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 Posted:   Sep 18, 2013 - 10:56 PM   
 By:   TerraEpon   (Member)

Yeah. The old CD was very hissy...

The new one sounds great, and doesn't have the very bizarre balance issues the FSM box set had (which caused me to sell it after listening once).

 Posted:   Sep 18, 2013 - 11:04 PM   
 By:   Trent B.   (Member)

There was definitely major issues with the original CD, especially for the glitches in a couple of comes to mind is "Captain Borg" towards the end.

I'm glad that this new CD completely fixed EVERYTHING. The sound quality and mixing for the new release is perfect and just a treasure to listen to.

 Posted:   Sep 20, 2013 - 6:27 PM   
 By:   patrick_runkle   (Member)

I can shed a bit of light on this ...

Back in 1990 when the project was in production, the choice was made by the company to use the mixes that Ron Jones was given after the sessions on his DATS as the source of their master.

Thanks for the info, that is interesting to know. I guess there's a silver lining in that if the old release had perfect sound, there would have been less demand for the expanded edition.

I have only rudimentary knowledge of this, but my assumption (possibly wrong) from what you've said would be that the session DAT was some sort of board mix or the listening mix while they were recording it? I'm further guessing that the show was actually mixed with the multitracks, so that's why a proper two-track mix was never created.

 Posted:   Nov 20, 2013 - 1:40 PM   
 By:   Trent B.   (Member)

Hey I have a question for you guys... for the cue "New Providence" does it seem like there's a sudden raise in volume close to the 21 second mark?

 Posted:   Nov 20, 2013 - 2:46 PM   
 By:   TheSeeker   (Member)

See my post from Sept. 3, Trent... wink

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