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 Posted:   Jul 14, 2023 - 6:50 AM   
 By:   Thor   (Member)

You may be right, David. But I willfully omitted all the bad things about the film, to highlight its virtues -- since it's a film that has been so disparaged over the years. It was NOT as bad as people have made it out to be -- i.e. a turkey of gargantuan proportions that would have warranted no more than 1 star at the most. But where I think you're right is that a film has many "levels" to enjoy, and some of those levels can prove great counterweights. One is technically able to disregard some faults in regards to story, performances, stagings or ludicrous scenarios to immensely enjoy production design, visual design or music (I haven't even touched on the music yet, btw, I have both some good and bad things to say about that).

It's a bit like Tim Burton's PLANET OF THE APES. Disparaged all over the place, but there are some really wonderful things going on in that film that counterweigh the bad: The effects, the make-up, the set design, the spectacular performances by Roth and Bonham Carter, the score etc. So THE BLACK HOLE would perhaps fall in that category.

 Posted:   Jul 14, 2023 - 9:34 AM   
 By:   John Schuermann   (Member)

Nick Z - yes, I stole the leeches and ticks line from F. Pohl. smile How the hell did that line get past the writer, director, producers, the cast, etc???

Solium / Thor - yes, Jeff Bond is a terrific model kit builder. He built a refit Enterprise for me patterned after the drydock scene in TMP. Amazing work. I strongly recommend hiring him if you want a kit built - Star Trek, Star Wars, Lost in Space, 2001 - you name it. Got to see the Cygnus in his garage when I went to pick up the Enterprise.

Here's a link to a full photo spread of the Enterprise he built for me, including a quick video I cut together of the lighting effects in action:

Wow, lucky you! That had to be an awesome experience. Wish I could afford those models much less have a professional build them. I could probably do a decent job on some models myself, a hobby I hope to do one day, but I'll never have the skill to do something like the refit with the intricate painting and wiring it requires.

Nice of you to say, Solium. Yeah, that kit is WAY beyond my modelmaking skillset! I also don't have the patience - it takes most people over a year to properly build that kit. The Aztec paint job alone is beyond most model builder's capabilities (certainly mine). I'm lucky too in that my wife lets me display it in our living room smile

 Posted:   Jul 14, 2023 - 10:03 AM   
 By:   John Schuermann   (Member)

Everyone here going on about the run of great SF from the late 70s - have you been watching the "Greatest Geek Year - 1982" documentary on the CW? It's specifically about 1982, BUT it absolutely gets into the late 70s films that led up to all those great releases in '82.

I greatly enjoyed it. Lest we forget, these are a few of the films from '82:


and of course, MONSIGNOR

 Posted:   Jul 14, 2023 - 10:27 AM   
 By:   Superman1701   (Member)

I was so stoked when Intrada announced this. I bought two.

 Posted:   Jul 14, 2023 - 4:34 PM   
 By:   villagardens553   (Member)

As I said, I saw it at the theater upon release and thought it was awful. But others say there are worthwhile aspects beyond the music. OK.

The Black Hole came out at the same time as Star Trek, the first one. As such, and I speak as a through and through Barry fan, TBH score was justly overshadowed by the Goldsmith score.

Still, the original album had a few takes on the swirling, churning counterpoint to the long, grim melody--and I always liked that. The Intrada release really brought justified credit to Barry's score, capturing so many wonderful cues left off the original.

I never liked that retrograde Star Wars-type thing that Barry was forced to compose. Even worse, the producers dropped it into the picture here and there and what a bad idea that was.

The rest of the score is marvelous.

 Posted:   Jul 14, 2023 - 7:30 PM   
 By:   peterproud   (Member)

I remember rushing to purchase the LP from Woolworths. I do miss that store.

Wow does that bring back memories!! We even had a WOOLWORTH'S in a tiny town in Northern Canada where I grew up and I would often find new soundtrack LP's as well as marked down rarities like Our Mother's House for $1.99!?!?! Thems were the days! I remember buying 2 or 3 copies of The Black Hole just to have backups in case I scratched the first copy big grin

The Black Hole is certainly not a great film but I equate it with some of my favourite comfort just makes you feel really good when you sit down to enjoy it. John Barry's score is pretty perfect (minus the brash space march stuff), especially the darker sad melodies like in the cue Six Robots...probably one of my favourite cues of the 70's.

 Posted:   Jul 14, 2023 - 8:10 PM   
 By:   Hedji   (Member)

I adore every aspect of the Black Hole. The characters, the robots, the whacked ending, the production design, the vfx, and every cue of the score, including the action March. I couldn’t care less what the criticisms are. This movie just makes me feel good, and I never tire of it.

Here’s a score that should remain in print always.

 Posted:   Jul 15, 2023 - 6:48 AM   
 By:   panavision   (Member)

The film isn't great, but very watchable and lots of symbolism and amazing imagery, at times.

The two robots elicit a lot of emotion in the end, moreso than many of the human characters.

John Barry's score is AWESOME.

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