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Volume 28, No. 11
November 2023
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Volume 9, Issue 6 | July 2004

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Getting Real
It seems that those TV shows based in "reality" are the ones that feature the most dramatic underscore -- which just goes to show you that real life is boring. But life for the seriesí composers is anything but. By Jeff Bond
Reality Segments
Details on the scoring of Survivor, Temptation Island, The Simple Life, The Bachelor and The Apprentice.
George Bassman: Rhapsody in Black
An underappreciated talent, composer, arranger and songwriter George Bassman wrote for stage, screen and television, and his list of musical collaborators and friends was a Who's Who of Golden Age Hollywood. By Charles Goldman
Curious Klaus
Klaus Badelt talks about his recent score to Catwoman, his collaborative nature and his upcoming Curious George
Re: Re-Recordings
A few thoughts on a controversial topic, by one of the worldís leading authorities.By John Morgan
Marco Beltrami on I Robot; Aaron Zigman on The Notebook. by Jeff Bond
Score: CD Reviews
Thunderbirds (new film), Thunderbirds 2 (Barry Gray), Hero, Around the World in 80 Days, The Door in the Floor, Two Brothers, Sound Theater (Masaru Sato), Dances With Wolves (expanded), RoboCop (expanded), Van Helsing: The London Assignment, Terror Tract, Tarkovski par Artemiev: Solaris, Le Miroir, Stalker, The Big Chill, Laws of Attraction, Traffic: The Miniseries, Da Uomo a Uomo, An Italian Story, Three Little Words.
The Laserphile
Andy Dursin on recent international DVD releases such as Battle of Britain.
Breaking News
Passings of Jerry Goldsmith, Piero Piccioni.
Issue Index
Title Type Page
Downbeat I, Marco
Author: Bond, Jeff
Article 11
Taking Notes Aaron Zigman gets and attractive assignment
Author: Bond, Jeff
Article 12
Rhapsody in Black, George Bassman
Author: Goldman, Charles
Article 14
Getting Real Reality TV and the guys who sort of score it
Author: Bond, Jeff
Article 18
curious klaus
Author: Rhodes, S. Mark
Article 25
Author: Morgan, John
Article 27
Sound Thinking at RKO Murray Spivack speaks out
Author: Morgan, John
Article 29
Reviewer: Wong, Cary
Composer: Dun, Tan
Music Review 30
Reviewer: Joy, Nick
Composer: Zimmer, Hans
Music Review 30
Thunderbirds 2 (1964)
Reviewer: Joy, Nick
Composer: Gray, Barry
Music Review 30
Door in the Floor, The
Reviewer: Kennedy, Steven A.
Composer: Zarvos, Marcelo
Music Review 31
Around the World in 80 Days
Reviewer: Wong, Cary
Composer: Jones, Trevor
Music Review 31
Dances with Wolves
Reviewer: Joy, Nick
Composer: Barry, John
Music Review 32
Sound Theater
Reviewer: Armstrong, Stephen B.
Composer: Satoh, Masaru
Music Review 32
Two Brothers
Reviewer: Wong, Cary
Composer: Warbeck, Stephen
Music Review 32
Van Helsing: The London Assignment
Reviewer: Joy, Nick
Composer: Van Tongeren, John
Music Review 33
Reviewer: Granade, Andrew
Composer: Poledouris, Basil
Music Review 33
Tarkovski par Artemiev: Solaris, Le Miroir, Stalker
Reviewer: Duff, Simon
Composer: Artemyev, Eduard
Music Review 34
Terror Tract (2002)
Reviewer: Goljan, Luke
Composer: Tyler, Brian
Music Review 34
Big Chill, The (1983, Deluxe Edition)
Reviewer: Wong, Cary
Composer: Various Artists
Music Review 35
Moving Music: Conversations with Renowned Film Composers
Author: na
Reviewer: Kennedy, Steven A.
Book Review 35
Laws of Attraction
Reviewer: Goljan, Luke
Composer: Shearmur, Edward
Music Review 35
Traffic: The Miniseries
Reviewer: Aanensen, Jon
Composer: Rona, Jeff
Music Review 43
De Uomo a Uomo
Reviewer: Kennedy, Steven A.
Composer: Morricone, Ennio
Music Review 43
Italian Story, An
Reviewer: Kennedy, Steven A.
Composer: Lupi, Daniele
Music Review 43
Three Little Words (1950)
Reviewer: Griffin, Mark
Composer: Kalmar, Bert , Ruby, Harry
Music Review 44
Laserphile DVD's International Style
Author: Dursin, Andy
Article 45
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