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I don't like to announce CDs ahead of time because it leads to people trying to buy things that we don't yet have for's inconvenient. 

Still, there are so many titles competing for your dollars that people need to know what to plan to buy. So for YOU, our dear listeners:

Somehow, we ended up with 21 discs' worth of content (!) to be released in the next two months (or so), all of it television (!!). It wasn't planned. But I don't ever want to hear that we give the small screen short shrift!

FSMCD Vol. 13, No. 11 is a 1970 Jerry Fielding CBS TV movie score that nobody has ever heard of but is really terrific. It features the origin of his jazzy Matt Helm/Big Sleep theme. I've been trying to release this for 11 years! This will be out in a week or two (it's at the plant now): $19.95, limited to 2000 copies. (I'm sure someone can figure out with imdb what the title is.)

FSMCD Vol. 13, No. 12 is another CHiPs volume. 3000 copies, $19.95. Expect that near the end of August at the same time or slightly before:

FSMCD Vol. 13, No. 13 is what we are calling the TV Omnibus, Volume One. It is 5CDs in the Lalo Schifrin/David Raksin packaging we've used: 2000 copies, $59.95, the five discs and great booklet (liner notes by Jon Burlingame) in a "butterfly" case. As for the contents: you'll have to wait and see. It's safe to say NONE of the shows or scores are famous; we went spelunking in the M-G-M Television archives and found some rare and fantastic tracks by Grusin, Duning, Goldenberg, Schifrin...I have to stop there but there are many other "name" composers doing projects you've never heard of. It's a real nifty collection. (Almost all in stereo too!)

Then probably in the first week or two of September—we hope—is FSM Box 05. This is the long-rumored Ron Jones box set of Star Trek: The Next Generation music. 14 discs, $149.95, limited to 5000 copies—40 complete episode scores, plus some previously unreleased "Best of Both Worlds" cues and Ron's two Interplay computer game scores. All in immaculate stereo. The packaging is in the style of the Rózsa box: the booklet has an introductory essay and track listings (and lots of ST:TNG art), with comprehensive liner notes to be posted online. Did you guys know this was my dream project? I fantasized about putting this together ever since I fell in love with the scores twenty years ago. In fact it was twenty years ago almost exactly that "The Best of Both Worlds" aired. 

If you want to place an order—you can't. Not yet. But you can get on the Screen Archives mailing list if you are not already and be notified the moment they are available.

TV fans: this is not including the Hawaii Five-0 Capitol Records LP we'll be issuing on CD as a "budget" album (due to its brevity) some time this fall. And for that matter we have a couple of other TV soundtrack LPs making their CD debuts.

And the feature film stuff will be back soon too. In case you missed, it Herbert Stothart's Dragon Seed is now available as a 2CD set, almost all in true stereo—amazing for a 1944 score.

I know this is a can of worms I am opening by "pre-announcing" these titles but I felt it was important that people get the chance to budget their purchases. Please remember we think of you guys like this! We truly value you as our patrons who let us have these wacky and fun lives putting together CDs of classic film—and TV—music we love. Thanks!

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So uh yeah. Where can I find a good job again?

Well at least I could get CHIPs...

Ah, confirmation of the Ron Jones TNG box set AT LAST ... be still my heart! Lukas, I believe this was a dream project for you -- and it'll be a dream to buy! OUTSTANDING!! :D

From your wording, I assume the previously-released GNP material (such as most of TBOBW) will not be included on this set ... that's a darned shame, as I was hoping just to be able to chuck those discs. But hey -- that material is out there! Diving into this set will still be the musical equivalent of diving into Scrooge McDuck's money bin! (Speaking of which, I suppose you can expect the "When is FSM doing DUCK TALES?" e-mails to ramp up, eh? :P )

As they say in the EC Comics... GOOD LORD *CHOKE*

Ah, confirmation of the Ron Jones TNG box set AT LAST ... be still my heart! Lukas, I believe this was a dream project for you -- and it'll be a dream to buy! OUTSTANDING!! :D

what wowenderful news! Im definetly buying this. I can remember the early FSM days when I did capsule reviews of first 2 seasons. I can understand why this project is so dear to Lukas.

Many favourites there! I just hope that all of the music from the famous Tasha Yar episode: the Skin of Evil is there! God knows how much Im looking forward to this.. and..

My turn:

Lukas, God Bless you!


So when is FSM doing Ron Jones' music for DuckTales?


Joking aside - excellent, excellent news to hear. I'll be picking up the Fielding score for sure (It's called "Hunters are for Killers", by the way), but I'm hesitant about the others for now due to lack of funds. Maybe my situation will change once the time comes for the Star Trek boxset to come out.

FSMCD Vol. 13, No. 12 is another CHiPs volume. 3000 copies, $19.95.

If the TV box includes Fred Karlin's Lucan (and even if it doesn't), count on a purchase by me!

Lucas, that Jerry Fielding score for the 1970 television film: could it be "Hunters Are For Killing"?

Ron Jones Star Trek BOX Set at last !!!! Can't wait until september !!!!

Thx FSM !!!

The Fielding and the TV Box are of immediate interest to me.

Anyone know which of the classic western TV shows might be MGM-related?
There was a CBS TV Westerns CD released by The Film Music Society a few years ago that I enjoy very much, despite rather weak sound. Had music by Friedhofer, Herrmann, Moross and Waxman, including episodes of Rawhide and Gunsmoke. I'd love to see more such releases.

Cheyenne, Cisco Kid, Bronco, Have Gun Will Travel, Wagon Train, more Gunsmoke and Rawhide... any possibilities?

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