Nerves of Steel
Hans Zimmer retools Superman’s sonic landscape in Man of Steel.
By Tim Burden

Zimmer image copyright Julie Edwards © 2013;

Hans and Zimmer are two words that often divide people in the film music world. The composers latest work for Zack Snyders new vision of Superman seems to be do doing just that, but whatever you feel about his approach to the music, it delivers an effective, dynamic punch in the film and is expertly produced. 

Speaking the morning after the European Premiere in London, Hans spared a few minutes of his time to talk about all things Man of Steel. Following the interview, he also provides an exclusive, insightful Composer Commentary for “Are You Listening, Clark?”

Interview (16:40)

00:00 - Yes & No Answers

00:32 - Intro (featuring “Look to the Stars”)

01:33 - The Fortress (Studio) of Solitude

02:34 - Reinventing the string section

03:40 - The album presentation: “I write in 5.1 and suddenly I have to reduce it to boring old stereo.”

05:33 - “Flight”

06:22 - “I disagree with any compliments put my way.”

07:30 - Moral codes from Ma and Pa Kent

08:35 - Delving into the essence of a character

09:25 - “Good-bye My Son”

10:52 - A circle of drums (featuring “This Is Madness”)

12:28 - Christopher Nolan and John Williams

14:25 - Two movies in one

15:15 - Keeping an audience entertained during the End Credits

15:45 - “What Are You Going to Do When You’re Not Saving the World”

Composer Commentary“Are You Listening, Clark?” (2:44)

Steel Drums: Zimmer’s drum circle for Man of Steel.


Thanks to Claire Fitt & Nick Costello at Warner Bros., and Hayley Donaghy at Cameo.