Score Restore: 1941
A crackerjack, unused cue from John Williams.
Contributed by Neil S. Bulk and Mike Matessino

“The Crackerjack Box” was the only cue from 1941 that was completely unused in any version of the film and was therefore not included on the LaserDisc/DVD isolated score track. Comically suspenseful and making use of the score’s Japanese armament motif, John Williams’ music was intended to underscore the interrogation of Hollis Wood (Slim Pickens) by the Japanese submarine crew. Among Wood’s possessions is a box of Cracker Jack. When permission to use the brand could not be acquired from the Borden company, then owners of the product, the prop for the scene was created to say “Cracker Pops.” But that still wasn’t good enough for Borden, so off-screen dialogue was replaced in the final edit to make Wood say “caramel coated Popper Jacks.” Williams’ cue title is a memorial to the original intention. The cue was designed to crossfade into “The Sentries.” —Mike Matessino

Normal Version

Restored Version