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February 5, 2001:
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Which 2003 score is most likely to win the Oscar? (November 28, 2003)
Big Fish (Elfman) 35  votes 0.16%
Brother Bear (Collins, Mancina) 5  votes 0.02%
Cold Mountain (Yared) 10040  votes 45.41%
The Cooler (Isham) 5  votes 0.02%
Finding Nemo (T. Newman) 90  votes 0.41%
The Fog of War (Glass) 2  votes 0.01%
Girl With a Pearl Earring (Desplat) 6  votes 0.03%
House of Sand and Fog (Horner) 14  votes 0.06%
The Human Stain (Portman) 4  votes 0.02%
In America (Friday, Seezer) 1  votes 0.00%
The Last Samurai (Zimmer) 4893  votes 22.13%
Looney Tunes: Back in Action (Goldsmith) 41  votes 0.19%
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Shore) 6550  votes 29.62%
The Matrix Revolutions (Davis) 20  votes 0.09%
The Missing (Horner) 22  votes 0.10%
Mona Lisa Smile (Portman) 1  votes 0.00%
Mystic River (Eastwood) 26  votes 0.12%
Peter Pan (Howard) 274  votes 1.24%
Radio (Horner) 2  votes 0.01%
Seabiscuit (R. Newman) 52  votes 0.24%
Secondhand Lions (Doyle) 10  votes 0.05%
Shattered Glass (Danna) 1  votes 0.00%
SWAT (Goldenthal) 5  votes 0.02%
Sylvia (Yared) 4  votes 0.02%
X2 (Ottman) 9  votes 0.04%
Total Votes: 22112 
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