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Today, I was fumbling in old boxes. I found a cassette labelled, "BBC Radio 2 'Music by' show: John Barry edition, Feb 22+Feb 29 1992." I dug a little deeper and found another. Not specifically dated but I know it was recorded in either 1988 or 1989. It was the BBC Radio 2 live broadcast of Jerry Goldsmith's London concert with the Philharmonia.

Then it occurred to me. 2009 represents the 20th or 21st anniversary of me taping that concert off the radio.

How time flies. I can't even play cassettes now, but I do remember the concert included the familair Motion Picture medley, TV themes medley and Generals suite. I also remember it including Capricorn One. I specifically remember that because it was the first time I heard it and had to ask someone what it was. I also remember Goldsmith talking about how his hair went white spending all that time alone in the dark with horror films like Alien and The Omen!

I love nostalgia. I love old things. I wonder if the BBC still have that complete recording, including Jerry's speaking to the audience. I wonder if it could even get released one day.

I wonder. What gems have you recorded over the years?


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Here's one I treasure: Ron Grainer's score to the 90 minute TV movie THIEF starring Richard Crenna. The cues - while married to the dialog and efx - are still spectacular; right out of The Omega Man cannon. It literally sounds like the same orchestra got together the day after the OM sessions and recorded this soundtrack. Wonderful themes, wonderful orchestrations. I remember taping it off TV on a rerun. Unfortunately, like the movie itself, the score is virtually unknown.

I taped the sound to a cheesy Spelling TV movie called The Users starring Jaclyn Smith, with a terrific score by Maurice Jarre. No doubt one of his "alimony" jobs as I read in one of the obits.


No doubt. ;)

I was at that concert and it think it was the LSO rather than The Philharmonia (that was the concert that featured the Blue Max suite and was recorded on album around the same time) he played an orchestral suite from Hoosiers as well as Capricorn One,First Blood,Alien among the usual standard concert pieces. I had a recording of this but it is long since lost but still have the programme 'somewhere in the attic'. I also attended his Nottingham concert (and its 2 afternoon closed rehearsals) where he played suites from 2001,Psycho (not Psycho 2) and The Omen amongst others.Another live broardcast that I had recorded for me but has gone astry.
I'm just glad to say I was there.

The Goldsmith concert was in August was the day that I received my A Level Results so I remember it well! The concert was the LSO at the Barbican.
I remember my mate being a Goldsmith fanatic designing and wearing a Goldsmith/Omen T-shirt!!
There was another concert the night before at BBC Radio in Maide Vale (Sp?) which was the National Philharmonic Orchestra and I was one of about only a couple of hundred if that. It was a free concert and very good. I remember them playing Boys From Brazil and thinking I have to get hold of that score.

In the LSO concert I remember Goldsmith conducting a suite from Hoosiers which was excellent although it sounded and was mixed very differently on the radio.

It was agreat couple of days....apart from my A Levels!

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