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February 5, 2001:
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Which nominated song of the 70s most deserved to win the Oscar? (May 6, 2005)
The Age of Not Believing 5  votes 0.43%
All His Children 1  votes 0.09%
Ave Satani 275  votes 23.83%
Ben 5  votes 0.43%
Blazing Saddles 24  votes 2.08%
Bless the Beasts and Children 15  votes 1.30%
Candle on the Water 8  votes 0.69%
Come to Me 1  votes 0.09%
Gonna Fly Now 152  votes 13.17%
Hopelessly Devoted to You 9  votes 0.78%
How Lucky Can You Get 1  votes 0.09%
I'll Never Say Goodbye 85  votes 7.37%
It's Easy to Say 6  votes 0.52%
Live and Let Die 123  votes 10.66%
Marmalade, Molasses and Honey 4  votes 0.35%
Nice to be Around 4  votes 0.35%
Nobody Does it Better 318  votes 27.56%
The Rainbow Connection 47  votes 4.07%
Ready to Take a Chance Again 3  votes 0.26%
Richard's Window 0  votes 0.00%
Thank You Very Much 10  votes 0.87%
Theme From Mahogany 13  votes 1.13%
Till Love Touches Your Life 3  votes 0.26%
Wherever Love Takes Me 12  votes 1.04%
Whistling Away the Dark 30  votes 2.60%
Total Votes: 1154 
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