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Legacy Site went live in May 1997. This section of the website archives our online presentation from roughly 1999 through 2008. In addition, you can find our "legacy" content as follows below. IMPORTANT NOTE: These files are out of date! Be careful of relying upon them for contact addresses, advice, etc.

Feature Articles
From 1997 to 2000, we occasionally published feature-length articles on this site. They are compiled here. (These articles are also available on our main site, reformatted for our current blog engine.)

The FSM Handbook
In the early to mid-1990sóprior to the widespread use of the Internetówe compiled a "handbook" for the soundtrack collector that we used to send, free of charge, to new subscribers. We figured it would be a nice way to get them up to speed on the resources that existed for fans of this kind of music. When we discontinued the handbook, we archived the last compiled edition (which dates from around 1997) on the website. The information is badly out of date but presented here for historical purposes. (These pages are NOT accessible via our main site.)

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