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Kelly's Heroes (1970)
Music by Lalo Schifrin
Kelly's Heroes Kelly's Heroes
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Price: $19.95
Limited #: 10000
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Line: Silver Age
CD Release: January 2005
Catalog #: Vol. 7, No. 20
# of Discs: 1

Released by Special Arrangement with Turner Classic Movies Music

Kelly's Heroes (1970) was a sprawling WWII comedy-adventure starring Clint Eastwood as an amoral Army officer who organizes a platoon to rob a bank loaded with gold behind enemy lines. Telly Savalas, Donald Sutherland and Don Rickles co-star as comic relief in a film that oddly blends escapist adventure, farce, violent action, and anti-war philosophizing.

Kelly's Heroes was scored by Lalo Schifrin, whose other Eastwood movies include Coogan's Bluff, The Beguiled, Joe Kidd and the Dirty Harry films. Schifrin responded to the film's shifts in tone with an eclectic score encompassing straight-ahead action, pleasantly anachronistic source music, and a jazzy, whistling march for the film's titular heroes.

Three Schifrin songs are included: "Burning Bridges" (performed by The Mike Curb Congregation), "All For the Love of Sunshine" (a country/western song performed by Hank Williams Jr.), and the never-before-heard French cocktail number "Si Tu Me Dis" (performed by Monique Aldebert).

For score fans, it is Schifrin's expansive underscore that is the revelation, most of which has never been released, as the original LP was largely a re-recording. Notable are the propulsive "Tiger Tank" and the climactic spaghetti western spoof, "Quick Draw Kelly." Many of the underscore cues were not included in the film and have never been heard—chief among them Schifrin's original main and end titles, featuring the whistling theme and replaced in the film by "Burning Bridges."

Kelly's Heroes was released on CD by Chapter III, but that album merely contained the LP tracks. This premiere release of the actual Kelly's Heroes underscore includes the original soundtrack—newly remixed from the 1/2" stereo masters—with the LP re-recordings as bonus tracks. Liner notes by Jeff Bond and Lukas Kendall include Schifrin's comments on the project.

Lalo Schifrin Scores on FSM
About the Composer

Lalo Schifrin (b. 1932) is an Argentinean-born composer, conductor, arranger and pianist who has made a major impact on film, TV, the concert hall and jazz stage. He parlayed an early career as a pianist and arranger for Dizzy Gillespie into a run as one of the hottest film and TV composers of the 1960s and '70s, with projects such as Mission: Impossible, Bullitt, Dirty Harry, Cool Hand Luke, Enter the Dragon and more. His more recent films include the popular Rush Hour series. He is beloved for his Latin jazz but is also an accomplished classical composer and conductor with ongoing recording, composing and performing projects.IMDB

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Appears to be sold out at SAE and has a 'used' availability here. This must have gone recently? I really liked Savalas' Big Joe in this one. He and Captain Miller could have had a head to head about grunt griping. And Mulligan's panic rant for having laid down the artillery barrage on the wrong drop point is also memorable. The Yank military are re-known for 'collateral' damage. Funny in an unfunny sort of way.

Anyway, that's one less FSM have to worry about that we do!

Just a guess, but it's not sold out because the last low quantities list I saw, didn't have the title on it (July of this year):



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I didn't think about it until just now. I think I was 15 when I asked my mother to drive me 10 minutes into Red Bank, NJ to see a double feature at the Carlton Theater. Since 1984, now know as the Count Basie Theater since Basie was from Red Bank. Seats about 1,500, beautiful venue built in 1926, but primarily used for movies back in the late 60's.

The double feature was Pretty Maids All In A Row and Kelly's Heroes, both FSM soundtracks. At 15, I really enjoyed Pretty Maids All In A Row.


It's interesting that articles about KELLY'S HEROES never mention that it was written by Troy Kennedy Martin who wrote another gold heist movie, the original THE ITALIAN JOB.

Also, the audio skip on the vocal of "Kelly's Heroes" drives me up the wall.

Track List
Click on each musician name for more credits

Leader (Conductor):
Donald G. Peake, Lalo Schifrin

Israel Baker, Harry Bluestone, Henry Arthur Brown, Bobby Bruce (aka Robt. Berg), Salvatore Crimi, Bonnie J. Douglas (Shure), Elliot Fisher, Mauricio Fuks, James Getzoff, Jerome Kasin, George Kast, Bernard Kundell, Alfred Lustgarten, Joy Lyle (Sharp), Erno Neufeld, Linda Rose, Nathan Ross, Ambrose Russo, Sidney Sharp, Paul C. Shure, Ignace Speiser, Gerald Vinci, Heimann Weinstine, Walter S. Wiemeyer

Myer Bello, Joseph DiFiore, Cecil Figelski, Allan Harshman, Virginia Majewski, Reuben Marcus, Peter A. Mark, Milton Thomas

Douglas L. Davis, Raphael "Ray" Kramer, Laurence D. Lesser, Edgar Lustgarten, Emmet Sargeant, Gloria Strassner

Raymond M. "Ray" Brown, George "Red" Callender, Mario Camposano, Abraham Luboff, Peter A. Mercurio, Louis Morell, Bob West

Peter Christlieb, William "Buddy" Collette, Robert W. Cooper, Justin Gordon, William E. Green, Plas Johnson, Ronald Langinger (aka Ronny Lang), Ralph W. Lee, Jack Nimitz, Thomas W. Scott, C. E. "Bud" Shank, Sheridon W. Stokes

John F. Ellis

Johnny Rotella

French Horn:
John W. "Jack" Cave, Vincent N. DeRosa, William A. Hinshaw, Richard E. Perissi

Gary A. Barone, Conte Candoli, Robert Divall, Frederick R. Hill, Emanuel "Manny" Klein, Carroll "Cappy" Lewis, Manny Stevens, Anthony "Tony" Terran, Raymond Triscari, George Werth, James C. Zito

Michael J. Barone, Milton Bernhart, James L. Johnson, Paul V. Keen, Richard "Dick" Nash, Richard Noel, George M. Roberts, Frank Rosolino

Roger Bobo

Artie Kane, Larry G. Muhoberac, Jr.

Ronald J. Benson, Dennis Budimir, Alvin W. Casey, Alton R. "Al" Hendrickson, Louis Morell, Orville Rhodes, Howard Roberts, Thomas "Tommy" Tedesco

Allen Reuss

Catherine Gotthoffer (Johnk)

George Fields, Tommy Morgan

Carl Fortina

Dale L. Anderson, Hubert "Hugh" Anderson, John E. "Jack" Arnold, Larry Bunker, Frankie Capp, John Cyr, John P. Guerin, Milton Holland, Stan Levey, Sheldon "Shelly" Manne, Earl C. Palmer, Joe Porcaro, Emil Radocchia (Richards), Wallace Carl Snow, Kenneth E. Watson, Jerry D. Williams

Benjamin Barrett, Mitchell T. Peters

Orchestra Manager:
Benjamin Barrett, James C. Whelan

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