The MGM Soundtrack Treasury
20 Scores on 12 CDs

Adolph Deutsch · André Previn · Neal Hefti · Johnny Mandel · Kenyon Hopkins · Nelson Riddle · Georges Auric · Michel Legrand · Richard Rodney Bennett · William Alwyn · John Addison · Lalo Schifrin · Ennio Morricone · Riz Ortolani · Francis Lai · Roy Budd

FSM’s third box set, the MGM Soundtrack Treasury, features 20 scores from the United Artists film library and record catalog. Many of these titles are long-treasured LPs that looked as if they would never make it to CD: Billion Dollar Brain by Richard Rodney Bennett…How to Murder Your Wife by Neal Hefti…Charge of the Light Brigade by John Addison…The 7th Dawn by Riz Ortolani…The Final Option by Roy Budd…it is likely that every collector will have his own set of favorites!

All of the titles have been remastered from the best-possible stereo source tapes in the MGM archives, with these exceptions: Goodbye Again and Shake Hands With the Devil are in “electronic” (simulated) stereo; and the two Ennio Morricone scores are in mono, with The Hills Run Red largely taken from vinyl (the only available source for the recording). For most of the scores (and the United Artists catalog in general), the album masters are the only surviving recordings, but complete masters were located for The Fugitive Kind (Kenyon Hopkins) and The Happy Ending (Michel Legrand) allowing complete-score presentations. Finally, Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You (Lalo Schifrin) and Hornets’ Nest make their debut presentations in complete form. Two additional notes: The Glory Guys (Riz Ortolani) is the LP re-recording, but bonus tracks have been added from the London session masters, and The Final Option is a hybrid of the Varèse Sarabande and Milan LP programs (containing all of the previously released tracks).

Unlike our first two box sets—Elmer Bernstein’s Film Music Collection and Superman: The Music—the MGM Soundtrack Treasury is not packaged with a deluxe book. Instead, the box set comes with two “clamshell” or butterfly cases—each containing six discs—and a 48-page booklet containing album covers, track lists, credits and a short introduction.

FSM has not abdicated its responsibility in providing the world’s most obsessively complete and detailed liner notes! Comprehensive notes for all 20 of these classic scores are available free of charge (to anyone) right here at (By publishing these notes online, we are able to offer this box set at a significant savings to you, our loyal customers.)

For ease of printing, the notes are also available in convenient PDF form (419K).

Disc One
The Apartment
Adolph Deutsch
Tracks 1–14
Total Time 34:03

The Fortune Cookie
André Previn
Tracks 15–25
Total Time 27:59

Total Disc Time 62:08
The Apartment LP
The Fortune Cookie LP
Disc Two
How to Murder Your Wife
Neal Hefti
Tracks 1–10
Total Time 28:52

Duel at Diablo
Neal Hefti
Tracks 11–20
Total Time 27:54

Total Disc Time 58:34
How to Murder Your Wife LP
Duel at Diablo LP
Disc Three
The Russians Are Coming,
The Russians Are Coming

Johnny Mandel
Tracks 1–10
Total Time 23:11

The Fugitive Kind
Kenyon Hopkins
Tracks 11–32
Total Time 43:35

Total Disc Time 67:03
The Fugitive Kind LP
The Russians Are Coming LP
Disc Four
A Rage to Live
Nelson Riddle
Tracks 1–12
Total Time 27:06

Goodbye Again
Georges Auric
Tracks 13–26
Total Time 31:40

Total Disc Time 58:53
Goodbye Again LP
Rage to Live LP
Discs Five and Six
The Happy Ending
Michel Legrand
Disc 5, Tracks 1–23
Total Disc Time 63:43

Disc 6, Tracks 1–25
Total Disc Time 49:27
Happy Ending LP
Disc Seven
Billion Dollar Brain
Richard Rodney Bennett
Tracks 1–14
Total Time 31:51

Shake Hands
With the Devil

William Alwyn
Tracks 15–26
Total Time 31:24

Total Disc Time 62:22
Shake Hands With the Devil LP
Billion Dollar Brain LP
Disc Eight
The Charge of the
Light Brigade

John Addison
Tracks 1–16
Total Time 37:09

The Honey Pot
John Addison
Tracks 17–30
Total Time 27:58

Total Disc Time 65:14
The Honey Pot LP
Charge of the Light Brigade LP
Disc Nine
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You
Lalo Schifrin
Tracks 1–32
Total Disc Time 58:26
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You LP
Disc Ten
The Hills Run Red
Ennio Morricone
Tracks 1–17
Total Time 31:50

Hornet’s Nest
Ennio Morricone
Tracks 18–38
Total Time 44:28

Total Disc Time 76:37
Hornets' Nest LP
The Hills Run red LP
Disc Eleven
The 7th Dawn
Riz Ortolani
Tracks 1–15
Total Time 37:07

The Glory Guys
Riz Ortolani
Tracks 16–28
Total Time 40:56

Total Disc Time 78:16
The Glory Guys LP
The 7th Dawn LP
Disc Twelve
Hannibal Brooks
Francis Lai
Tracks 1–15
Total Time 29:49

The Final Option
Roy Budd
Tracks 16–30
Total Time 37:58

Total Disc Time 67:54
The Final Option LP
Hannibal Brooks LP
Total Box Set Time 768:37