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 Posted:   Dec 12, 2013 - 2:43 AM   
 By:   Maximilien Mathevon   (Member)

Release info:

UNE VIE AILLEURS – Original documentary series soundtrack

Format : Digital download
Available on
And iTunes:
Tracks : 37
Total length: 72’ 03
Release date: 2013 – 12 – 12

Listen to 5 tracks on YOUTUBE:
Listen to the album on SPOTIFY:
Listen to the album on

Tracklisting :

01 UNE VIE AILLEURS : La plateforme
02 Alerte !
03 Envies d’ailleurs
04 Le voyage et l’arrivée
05 La plateforme pétrolière
06 Julienne et la plateforme
07 Frayeurs et mal de mer
08 Visions d’ailleurs
09 Superstructure
10 Questions d’intendance
11 Une plateforme au quotidien
12 Sujets sensibles
13 Le changement d’équipe
14 Le départ de la plateforme
15 Voyages et découvertes
16 UNE VIE AILLEURS : Le sous-marin
17 Le Téméraire
18 Plongée
19 Dans les coursives
20 Sous les mers
21 Simulation de tir
22 Le temps sous-marin
23 Détente et loisir
24 Loin des familles
25 L’exercice incendie
26 Parés à faire surface
27 Le départ du sous-marin
28 UNE VIE AILLEURS : Le monastère
29 L’arrivée au monastère
30 Vies et offices
31 Le quotidien des sœurs
32 Une vie monastique
33 Douze heures de silence
34 Rites
35 La règle du silence
36 Répétitions et paroles
37 Le départ du monastère


UNE VIE AILLEURS is a series of three documentaries about the people who, because of their belief, their life choices or the profession they practice, decided to live in a different way:
Workers on an oil platform off the coast of Congo, crew members of an atomic submarine or
Nuns in a Cistercian monastery.

Although they share common musical themes and motives, this three environments are very dissimilar and each one has its own personality and got its own sound:
For the highly industrial and metallic nature of the platform, I used metallic clanging sounds and gamelan samples, as well as kalimba and steel guitar.
For the submarine, I went into a more electronic and militaristic territory.
And for the monastery, I had to summon a softer sound, using chromatic percussions, harp and piano, as well as electronic enhancements.
Concerning the elements common to all episodes, I adapted the themes so that they fit the three different moods.
The album includes music from each episode: The oil platform (track 1 – 15), the submarine (track 16 – 27) and the monastery (track 28 – 37).

The series will be broadcasted on French TV channel France 5. More infos (In french):

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 Posted:   Dec 23, 2013 - 2:10 AM   
 By:   Maximilien Mathevon   (Member)

Listen to tracks on youtube:

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