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 Posted:   Jun 12, 2019 - 8:11 AM   
 By:   w-dervish   (Member)

The following quote is from the FSM board thread: OUTLAND CD DISINTEGRATING?!?!?!!?!

Lukas Kendall: I had no idea. Sorry. Of course we have no control over manufacturing issues at whatever plant we are forced by the contract to use... as everybody knows... Just the same, as always, you can contact Screen Archives to replace any damaged/defective disc. Lukas

So reading the "as always" reminded me of an issue I discovered awhile ago - had been meaning to contact SAE about via a note attached to an order - but kept forgetting to do. The issue is that my copy of the DVD from the Jerry Fielding "The Getway" score CD+DVD set is defective. I watched a bit of it but it started breaking up a lot and in short order became unwatchable.

Anyway, given the "as always" replacement policy as stated by Lukas, I decided to finally get this problem taken care of. Hoeever, as per SAE customer service, the policy isn't "as always". The official policy is that a replacement will only be furnished if the product was purchased from SAE within the the 30 days. Now, I might be wrong, but the issue with the Outland CD "disintegrating" concerned an old purchase - as the poster mentioned pulling it off the shelf to listen to it - implying that it had been in their collection for awhile.

Yet Lukas did not say "as always" - as long as the Outland CD had been purchased direct from SAE within the last 30 days. I mentioned posting about this on the FSM message board, but the SAE rep was firm about not being able to provide a replacement (despite this title still being in print) because my purchase was made longer that 30 days ago. A response I was not expecting, given the "as always" replacement policy as stated by Lukas (I do not recall when or from which online soundtrack retailer I purchased my copy).

For the record, I do agree that a 30 day replacement policy is reasonable. Or standard, at least. It is just that, due to threads such as the "Outland CD disintegrating" (and others I recall seeing previously), my impression was that SAE was determined to go above and beyond to provide superior customer service. As opposed to standard service. But now it looks like this impression was wrong (despite what Lukas wrote)?

In any case, I think it might be DVD rot that is to blame. And it is something that occurred more than 30 days after I purchased the set. I think it was a few years after buying the set that I finally got around to watching it. So if I had watched it immediately it might have played OK. Although I did not, so it is possible that the DVD was defective (as opposed to a rot situation that developed over time). I can't say either way for sure. All I know is that the first time I watched it the DVD picture and sound broke up and the disc is unwatchable .

 Posted:   Jun 12, 2019 - 9:28 AM   
 By:   villagardens553   (Member)

I recently purchased The Getaway (but not within 30 days); haven't had time to watch it yet and won't for awhile. That being said, the one and only time I had a defective cd from Screen Archives (and I'm going back to the days of mailing them a check) they took care of it promptly and professionally by sending a replacement disc.

 Posted:   Jun 13, 2019 - 3:56 PM   
 By:   Dana Wilcox   (Member)

SAE kindly and promptly replaced my CDs for OUTLAND with no questions asked, even though it was beyond the standard 30 days since purchase. I bought OUTLAND as soon as it was released, and responded to the replacement opportunity as soon as it was posted here. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say that the first few replacements requested and mailed out may be less strictly governed by the "official policy" than later requests, when replacement supplies are running thin (though I don't know this for a fact). I have noticed, however, that responding rapidly to such offers tends to be a better idea than waiting to make the move. Not suggesting that w-dervish was lax in any way or should have done anything differently, just sayin'...

 Posted:   Jun 13, 2019 - 5:07 PM   
 By:   JackBlu78   (Member)

i somehow wasn't aware of the OUTLAND issue

I bought my 2 CD set around Sept maybe a later pressing.

the discs look fine and play fine.

also checked my copies of GREMLINS and INnerSPACE and those look fine too.

 Posted:   Jun 13, 2019 - 6:51 PM   
 By:   w-dervish   (Member)

I didn't contact SAE with an issue concerning Outland. I have it, but I don't see anything wrong with it. I played both discs after reading that thread and did not encounter any problems.

My issue concerns the DVD that comes with "The Getaway". It breaks up/is unplayable. SAE customer rep told me it was official policy that replacements are only available for purchases made in the last 30 days (and that I'd need to let them know my order number for them to be able to help me).

Apparently Outland was an exception. Possibly because Lukas responded in the thread and said SAE would replace. Has anyone contacted SAE with a problem that wasn't posted about on this board, was outside of the 30 day time frame (and/or was purchased elsewhere) and received help (their item replaced)?

I mentioned to the SAE rep that I might post about my issue on the FSM board, but the rep indicated in their reply that they didn't care about that. I'm not sure, but it seems the rep thought I was making a threat. I replied and explained that I wasn't and that I only was considering it because people who do seem to get positive responses (i.e. Lukas saying a replacement would be supplied).

 Posted:   Jun 13, 2019 - 7:04 PM   
 By:   Graham   (Member)

If you haven't called them, try that.

Many moons ago, after years of wonderful service, all of the sudden it turned into the third degree regarding replacements.

Called them and remedied the situation.


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