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Volume 28, No. 3
March 2023
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Volume 9, Issue 8 | September 2004

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Blast From the Past
Rising composer Ed Shearmur (Reign of Fire, Johnny English) takes on his biggest challenge yet with Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. by Jeff Bond
Remembering Raksin
David Raksin worked in Hollywood from the Golden Age to the Silver Age -- and lived to tell the tale. We offer an affectionate tribute to one of the most outspoken practitioners of film scoring. by Roger Hall
The Final Conflict
It began in 1999, but now must come an ending...to the Jerry Goldsmith Buyers' Guide. In part seven of our compendium, we list the last scores recorded by Goldsmith and the latest releases of his older works. by Jeff Bond
Working for The Man
Arthur Morton worked in Hollywood for 60 years -- but perhaps never more memorably than in collaboration with Jerry Goldsmith. In this never-before-published interview, Morton talks shop with the music director of Intrada. by Douglass Fake
The Triumph of Troy
How much is there to say about a rejected score? When it's as high-profile -- and as high-quality -- as Gabriel Yared's composition, there's more to discuss than you might think. by David Coscina
Brion of All Trades
The beyond-classifiable composer of Punch-Drunk Love and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind talks about his latest work, I Heart Huckabees. by Jeff Bond
Jeff Danna on Resident Evil: Apocalypse. by Jeff Bond
Score: CD Reviews
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Vanity Fair, A Home at the End of the World, King Arthur, The Chronicles of Riddick, Narrow Margin, Battle of Britain, Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius, Caroline, or Change, L'Enfant des Loups, Last Tango in Paris, Il Giardino Delle Delizie/L'Uomo Poriettile, Quartiere, Spider-Man (1967 re-arrangements), Lewis and Clark: A Film by Ken Burns, Horatio's Drive: America's First Road Trip, Summer Holiday. DVD Review: Ennio Morricone: A Man and His Music.
The Laserphile
Andy Dursin on Halloween DVD releases.
Issue Index
Title Type Page
Downbeat Return of the EVIL
Author: Bond, Jeff
Article 10
brion of all trades Jon Brion takes a crack at director David O. Russell's
Interviewer: Rhodes, S. Mark
Interview 11
Blasts from the Past Ed Shearmur and the WORLD OF TOMORROW
Author: Bond, Jeff
Article 13
Remembering Raksin
Author: Hall, Roger L.
Article 16
Final Conflict Jerry Goldsmith Buyer's Guide, The: Part 7
Author: Bond, Jeff
Article 20
Working for the Man The late, great orchestrator Arthur Morton talks Jerry Goldsmith
Interviewer: Fake, Douglass
Interview 24
Triumph of Troy, The
Interviewer: Coscina, David
Interview 28
Home at the End of the World, A
Reviewer: Wong, Cary
Composer: Sheik, Duncan
Music Review 32
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Reviewer: Wong, Cary
Composer: Shearmur, Edward
Music Review 32
Vanity Fair
Reviewer: Granade, Andrew
Composer: Danna, Mychael
Music Review 32
Chronicles of Riddick, The
Reviewer: Joy, Nick
Composer: Revell, Graeme
Music Review 33
Narrow Margin
Reviewer: Coscina, David
Composer: Broughton, Bruce
Music Review 33
King Arthur
Reviewer: Granade, Andrew
Composer: Zimmer, Hans
Music Review 33
Battle of Britain
Reviewer: Joy, Nick
Composer: Goodwin, Ron , Walton, William
Music Review 34
Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius
Reviewer: Wong, Cary
Composer: Horner, James
Music Review 34
Caroline, or Change
Reviewer: Wong, Cary
Composer: Tesori, Jeanine , Kushner, Tony
Music Review 34
Last Tango in Paris
Reviewer: Armstrong, Stephen B.
Composer: Barbieri, Gato
Music Review 35
L'Enfant des Loups
Reviewer: Kirby, Andrew
Composer: Franklin, Serge
Music Review 35
Reviewer: Goljan, Luke
Composer: Morricone, Ennio
Music Review 42
IlGiardino Delle Delizie
Reviewer: Goljan, Luke
Composer: Morricone, Ennio
Music Review 42
L'Uomo Proiettile
Reviewer: Goljan, Luke
Composer: Morricone, Ennio
Music Review 42
Reviewer: Ettinger, Paul
Composer: Ellis, Ray
Music Review 42
Summer Holiday
Reviewer: Griffin, Mark
Composer: Warren, Harry , Blaine, Ralph , Salinger, Conrad
Music Review 43
Lewis and Clark: A Film by Ken Burns
Reviewer: Kennedy, Steven A.
Composer: Various Artists
Music Review 43
Horatio's Drive: America's First Road Trip
Reviewer: Kennedy, Steven A.
Composer: Various Artists
Music Review 43
Frightfully Good
Author: Dursin, Andy
Article 45
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