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The latest release from Intrada Special Collection, limited to 1000 units and already sold out, presents Jay Chattaway's score for BRADDOCK: MISSING IN ACTION III, the final entry in the classic action trilogy, including the original score as well as the tracked in cues (in stereo) from Chattaway's score for the first film in the series.

La-La Land will begin officially taking orders for three new limited edition CDs next Tuesday, March 24th -- a complete score CD for BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM by Shirley Walker (3000 units), the original LP tracks from Michael Legrand's lovely score for the 1970 version of WUTHERING HEIGHTS (1200 units), and Joseph LoDuca's score for the supernatural thriller BOOGEYMAN (1500 units).

On May 12th, Varese Sarabande will release a CD of Michael Giacchino's music for the fourth season of LOST.

Also, this coming Monday they will announce four new releases from their CD Club.

Braddock: Missing in Action III - Jay Chattaway - Intrada Special Collection
Dragonball: Evolution - Brian Tyler - Varese Sarabande
Role Models - Craig Wedren - Intrada

The Secret of Moonacre - Christian Henson - MovieScore Media

Duplicity - James Newton Howard - Score CD due Mar. 24 on Varese Sarabande
Explicit Ills - Khari Mateen
The Great Buck Howard - Blake Neely
I Love You, Man - Theodore Shapiro - Song CD on Lakeshore featuring one score cue
Knowing - Marco Beltrami - Score CD due Mar. 24 on Varese Sarabande
Perestroika - Aleksandr Zhurbin
Sin Nombre - Marcelo Zarvos - Score CD due Mar. 24 on Lakeshore
Super Capers - Nathan Lanier


March 24
Duplicity - James Newton Howard - Varese Sarabande
 - Marco Beltrami - Varese Sarabande
Monsters vs. Aliens - Henry Jackman - Lakeshore
Phoebe in Wonderland - Christophe Beck - Varese Sarabande
The Possibility of an Island - Mathis B. Nitschke - MovieScore Media
Sin Nombre - Marcelo Zarvos - Lakeshore
March 31 
Crossing Over
 - Mark Isham - Varese Sarabande
The Gene Generation - Scott Glasgow - Varese Sarabande
Tales of the Riverbank - Mark Thomas - MovieScore Media
The Tudors: Season Two - Trevor Morris - Varese Sarabande
April 14
The Last House on the Left - John Murphy - La-La land
April 21
Heroes - Lisa Coleman, Wendy Melvoin - La-La Land
The Soloist - Dario Marianelli - Decca

April 28
Fast & Furious - Brian Tyler - Varese Sarabande
Grey Gardens - Rachel Portman - Varese Sarabande
May 12
Lost: Season Four - Michael Giacchino - Varese Sarabande
June 9
Cheri - Alexandre Desplat - Varese Sarabande
Date Unknown 
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - Shirley Walker - La-La Land
Boogeyman - Joseph LoDuca - La-La Land
Cinema's Exiles: From Hitler to Hollywood - Peter Melnick - MovieScore Media 
That Man from Rio - Georges Delerue - Kritzerland
Wuthering Heights - Michel Legrand - La-La Land


March 20 - Michel Magne born (1930)
March 20 - John Cameron born (1944)
March 20 - Miklos Rozsa wins second Oscar, for A Double Life score (1948)
March 20 - Franz Waxman wins his second consecutive Best Score Oscar, for A Place in the Sun (1952)
March 20 - Ray Cook died (1989)
March 20 - Georges Delerue died (1992)
March 21 - Antony Hopkins born (1921)
March 21 - Mort Lindsey born (1923)
March 21 - Alfred Newman wins his seventh Oscar, his second for Score, for Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (1956)
March 21 - Miklos Rozsa begins recording his score to The Green Berets (1968)
March 21 - John Williams wins his fifth Oscar, for his Schindler's List score (1994)
March 21 - Nicola Piovani wins his first Oscar, for Life is Beautiful; Stephen Warbeck wins the final Comedy or Musical Score Oscar for Shakespeare in Love (1999)
March 22 - Stephen Sondheim born (1930)
March 22 - Angelo Badalamenti born (1937)
March 22 - Andrew Lloyd Webber born (1948)
March 22 - Goran Bregovic born (1950)
March 22 - Wally Badarou born (1955)
March 23 - Michael Nyman born (1944)
March 23 - David Grisman born (1945)
March 23 - Trevor Jones born (1949)
March 23 - Aaron Copland wins his only Oscar, for The Heiress score (1950)
March 23 - Philip Judd born (1953)
March 23 - Hal Mooney died (1995)
March 23 - Michael Linn died (1995)
March 23 - James Horner wins his first two Oscars, for Titanic's score and song; Anne Dudley wins the third Comedy or Musical Score Oscar, for The Full Monty (1998)
March 23 - Elliot Goldenthal wins his first Oscar, for the Frida score (2003)
March 24 - Brian Easdale wins only Oscar, for The Red Shoes score (1949)
March 24 - Fred Steiner's score for the Star Trek episode "The City on the Edge of Forever" is recorded (1967)
March 24 - Arthur B. Rubnstein begins recording his score for WarGames (1983)
March 24 - Alex North wins an Honorary Oscar, "in recognition of his brilliant artistry in the creation of memorable music for a host of distinguished motion pictures;" John Barry wins his fourth Oscar, for the Out of Africa score (1986)
March 24 - Gabriel Yared wins Dramatic Score Oscar for The English Patient; Rachel Portman wins the second Comedy or Musical Score Oscar, for Emma (1997)
March 25 - Bronislau Kaper wins his only Oscar, for the Lili score (1954)
March 25 - Maurice Jarre wins his third Oscar, for the A Passage to India score (1985)
March 24 - John Barry wins his fifth Oscar, for the Dances With Wolves score; Stephen Sondheim wins first Oscar, for the song "Sooner or Later" from Dick Tracy (1991)
March 25 - Ken Thorne begins recording his score for Superman II (1980)
March 25 - Luis Bacalov wins his first Oscar, for Il Postino; James Horner, nominated for both Apollo 13 and Best Picture winner Braveheart, is unavailable for comment, but ultimately decides that his heart will go on; Alan Menken wins the first Comedy or Musical Score Oscar, as well as Best Song, for Pocahontas (1996)
March 25 - Tan Dun wins his first score Oscar, for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2001)
March 26 - Leigh Harline born (1907)
March 26 - Alan Silvestri born (1950)
March 26 - Louis Silvers died (1954)
March 26 - Malcolm Arnold wins his only Oscar, for The Bridge on the River Kwai score (1958)
March 26 - The Fall of the Roman Empire opens in New York (1964)
March 26 - Noel Coward died (1973)
March 26 - Alan Menken wins Oscars for The Little Mermaid score and its song "Under the Sea" (1990)
March 26 - John Corigliano wins his first Oscar, for The Red Violin score (2000)


THE EDGE OF LOVE - Angelo Badalamenti

"Occasionally, Angelo Badalamenti's fine score will pleasantly remind you of 'Mulholland Drive.'

Melissa Anderson, L.A. Weekly

"Non-source music by Angelo Badalamenti contributes a spooky, contempo texture that abrades the rigorous period detail in an interesting way."

Leslie Felperin, Variety


"The director, Dennis Iliadis, indulges in arty flashbacks and camera tricks, and tries to bring a religious agony to several of the murder scenes. He lathers on the dirgelike music (one of the musical numbers on the soundtrack is actually called 'Dirge') and displays [Garrett] Dillahunt's knife entering his first female victim with a rituallike inevitability."

Michael Sragow, Baltimore Sun

"If the last 20 minutes of 'E.T' were stretched to an hour and a half, then drained of any emotional gusto, you'd have this movie, which, truth be told, plays more as if the producers and director were looking to catch Jerry Bruckheimer's eye: car crashes, shoot-outs, fisticuffs, a guitar-synth score that suggests a video-game version is also in the offing."

Wesley Morris, Boston Globe

"The film from Andy Fickman (who also directed [Dwayne] Johnson in the football comedy 'The Game Plan'), based on a script by Matt Lopez and Mark Bomback, is all noise and action, overedited shootouts with blaring music."

Christy Lemire, Associated Press 

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Bebe Barron died (2008)
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