Moon Note
Hesham Nazih scores the Marvel/Disney+ series starring Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke and F. Murray Abraham.
By Jason Drury

Well known in Egypt for his composing work over the past two decades, Hesham Nazih (The Blue Elephant, Sons of Rizk) explodes onto the international scene with his first English-language project, Marvel and Disney+’s Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, a superhero with dissociative identity disorder. Nazih took some time to speak with FSMO about his forceful, melodic work on the breakout hit, including the integration of ancient instruments, and finding the right tone for a multi-layered story.

Hesham Nazih Interview

00:00 - “Moon Knight,” from the OST.
00:19 - Introductions.
00:59 - Musical background, and getting into scoring in Egypt.
02:17 - Landing Moon Knight.
03:15 - The temple of Khonsu in Luxor.
04:45 - Initial thoughts on the musical approach.
05:58 - “Constellation,” from the OST.
06:44 - The orchestral setup, with synth backing.
07:54 - Ancient instruments.
08:39 - “Eye of Horus,” from the OST.
09:41 - Differences in the scoring process, and the music team.
11:16 - Input from the producers, and getting the right tone.
12:01 - Time on the project.
12:56 - “New Skillsets,” from the OST.
13:40 - Favorite parts to score.
14:16 - Exploring beyond Egypt, and enjoying vacation.
15:05 - “Summon the Suit,” from the OST.