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 Posted:   Aug 16, 2019 - 11:51 AM   
 By:   Morricone   (Member)

All of you know from time to time over many-a-year I have pushed Bruce Kimmel’s Kritzerland cabaret shows extolling as the best of their kind for quite a long and extensive run. Because musical theater hasn’t been a strong point with many of you I particularly pushed the film music items like a night of Alan Menken, Richard Sherman or Elmer Bernstein. Sadly after nine years and over 100 shows these monthly shows will come to an end September 8th at 7PM. Although he will return from time to time for one offs the monthly shows have reached their finale. Without a doubt there will be some film music representation.
If any have been to my concerts and wondered where that scrappy info and entertaining patter Bruce has done came from it is here. Also if you have been knocked out by the vocal talents of Robert Yacko he will be there also.

Over the nine years of going to these dazzling entertainments the performing guest stars have included the legendary Lainie Kazan, compose Richard Sherman, singer-composer Rupert Holmes, multi Emmy winner Bruce Vilanch, from BACK TO THE FUTURE Lea Thompson, Bill Hayes from THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Sue Raney who sang the Mancini song in WAIT UNTIL DARK, Barry Pearl from GREASE, from LAUGH-IN Joanne Worley, Ralph from HAPPY DAYS Don Most, Dennis from SIX FEET UNDER Jason Graae, both stars of the movie version of STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF Millicent Martin and Tony Tanner, Miss Wendy from TOY STORY 4 Juliana Hansen and a ton more. I must also mention Maegan McConnell who does my concerts. Among the regular audience members have been Richard Sherman, Dorothy Fontana from STAR TREK, POPEYE’s Tom Hatton, Oscar winning FX man Dennis Skotak, Gene Kelly’s wife Patricia Ward

The line-up this time includes, besides Yacko, the original Maggie from THE CHORUS LINE Kay Cole, who has choreographed practically everything Bruce has done for a number of years.
I have in the past complained about the lack of interest on here but that is frankly false. Starting with my old friend Marshall Harvey on the very first show at the Gardenia there have been dozens who have attended, from near and far, on my urgings. Their reactions have ranged from impressed to being blown away and everything in between.

As always I implore you if you have never been go at least once. And this is the last once.
So for today, my birthday, do me and yourself a favor and get a seat to Kritzerland’s last monthly show:

 Posted:   Aug 16, 2019 - 12:12 PM   
 By:   haineshisway   (Member)

It's not a finale, and it's certainly not the end. The September 8 show is our ninth anniversary show - the August show was our 100th show. We're not going anywhere. What's going to happen is that after nine YEARS of doing these every month (you have no idea how much work these take - I've loved doing them, but we can't do twelve a year anymore), we're simply cutting back a bit. So, for example, after September we're off for two months until the holiday show in December. We're back in January, off February and maybe March, and then back for April, May, and June, off July, back in August and September and probably October, off in November, and back in December. So, really only four shows less a year, maybe five. We have too much fun.

But yes, everyone who is in LA should come and have the Kritzerland experience and especially help us celebrate nine years smile And I'm told by those in the know there will be a special gift for all attendees.

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