • "Thriller" (1960): (complete)

  • "Nash Bridges":

  • "Garfield's Halloween Adventure":

  • "The Cousteau Odyssey":

  • "O'Hara United States Treasury":

  • "Banacek":

  • "Most Wanted": (complete)

  • "The Most Deadly Game":

  • "Fantasy Island" (original series):

  • "Medical Center": (complete)

  • "The Magician":

  • "The Flying Nun": (complete)

  • "Sonny Burke": (complete)

  • "Korg: 70,000 B.C.":

  • "Laramie": (complete)

  • "The Virginian":

  • "The Monkees": (completed)

  • "The Critic": (complete)

  • "American Dad!": (in progress)

  • "McClain's Law":

  • The "Call to Danger" Pilots Thread:

  • The "Johnny Dollar" TV Pilots Thread:

  • "Finder of Lost Loves": (completed)

  • "240-Robert":

  • "Kolchak: The Night Stalker": (completed)

  • "Night Stalker" (2005): (completed)

  • "Haunted" (technically completed)

  • "Call to Glory":

  • "The Adventures of the Falcon":

  • "J.J. Starbuck":

  • "Serpico":

  • "Futurama":

  • "Columbo":


    (If I missed a thread, let me know!)

     Posted:   Feb 18, 2023 - 10:39 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    I now have links for all but two episodes. In some cases, multiple links. I even have one episode ("Danger Zone") in English.

    Now I only have two episodes to solve if there was a credited composer: "Country Boy" and "Strike!".

     Posted:   Feb 18, 2023 - 11:06 AM   
     By:   Bill Carson, Earl of Poncey   (Member)

    I never knew Elmer had done a whole episode of Serpico as well as that great theme, Justin.

     Posted:   Feb 18, 2023 - 11:06 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    The pilot and an episode. Two.

     Posted:   Feb 18, 2023 - 5:49 PM   
     By:   Zooba   (Member)

    I wonder if they ever thought of just using Mikis Theodorakis' beautiful "Beyond Tomorrow" Theme form the Original Al Pacino SERPICO Feature Film?

    I don't believe the following was even used in the film but it is a nice piece incorporating the Beyond Tomorrow Theme as it plays out.

     Posted:   Feb 19, 2023 - 10:16 AM   
     By:   James MacMillan   (Member)

    Enough of that, Zooba! Let's get back to the nitty-gritty - this recent Youtube entry includes the sad-sounding end titles

     Posted:   Mar 28, 2023 - 10:07 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    I'm seeking people's opinions:

    I have been making suites of all the episode scores. I have been taking cleaner or clean parts of cues from the track job episodes to fix bad parts. But I have hit a brick wall as I don't have and so far can't seem to get, two episodes: "Country Boy" and "Strike!".

    Based on a short clip on YouTube, "Country Boy" appears to be a track job.
    And based on score cues I keep hearing again and again in the track job episodes, "Strike!" appears to have an original score (my guesses: Drasnin, Markowtiz, maybe even Rosenthal).

    So I'll have to skip "Strike" -- no way around that without that episode.

    But should I proceed ahead with the rest of the suites? "Country Boy" could potentially make the suites better. Should I wait? It may be a LONG time before the episodes pops up. OR should I just go head. In the future I'm not going back and fixing the suites is "Country Boy" pops up after-the-fact.

     Posted:   Sep 14, 2023 - 2:20 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    A load of "Country Boy" has finally popped up, in English.

     Posted:   Jun 8, 2024 - 1:47 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Based upon extremely similar scoring in the final episode of "Matt Helm", I'm going to make an educated guess that the missing episode "Strike!" is scored by Jerrold Immel. As I have said before, there's scoring that is tracked in all episodes (except the pilot) that isn't from any of the episodes that are not missing, so that score has to be from "Strike!".

    That final episode pf "Matt Helm" is credited to Immel, though it appears to be a partial original score, with tracked scoring by Stevens and Immel in it.

    I looked around online, including Google Books, and didn't find any connection to him and this show.

     Posted:   Jun 9, 2024 - 9:54 AM   
     By:   CindyLover   (Member)

    Serpico - Have there been any other other instances of a TV series where the main titles (exciting, up-beat) differ completely from the end titles (pensive, almost sad-sounding)?


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