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 Posted:   Feb 5, 2011 - 9:13 AM   
 By:   ToneRow   (Member)

By my count, here's 5 soundtracks with seed(s) in their titles:

  • DRAGON SEED (1944) by Herbert Stothart
  • THE BAD SEED (1956) by Alex North
  • THE SEEDS OF DOOM (1976 DOCTOR WHO serial) by Geoffrey Burgon
  • DEMON SEED (1977) by Jerry Fielding
  • SEED OF CHUCKY (2004) by Pino Donaggio

    While I own neither the earliest - DRAGON SEED - nor the most recent - SEED OF CHUCKY, having 3 out of 5 seeds ain't nothing to sneeze at.

    My favorite in this pile of seeds is Alex North's THE BAD SEED, which is also my 2nd favorite North album (his AFRICA music is #1 with me). Here's a nice scan of the '72 reissue of the original RCA Victor LP, from the LPCoverArt site:

    Most DOCTOR WHO serials during the 1970s had incidental music by Dudley Simpson, who was the program's resident composer. A few serials had exceptions, and Geoffrey Burgon scored 2 stories over the '75/'76 season. While most (or all) of Simpson's music is unavailable, Burgon fortunately retained his tape copies of the recordings which were released in 2000 on a BBC Music CD in mono. THE SEEDS OF DOOM is positioned 2nd place, after the more popular Burgon-scored show TERROR OF THE ZYGONS, but I consider THE SEEDS OF DOOM more resonant and overall atypical of the series' music on the whole:

    My 2nd favorite in this seed bowl is Jerry Fielding's DEMON SEED. Fielding tries his hand at mid-'70s electronic music, a facet of Fielding which was present in other scores by him but which seemed to lie dormant until surfacing with DEMON SEED. Fielding's orchestral portions recall his early-'70s apex of atonality, but by 1977 seem to have transitioned through a reduction of sorts in their expressions.
    Like the CD above, this SEED score is placed 2nd by FSM, after SOYLENT GREEN:

    This small batch of soundtracks spans 60 years of styles and genres;
    How many collectors out there, I wonder, have all 5 of these albums?

     Posted:   Feb 5, 2011 - 9:15 AM   
     By:   Francis   (Member)

    It would seem my soundtrack collection is't fertile at the moment.

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