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Volume 28, No. 5
May 2023
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Volume 7, Issue 3 | March/April 2002

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To Rock or Not to Rock?
Like it or hate it, the rock score is here to stay. And nowhere is that fact more apparent than in the season's first blockbuster, The Scorpion King, starring The Rock. Nevertheless, composer John Debney has done his best to incorporate authentic orchestral elements into his score as well.
Dialect of Desire
The most famous voice in Italian film music -- most notably employed by Ennio Morricone -- Edda Dell'Orso has made a career out of her sultry, organic sounds. Here she talks about working with the Maestro, singing to picture, and life before The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
The Man Who Can-Can-Can
Even with the recent successes of Moulin Rouge! and a new album out in stores, Craig Armstrong found time to sit down with FSM and talk about more upcoming projects, the power of collaboration, and finding his muse.
An Awfully Big Adventure
It's the 11th anniversary of Hook! Okay, that may not excite you, but it seemed as good a time as any to reveal an in-depth analysis of one of John Williams' most under-appreciated and thematically dense scores.
Score: CD Reviews
Kate and Leopold, Tron, As If to Nothing, Moulin Rouge! 2, Die Hard, Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing, Return to Never Land, The Conversation, Young Sherlock Holmes, In the Bedroom, Black Hawk Down, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Affair of the Necklace, The Lord of the Rings (1978), Spirited Away, Big Jake, Dodge City/The Oklahoma Kid.
by Altomari -- the film score comic strip!
Issue Index
Title Type Page
To Rock or Not to Rock? John Debney's dilemma in scoring THE SCORPION KING
Interviewer: Bond, Jeff
Interview 14
Edda Dell'Orso Dialect of desire
Interviewer: Bender, John
Interview 16
Man Who Can-Can-Can!, The Craig Armstrong Interviewed
Interviewer: Joy, Nick
Interview 20
As If to Nothing
Reviewer: Joy, Nick
Composer: Armstrong, Craig
Music Review 34
Kate & Leopold
Reviewer: Wong, Cary
Composer: Kent, Rolfe
Music Review 34
Reviewer: Armstrong, Stephen B.
Composer: Carlos, Wendy
Music Review 34
Moulin Rouge 2
Reviewer: Wong, Cary
Composer: Various Artists
Music Review 35
Die Hard
Reviewer: Shurley, Neil
Composer: Kamen, Michael
Music Review 35
Conversation, The
Reviewer: Armstrong, Stephen B.
Composer: Shire, David
Music Review 43
Return to Never Land
Reviewer: Takis, John
Composer: McNeely, Joel
Music Review 43
Love is a Many - Splendored Thing
Reviewer: Kennedy, Steven A.
Composer: Newman, Alfred
Music Review 43
Young Sherlock Holmes
Reviewer: Takis, John
Composer: Broughton, Bruce
Music Review 44
Black Hawk Down
Reviewer: Comerford, Jason
Composer: Zimmer, Hans , Various Artists
Music Review 44
In the Bedroom
Reviewer: Comerford, Jason
Composer: Newman, Thomas
Music Review 44
Lord of the Rings, The (1978)
Reviewer: Joy, Nick
Composer: Rosenman, Leonard
Music Review 45
Count of Monte Cristo, The
Reviewer: Joy, Nick
Composer: Shearmur, Edward
Music Review 45
Affair of the Necklace, The
Reviewer: Comerford, Jason
Composer: Newman, David
Music Review 45
Big Jake
Reviewer: Joy, Nick
Composer: Bernstein, Elmer
Music Review 46
Oklahoma Kid, The / Dodge City
Reviewer: Joy, Nick
Composer: Steiner, Max
Music Review 46
Dodge City / The Oklahoma Kid
Reviewer: Joy, Nick
Composer: Steiner, Max
Music Review 46
Spirted Away
Reviewer: McLean, James
Composer: Hisaishi, Joe
Music Review 46
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