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Morituri/Raid on Entebbe (1965/1977)
Music by Jerry Goldsmith, David Shire
Morituri/Raid on Entebbe Morituri/Raid on Entebbe Morituri/Raid on Entebbe
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Price: $17.95
Limited #: 3000
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Line: Silver Age
CD Release: August 2001
Catalog #: Vol. 4, No. 12
# of Discs: 1

This CD is an action/suspense doubleheader from the riches of the Twentieth Century Fox vaults, comprised of a mid-'60s feature film score by Jerry Goldsmith, showing off the best, astringent attitude of his television music, and a television movie score by David Shire, for a production with feature film ambitions. Each story involves in some way the powerful interactions of nations and the plight of refugees, told with a lean, ascetic sensibility.

Morituri is an obscure but interesting 1965 suspense film starring Marlon Brando as a German deserter blackmailed into accepting an undercover mission as a Gestapo officer on board a freighter during World War II, with Yul Brynner as the ship's tough but sympathetic captain. From this simple premise the film evolves into a complex story of moral ambiguities, torn allegiances and twisted loyalties. Jerry Goldsmith seized upon these tortured undercurrents to provide a gritty, dynamic score that expanded upon his best adventure music for television (The Man from U.N.C.L.E., "Jonah and the Whale" from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) and placed it in the expanding scale of his feature film work (The Satan Bug). Taking his cue from The Third Man, Goldsmith wrote a main theme for solo zither -- sad, mysterious and Eastern European—which, as always for the composer, becomes the hook on which the entire score is hung.

Morituri is presented on this CD in complete form, including music cut from the film. For the first time, the score has been remixed to stereo allowing the composer's aggressive, ostinato-based action music to blast through the way it was meant to be heard—with low-end piano, electric bass and harpsichord adding to Goldsmith's indelible style. (A previous, unauthorized CD release of Morituri was in hissy mono and lacked the zither overdubs for all of the interior scoring.)

Raid on Entebbe was a 1977 telefilm (released theatrically overseas) about a daring hostage rescue carried out by Israeli commandos at the Entebbe airfield in Uganda in summer 1976. Irvin Kershner (The Empire Strikes Back) directed a skilled cast including Peter Finch, Charles Bronson, Yaphet Kotto, Martin Balsam, Horst Buchholz and a young James Woods in a documentary-style telling of the hijacking and rescue of the Israeli passengers. Scoring the production was David Shire, who had cemented his reputation as one of the most intelligent and sensitive composers to work in the 1970s (The Conversation, The Taking of Pelham One-Two-Three, All the President's Men). Shire's sparse score deftly underscores the threat of the terrorists, the anguish of the hostages and the celebration of their return (the last cue featuring an authentic Israeli folksong).

Most notably Shire wrote a pulsating, aggresive theme for the Israeli commandos which is the best—and possibly the only—example of "Jewish action music" in the history of film, with four pianos beefing up the bassline. For this premiere album release, Shire has assembled a four-movement suite of his score to best program the music for independent listening; the action music is collected as "The Raid." The suite is presented in clean mono sound.

Morituri and Raid on Entebbe—together again for the first time!

Jerry Goldsmith Scores on FSM
About the Composer

What to say about Jerry Goldsmith (1929-2004), the reason so many of us are soundtrack collectors in the first place? The Los Angeles native knew early on he wanted to write music for the movies, had an extensive training in television in the 1950s (starting at CBS), and went on to an unparalleled career in the movies—capable of brilliance in every genre, and beloved by his peers and fans. FSM has released as many of his scores as we could get our hands on, from classic TV work like The Man From U.N.C.L.E. to famous features (Patton) and obscure gems like The Illustrated Man and 100 Rifles...heck, make that all of them. Jerry, we love you and miss you! IMDB

David Shire Scores on FSM
About the Composer

David Shire (b. 1937) is responsible for some of the most acclaimed scores of the 1970s, such as The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The Conversation and Farewell, My Lovely. His film and television work extends from the late 1960s to the present day (including 2007's Zodiac), consistently excellent in its subtlety, dramatic sensitivity and musical imagination. He has also, with lyricist partner Richard Maltby, enjoyed a successful career in musical theater. IMDB

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Low Stock Alert 5/16/11: Less than 150 left.

I remember going to Jo Ann Kane's library for this CD to check Goldsmith's sketches which was the only way to find the synch points for the zither overlay for some unused passages. Towards the end of one very complicated cue Goldsmith crossed out the last bar and scribbled, "Fix it, Arthur!"

(This was a rarity...his sketches are shockingly complete, neat and organized! Kinda gives you a Salieri moment looking at them...)


Great album. Anyone who doesn't have it yet should pounce before it's too late.

Hell yeah. Goldsmith and Shire. Can't go wrong.

Agreeden, very cool score, very cool record. Glad you are finally moving
these amazing JG scores LK, sure as hell has taken long enough! Starting
to feel like the 'monster shouter' out here, telling these guys how awesome
your early records are, and why the hell didn't they sell out 3 times over?!??!

. . . and why the hell didn't they sell out 3 times over?!??![/endquote]


Let's not go there . . .

. . . and why the hell didn't they sell out 3 times over?!??![/endquote]


Let's not go there . . .[/endquote]

It is true...the quantities have been irregular...especially from the first few years when we had to change pressing plants several times, we had to reprint booklets that were accidentally tossed and all sorts of weird things happened.

All of the early Fox titles we did are technically out of print, we are simply selling off the stock, and after many years they are getting quite low. The Golden Age scores were softer sellers (From the Terrace) but some of the Silver Age titles are now in the 100-300 range and I don't expect them to last the year.


Gosh darn it, I JUST placed orders at SAE and Intrada yesterday and today...

I like "The Raid", but some of the Morituri samples aren't doing anything for me. I'll have to check out the rest of them tomorrow.

I flirted with this CD for years, listening to samples now and then and tossing it in and out of my shopping cart, before finally ordering it last week. I've only listened to it once so far, and not closely at that, but one cue from RAID ON ENTEBBE reached out and grabbed me and instantly made the purchase worthwhile...

"The Raid"

Gave all the other samples a listen, and I've warmed up to them. I'll place this in my next order... whenever that is. I'd like to wait and see what the Varese Club titles will be first.

grabbed! together with FlimFlam (now sold out? :) and Voyage to the bottom of the Sea

Please, give us more FSM sales Lukas. I love 'em!

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Track List
Click on each musician name for more credits
For more specific musician lists for the scores on this album, go here:
Raid on Entebbe

Leader (Conductor):
Lionel Newman, David L. Shire

Victor Arno, Israel Baker, George Berres, Joachim Chassman, Kurt Dieterle, Adolph DiTullio, Anatol Kaminsky, Nathan Kaproff, Louis Kaufman, Marvin Limonick, Paul Lowenkron, Erno Neufeld, Irma W. Neumann, Lou Raderman, Paul C. Shure, Marshall Sosson

Myer Bello, Alvin Dinkin, Cecil Figelski, Phillip Goldberg, Allan Harshman, Virginia Majewski, Alex Neiman, Robert Ostrowsky, Sven Reher, Paul Robyn, David Schwartz

Paul Bergstrom, Joseph Coppin, Joseph DiTullio, Armand Kaproff, Raphael "Ray" Kramer, Edgar Lustgarten, Frederick R. Seykora, Eleanor Slatkin

Charles C. Berghofer, Milton Kestenbaum, Peter A. Mercurio, Meyer (Mike) Rubin, Kenneth Winstead

Arthur Hoberman, Luella Howard, Sheridon W. Stokes

Norman Benno, Gene Cipriano, Gordon Pope

Russell Cheever, Abe Most, William A. Ulyate

Don Christlieb, Jack Marsh, Ray Nowlin

Don Ashworth, Gene Cipriano, John Lowe, Sheridon W. Stokes

French Horn:
John W. "Jack" Cave, Vincent N. DeRosa, David A. Duke, William A. Hinshaw, Arthur Maebe, Jr., Richard E. Perissi, Gale H. Robinson, Harry Schmidt

John Clyman, Don Fagerquist, Robert Fowler, Malcolm Boyd McNab, Anthony "Tony" Terran, Graham Young, Rubin Zarchy

John Bambridge, Sr., Clarence "Pete" Carpenter, Ray Klein, Richard "Dick" Nash, George M. Roberts, Lloyd E. Ulyate

John T. "Tommy" Johnson

Artie Kane, Urban Thielmann

Caesar Giovannini, Ralph E. Grierson, Michael A. Lang, Clark Spangler

Robert F. Bain, Thomas "Tommy" Tedesco

Dorothy S. Remsen, Anne Stockton (Mason)

Johann X. Estermann

Frank Marocco

Ralph Collier, Richard Cornell, Harold L. "Hal" Rees

Larry Bunker, Peter Limonick, Joe Porcaro, Emil Radocchia (Richards)

Alexander Courage, Ralph Ferraro, Jack J. Hayes, Dale R. McMickle

Arthur Morton

Nathan Kaproff

Louis M. Behm, Robert Bornstein, Gene Bren, Glen N. Clement, Jack Dulong, Emmet L. Estren, Alexander Gerens, Caesar Giovannini, Wally Heglin, Dale R. McMickle, Ernest Rosecrans, Terry C. Woodson

Fred Combattente

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