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 Posted:   Sep 20, 2023 - 3:09 PM   
 By:   ibelin   (Member)

Hopefully Newman has at least 10-15 years more left in him. I don't think he is that old yet, he isn't even in his 70s. His father died at 69, but he was a heavy smoker and died of lung cancer, that's a bit different I think. His mother lived until her mid 80s, which is probably a much better estimation of how long Newman will still be with us.

Alfred probably would've had another ten or so years of life if he hadn't died relatively early. Oh well. Some people pick up bad habits. At least he was still going strong at the end. 'Airport' is a fantastic score.

As you said, hopefully Thomas outlives his father by a decade or more and continues scoring films to the end, just as his father did.

 Posted:   Sep 28, 2023 - 1:01 PM   
 By:   Night   (Member)

I am revisiting this score and I like it even more! The score has certainly grown on me since my first listens. I'm also surprised that it hasn't gotten more attention and acclaim. As I wrote earlier: interesting and inventive harmony, orchestration and so on without it ever sounding dated. Also, innovative use of vocals, intricate rhythms and all done with incredible feeling and color.

This is Newman's best score in a few years, and one of the best scores written by anyone in recent years. I'm repeating myself, but I really hope it leads to his 16th Oscar nomination, and even his first win!

 Posted:   Sep 29, 2023 - 8:05 AM   
 By:   Hurdy Gurdy   (Member)

Yes, it is quite lovely.
I enjoy Thomas Newman in India-infused mode and there are tracks in this one that just shimmer with gorge-osity.
Lately, I've even started to enjoy the (more recent, previously thought of) lesser efforts by TN.
He's great when you're really in the mood for such music.
It might get nominated, but I wouldn't see it beating OPPENHEIMER.
I'd like to think Thomas Newman doesn't care about such trivialities.
If he NEVER wins an Oscar...well...he's in good company.

 Posted:   Sep 29, 2023 - 9:04 AM   
 By:   chriswg24   (Member)

I've found so much joy in this score, I really have. It's made with such love and commitment to real music - some really wonderful tracks, especially Across the Ocean and Hot Air Balloon.

You'd like to think that Disney/Pixar would campaign hard for at least a nomination for Newman - once he's in the mix, he has a super strong overdue narrative that might just catch on.

I'm looking forward to hearing White Bird - orchestral and piano based, yes please! - and then excited to see what's next. I hope it's In the Blink of an Eye with Andrew Stanton or a reunion with whatever Sam Mendes has next, he was missed on Empire of Light.

I know his most recent scores since 1917 don't seem as instant as his classics but I find they are deeply rewarding after some time - I've found so much to enjoy about The Little Things, Operation Mincemeat and A Man Called Otto.

Just a shame that more of the review sites like Jonathan Broxton etc didn't review Elemental in detail. I'd love to see some discussion about specific tracks.

Always love talking Newman - I'm an unabashed fanboy!

 Posted:   Sep 29, 2023 - 9:42 AM   
 By:   Night   (Member)

I love almost everything he has ever written, but i'm biased since he might even be my absolute favorite film composer.

I like all of his recent work, even if I don't think that they are masterpieces like the best of his scores from the 1990s.

I am also an unbashed fanboy: Newman is definitely an anomaly in today's film industry. He is a true original, who always writes original and fresh work, he is perhaps the closest we have to a Bernard Herrmann of today.

He is a truly remarkable composer, who usually doesn't get enough acclaim for his work (yes, I know he has been Oscar-nominated 15 times, but he has never won, and just think of all of his lesser-known scores that are often remarkable that haven't even been nominated). I also love his use of electronic music, and the way he seems seemingly incapable of overscoring a movie like some other famous film composers too often do. His music does exactly what film music at it best should do but too rarely does.

White Bird will be something to look forward to, even if I expect it to be a minor Newman score for some reason; still, it should be interesting to hear. I'm also looking forward to learn about his upcoming projects.

Yeah, agreed, even if I rarely agree with Broxton. Unless it is a big, orchestral score, preferably with strong themes, he doesn't seem to have as much fondness for other types of scoring. Personally, I love all kinds of scoring, not just big orchestral scores.

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