The Omega Man 2.0—Unlimited

This set of online notes combines our original commentary from the 2000 edition of The Omega Man with new material generated for the 2008 reissue.

From 2000, we have the original liner notes essay (“The Last Man on Earth”), two sidebars (on engineer Dan Wallin and percussionist and waterchimes-inventor Emil Richards, respectively) and Lukas Kendall’s producer’s note (“It's a Family Thing”).

From 2008, there are new introductions from Kendall (“A CD Is Legend”) and co-producer Jeff Bond (“Jeff Bond’s Omega Man Memories”).

Finally, the track-by-track commentary is based on the 2000 liner notes, updated for the 2008 edition.

All of this material is also available in a convenient PDF file for easier printing.

Thanks for being part of our “Family” of Omega Man soundtrack admirers.

Album Produced by Lukas Kendall
Associate Producer Jeff Bond
Production Executive for Warner Bros.: Keith Zajic

Music Score Remix by Michael McDonald, Private Island Trax, Hollywood, California.
Digital Mastering by Doug Schwartz, Mulholland Music, Los Angeles, California.

Orchestrations by Ron Grainer.
Music recorded at Warner Bros. Scoring Stage, Burbank, California on May 17, 18, 19 and 25, 1971.
Recording Engineer: Dan Wallin

Ron Grainer compositions published by WB Music Corp. (ASCAP).
Max Steiner, Cootie Williams & Thelonious Monk, and Cole Porter compositions published by Warner Bros. Inc. (ASCAP).

CD Art Direction by Joe Sikoryak, designWELL, Berkeley, California.
Production Assistance: Jeff Eldridge
Special Thanks: Danny Gould, Joseph Billé, Bill Rush,George Feltenstein, Jeff Harris, Jeff Briggs, Bill Hedgcock, Robert Thies, Andie Childs, John Davis, Craig Spaulding, William Waybourn, Tim Curran, Jonathan Z. Kaplan and Alexander Kaplan.