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One of the perks of working in the cinema industry is the opportunity to hear multiple new film scores each week. Some good, some bad, some inaudible. Girl with a Pearl Earring was the first time I heard Alexandre Desplat's music and, like many others, I was suitably impressed and looked forward to hearing more from this composer.

Desplat's output didn't disappoint and he continues to deliver the best that music has to offer for film. It is well timed that the London Symphony Orchestra is showcasing a selection of Alexandre's own favourite scores (performed by his favourite orchestra), next Thursday 11th December at London's Barbican Centre from 7:30pm. Plus, If you get there for 6pm you'll be treated to a free pre-concert Q&A with the composer, chaired by LSO Principal Flute Gareth Davies.

Here is an audio feature which focuses on Alexandre's LSO collaboration, edited from a conversation we had just after he had finished scoring Rise of the Guardians, and I include a preview of what music will reasonate around the Barbican Hall next Thursday night. Spread the word as it will be an unmissable concert.

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I've been on a Desplat kick this past week, in preparation for the concert in London next Thursday. Can't wait to attend it.
I remember really digging him when I first heard some of his scores (Luzhin Defence, Hostage, Birth, Pearl Earing), but I went off him for awhile, after a series of his scores left me underwhelmed.
However, having a relisten has reminded me how good some of his more recent stuff has been (New Moon is ace and King's Speech sounded a bit better too). Still don't like Golden Compass or his Potter scores that much though.
A mate just passed me a copy of Imitation Game so I'm hitting that next.
I hope he does Monuments Men live next week.

Kev, it sounds as if you still have a rich vein to tap in his earlier French scores.

Aye Chris, I haven't heard that much of his early years (French) stuff, as I only discovered him via his early American scores around the time of Hostage.
Being brutally honest, he's actually my 3rd favourite current French composer, as I much prefer the music of Philippe Rombi and Frederic Talgorn.
But their yearly outputs combined doesn't come close to what Desplat does!

He's certainly making hay while le soleil shines.

Enjoy the concert, pal.

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