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 Posted:   Jan 23, 2023 - 9:34 AM   
 By:   maurizio.caschetto   (Member)

Grammy Award-winning composer and conductor Eric Whitacre is a true force of inspiration for singers, musicians, composers, educators and music lovers across the globe.

Today, Eric sits down with The Legacy of John Williams for an exclusive conversation on one of his own earliest inspirations: the music of John Williams.

Like many of his generation, Eric got acquainted with the sound of the symphony orchestra as a kid while listening to the soundtrack of Star Wars and grew up listening to the film scores of John Williams, whose musical imagination ignited the love for symphonic music for many young people who then went on to have successful careers in both film and contemporary classical music.

In this conversation, Eric Whitacre talks about his love for the music of John Williams and how it helped shape his own creative journey, explaining why it continues to be for him an object of sincere admiration and also reflecting on his own approach to musicmaking and what it means to be a composer today.

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