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 Posted:   Nov 30, 2007 - 3:17 PM   
 By:   Michael_McMahan   (Member)

Yeah, Silver Screen Kiss is fantastic. The opening track Dies Irae is probably my favorite on Demolition Man.

As far as Cobb goes, it's a tie between The Homecoming and The Baptism. Amazing stuff!

 Posted:   May 23, 2016 - 3:27 PM   
 By:   Howard L   (Member)

Actually, I would cite Goldenthal's work on the admittedly odious Joel Schumacher Batman movies as examples of the composer cutting loose with some strange ideas. The films themselves are complete messes, but his music has a very brash and off-kilter style that is a whole lot of fun, and not too dissimilar from some of those Goldsmith misfires that nevertheless inspired some really entertaining scores.

But I also would mention that I think that Final Fantasy is one of the best examples of a composer fusing his particular, and somewhat idiosyncratic musical voice with the requirements of the genre. And Titus is just a fascinating postmodern Appian Romp, if you'll excuse the pun. I can't say I consider The Butcher Boy or In Dreams terribly stale either.


OK. For starters, I've been into baseball all my life and at times seriously into it. I've been into film and music all my life and always seriously into film music. With that background, albeit as a serious LATEcomer, I'm watching Cobb for the very first time. And was something along the lines of blown away by the opening credits music. It has a strong "bygone era" feel starting with the trumpet of Americana and man did it get my attention. But then there came a "menacing" feel, and I said to myself hey with what you know of the game, the era and Ty Cobb this makes sense.

So I was set up. And I was HAD! It was like the shark theme... at the beginning of 1941!! I'm about a third to half-way in and this is not the film I expected. I've been laughing hysterically at it (no, WITH it) and at myself. Oh I knew the guy was a real character and all and I've come across various Cobb-like ones in my time, but Tommy Lee Jones has me in utter stitches.

The above post in italics is on to something. Or was since this response is years later. If I remember correctly, the flick garnered mixed reviews and I am not quite sure what to make of it. Yet. But so far I'm having a romp.

COBB is an underrated gem that adds a whole other dramatic layer to the film (the music is the only thing that truly mirrors Ty Cobb's mental state).

I dunno m'self about the first part by you got that right about the music LOL!

 Posted:   Dec 3, 2020 - 6:53 AM   
 By:   Film Fest Ghent   (Member)

It's one of my favorite Goldenthal scores, "The Homecoming" is such a heart wrenching piece. I love the frenetic violin solos on Reno Ho (Part One, I think). I agree with the previous comment that if you enjoy Goldenthal's scores, this one's sure to please.

The "Homecoming" part of the Cobb concert suite has been recently recorded for our WSA CD available here:

(FSM thread here:

 Posted:   May 9, 2021 - 9:22 AM   
 By:   Aenae   (Member)

What an incredible score this is - it is so underrated.

I love the stylistic breath that Goldenthal achieved in this score.

Alien 3 remains his magnum opus of course and one of my top 10 scores of all time, but Cobb is easily among his top 5 best scores.

Gotta love that that's Goldenthal himself singing that ancient church hymn, it gives the opening a personal touch smile

 Posted:   May 9, 2021 - 2:31 PM   
 By:   DavidCoscina   (Member)

Underrated score for sure. It feels like a very personal project from Goldenthal. Not the spectacle of his more well known works.

 Posted:   May 9, 2021 - 2:48 PM   
 By:   Dylan   (Member)

I had never heard this before, but vaguely recalled reading some discussion about it years ago (probably this thread). I found a suite on YouTube and it's very good and interesting:

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