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 Posted:   Aug 20, 2013 - 4:15 PM   
 By:   On the Score   (Member)

Hey All,

Check out my new August Soundtrack Picks column, featuring capsule reviews of such noteworthy soundtracks as EUROPA REPORT, COPPERHEAD, COOKED ARROWS, FRANZ WAXMAN AT PARAMOUNT and many more at:

Then click on my new e-interviews. First up with MATTHEW MARGESON as talks about teaming with Henry Jackman for the bigger, bad-ass vigilante stylings of KICK-ASS 2 at:

Then ROB SIMONSEN on play the acoustic, alt. youth dramedy scores for this summer's two indie gems THE SPECTACULAR NOW and THE WAY WAY BACK at:

And finally, hear RYAN AMON talk about making his big Hollywood break as his rhythmic futuristic stylings invade the space station called ELYSIUM at:

As always, thanks so much for reading, and listening as I bring you the latest soundtrack reviews and composer interviews at!

Daniel Schweiger
Soundtrack Editor

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