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 Posted:   Feb 12, 2024 - 7:16 PM   
 By:   Amer Zahid   (Member)

As I have no previous releases for this title, I'm in for a copy.

I missed out the previous 3CD so I guess Im in too smile

 Posted:   Feb 12, 2024 - 7:29 PM   
 By:   Jeyl   (Member)

I did NOT miss out on the previous 3-disc release, so I will, of course, be getting this newer 3-disc release thanks to the solid clarifications by Yavar and Intrada's description on their home page. Kudos for your "Here we go again" sense of humor about the whole thing. Ordered!

 Posted:   Feb 13, 2024 - 12:27 AM   
 By:   Richard May   (Member)

For me, I just want as many Goldsmith recordings to be available to people as possible. I applaud Intrada for keeping an out of print title available. Far too few Goldsmith scores are in print. Thank you.

(I speak as someone who has bought all the previous Inchon releases. Too early to tell what I’ll do with this one.)


 Posted:   Feb 13, 2024 - 6:01 AM   
 By:   MichaelM   (Member)

Will the hi-res version of the previous edition that's available at qobuz be replaced with the new one?

 Posted:   Feb 13, 2024 - 6:13 AM   
 By:   Jason LeBlanc   (Member)

Here's Roger's write-up

Intrada Announces Inchon...again!

That's right! Intrada is putting out Inchon again! Since the previous release, Intrada has gained access to the original 1/4? 2-track masters that were identified as "safeties" which are masters created "just in case" something happens to the full, multitrack session tapes. Composer Jerry Goldsmith and engineer Len Engel always preferred using these multitrack sources back when they produced the original albums, and Intrada continued to leverage these for subsequent releases. Once available, Intrada decided to review these safety copies and discovered that everyone was too quick to dismiss them back in the day as they had superior sound, allowing Inchon to shine better than ever. Faced with the quandary of letting these masters languish or putting out a new edition only four years after the previous one, Intrada decided to ignore any potential grumbling from collectors and offer a new release for those that missed it the first 20 times, as well as those who would appreciate the upgraded sonics.

This new edition includes the three programs from the prior release. A a quick reminder: The first two are the same as previously released—the original LP presentation as Goldsmith had initially presented his score, plus a second disc featuring the complete score, retaining all of Goldsmith's assemblies from the LP presentation. The third disc features the entire, unassembled score in film order. This allows listeners to hear openings and closings of many tracks previously unheard. As an added bonus, those insatiable listeners can now enjoy several new “extras” not previously released that contain early finished takes and slightly altered versions of cues that Goldsmith discarded. Technically, these new additions make minimal musical contributions to what was already available, but they now give listeners virtually everything Goldsmith recorded during those 1982 sessions.

Note that the digital release will only contain the contents of disc 1 and disc 2.

The film may be forgotten, but what lives on is Jerry Goldsmith's dynamic, colorful and percussive score. The score features an augmented percussion section, including snares, bass drum, cymbals, timpani, triangle, xylophone, woodblocks, boo bams, and many others. At the time of the film's release, Goldsmith had artfully assembled a 38-minute album capturing the highlights and delivering an irresistible listening experience. Intrada has since expanded the score to feature all of Goldsmith's powerful and colorful score.

The 1982 epic chronicles the massive-force invasion of South Korea led by General Douglas MacArthur. The film had all the right ingredients: a cast that included Ben Gazzara, Jacqueline Bisset, and none other than Sir Laurence Olivier in the role of MacArthur; James Bond veteran director Terence Young at the helm; and a world-class composer— the unequaled Jerry Goldsmith, who gave the film its spirit. Nonetheless, the production was plagued with both natural and man-made troubles, resulting in a film that cost over $44M, was cut from its original 140-minute length to 105 minutes when it went into "wide" release in September 1982, closed relatively quickly, and fell into obscurity.

Retail Price: $29.99
Bar Code: 720258550101
Starts shipping 2/14. Discs 1 & 2 available digitally 2/27
For track listing and sound samples, please visit the Inchon soundtrack page.

 Posted:   Feb 13, 2024 - 9:01 AM   
 By:   W. David Lichty [Lorien]   (Member)

Is anyone paying via PayPal having issues with that? It's erroring out for me today. Just wondering if it's me, not them (whichever them).


It's fine now.

 Posted:   Feb 13, 2024 - 9:58 AM   
 By:   jonathan_little   (Member)

Based on the sound clips, tone of the audio is definitely much improved from these tapes, at least versus the 1988 version I'm familiar with. There's now a decent amount of bass when before there wasn't much at all.

 Posted:   Feb 13, 2024 - 5:27 PM   
 By:   TerraEpon   (Member)

Note that the digital release will only contain the contents of disc 1 and disc 2.

Which is a bit odd, considering most of disc 1 and 2 are redundant to disc 3, outside of the few crossfaded tracks (the separated ones being unique to disc 3).

 Posted:   Feb 27, 2024 - 9:29 AM   
 By:   MichaelM   (Member)

The new version is now available on Qobuz:

It's listed as a high-res download, but when I click on it all I get is the option for CD quality. Same thing with STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE - THE DIRECTOR'S EDITION btw.

 Posted:   Feb 27, 2024 - 10:58 AM   
 By:   Nicolai P. Zwar   (Member)

Will the hi-res version of the previous edition that's available at qobuz be replaced with the new one?

They are currently both available at Qobuz, the 2020 CD release as a high-res (at least in name, that was controversially debated here) download, the 2024 release as a 16bit/44.1kHz lossless download.

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