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 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 12:54 AM   
 By:   judy the hutt   (Member)

Hope you have a great day

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 2:40 AM   
 By:   Graham Watt   (Member)

John, if you're online and watching, just remember that although you're old, you're not forgotten! Have a great day!

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 3:15 AM   
 By:   Thor   (Member)

Happy 92nd birthday to my favourite person in all of culture history!

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 3:20 AM   
 By:   Prince Damian   (Member)

A lie- in and breaky in bed.

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 3:42 AM   
 By:   Bill Carson, Earl of Poncey   (Member)

Take it easy, breakfast in bed, maybe some composing after. Lol

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 3:42 AM   
 By:   Hurdy Gurdy   (Member)

You do begin to wonder when this guy is ever gonna stop!! (I ain't complainin)
92 today and a HUGE action adventure score recently completed AND nominated for an Oscar.
Live concerts, conducting ALL over the world.
Writing classical pieces and commissions at his leisure.
Every accolade won and pretty much every record broken.
Oh, and still open to the odd film score now and then, if the subject excites him.

He Just Turned 92. Frightening.

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 3:44 AM   
 By:   Prince Damian   (Member)

I think it's a question of doing what you like and being happy about it.

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 3:47 AM   
 By:   Kentishsax   (Member)

HB, young man!

Someone's got to do it - my top five Johnny scores:-

Superman The Movie
Goodbye, Mr Chips (only last, as he was arranging and orchestrating with Leslie Bricusse's melodic material, otherwise it would be higher in my top five!)

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 3:49 AM   
 By:   Hurdy Gurdy   (Member)

"I think it's a question of doing what you like and being happy about it"

A good pair of genes* and fortunate health matters sure do help.

*I believe one of his folks lived til 100.

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 3:49 AM   
 By:   Bill Carson, Earl of Poncey   (Member)

What's more incredible is being still sharp and aware at 92 and not got start of dementia or alzheimers or something, like most 92 year olds.

Long may it continue.

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 3:50 AM   
 By:   AdoKrycha007   (Member)

The Man. The Myth. The Legend. The Maestro.

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 4:06 AM   
 By:   Hurdy Gurdy   (Member)

I'd normally say something like 'I'll spin some discs in his honour' but there's hardly a day that goes by without me blasting through something by him during my listening periods (tbh, it's been that way since around 1978).
Just these last two days I've played the 3 disc HOOK set and a 2 disc INDY 5 DoD Complete Score edition.

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 4:21 AM   
 By:   Adam.   (Member)

My humble tribute to the man. Happy birthday, good sir!

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 6:11 AM   
 By:   Solium   (Member)

Funny enough Ive been playing the original Star Wars trilogy soundtracks this week. He looks amazing for his age.

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 6:55 AM   
 By:   Leo Nicols   (Member)

Very best wishes Maestro and thank you for your wonderful music !

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 8:24 AM   
 By:   Hurdy Gurdy   (Member)

Dya think Steve doesn't read any other threads around here?

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 9:00 AM   
 By:   Ian J.   (Member)

Happy birthday, maestro smile

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 1:20 PM   
 By:   Broughtfan   (Member)

Many happy returns of the day, Mr. Williams.

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 2:49 PM   
 By:   dogplant   (Member)

A beautiful tribute here by Maurizio:

 Posted:   Feb 8, 2024 - 3:00 PM   
 By:   Soundtrack Fanatic   (Member)

A very Happy 92nd Birthday to you, John Williams... the Greatest Film Composer of All Time.

And congratulations on your two most recent wins this past week...
For your 26th Grammy win for Helena's Theme from "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny",
And for your 9th Saturn Award win for the score to "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny"...

And good luck next month with your 54th Oscar nomination, and hopeful 6th Oscar win, for "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny".

You have been a HUGE, LIFE-CHANGING part of my existence for what seems like FOREVER... (Going on 47 years now)...

Ever since that glorious day "A long time ago in the summer of 1977", when a 10 year old "me" walked into a movie theatre to see "some far-out space movie" that was rapidly becoming "the talk of the town" on the schoolyard playground... The day that started off with me just being an innocent, naive little child... and ended with me ABSOLUTELY CHANGED FOREVER, having experienced at that very moment the greatest film that would EVER be made... George Lucas' "STAR WARS"... accompanied by hearing at that very moment the greatest film score that would EVER be written.. YOURS.

From the moment the 20th Century Fox fanfare and your magnificent theme blasted through the theatre speaker system,
and "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" and that opening crawl came on the screen, and that gigantic Star Destroyer appeared, flying over my head, towering above me as I sat in my theatre seat... and kept going... and going...and going... accompanied by your your thunderous, awe-inspiring music... At that very moment, I was instantaneously mesmerized, transfixed, and transformed by the true power of FILM, and by the true power of FILM MUSIC...

And THAT moment in time, and THAT joyous feeling, has burnt itself into the very fiber of my being... ("Dramatic", I know... But true).

Soon after, you helped me feel the wonder of a close encounter with benevolent beings from another world... You made me believe that a man could fly with your soaring theme... You gave me a heroic musical voice for a whip-cracking archeologist... And just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water, your two iconic notes happily made me once again change my mind...

Those moments and feelings didn't end there. I could go on and on. It continues to this day with every new musical gift you give me.

And I will FOREVER cherish the two times that I was lucky enough to see you conduct live... The first time way back in 1986 at the Hollywood Bowl (with a highlight being Burgess Meredith onstage narrating your 20-minute suite for "The Reivers")... and the second time when you made your "surprise appearance" at Star Wars Celebration Orlando's 40th Anniversary panel in 2017
(when you performed "Princess Leia's Theme" during the Carrie Fisher tribute... "Wow", there wasn't a single dry eye in the house).

When George Lucas introduced you onstage during that panel, he called you 'The greatest composer in the UNIVERSE!" I would have to concur with Mr. Lucas... There have been many amazing, iconic "Golden Age" film composers that I also cherish very dearly... John Barry, Jerry Goldsmith, Lalo Schifrin, Henry Mancini, Elmer Bernstein, Ennio Morricone, Bernard Herrmann... All giants... But you, John Williams, will ALWAYS be at the top of my list!

And as long as you are still willing and able to put pen to paper, raise a baton, and bless us with wonderful NEW music, I am eagerly here to enjoy and cherish it... Just as much as I did that very first time on that glorious day long ago in the summer of 1977.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Maestro... Thank you for so many years of joy, and for many more to come..."May the Force be with you!"

PS: Lastly, a simple request, Mr. Williams, if I may be so bold... At your next concert, how about THIS forgotten gem as an encore...
Yes, I think its time has FINALLY come!

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