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 Posted:   Oct 30, 2021 - 10:46 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Ran out of space in the title to include Desiree Goyette. If Lukas or somebody that can make longer titles can edit it to include her name, please feel free to do so.

A 1985 animated Halloween special that featured the iconic voice of Lorenzo Music as Garfield (some of you may know him for voicing Peter Venkman on "The Real Ghostbusters").

Reportedly originally aired with the script title of "Garfield In Disguise" (thank goodness that was dropped later on), the special features Garfield concocting a scheme to use Odie to get more candy, which eventually leads to a scary adventure in a spooky house.

The score and songs were composed by Ed Bogus and his wife Desiree Goyette, who both worked on the animated TV series and most of the TV specials. Since there has been no release of the songs and the score, I have named the songs myself.

I love this Halloween special. I know most people have their guilty little pleasures that may or may not be cheesy, and this is certainly mine. I try to watch this every year. I never get tired of it. There's nothing about this special I don't love, from the cheap animation, to the cheesy lines and the almost entirely predictable story.

And part of what is so great, is the score and songs by Bogus & Goyette. I just want to shit out of my brain when I hear people talk about how "Good" the songs from "Frozen" are. No, fuck those songs, THESE are good memorable songs. And if you don't like that, well … let it be. HAHAHAAA.

I hope this gets released some day.

For Halloween, I have made a score suite. I decided to not include songs incase that trips copyright. Enjoy:

The special:

Asterixs (*) denote personal favorites of mine.

The Score:
  • 0:03 in. Short cue indicating morning time. (0:11) *
  • 1:44 in. The catchy opening song which will be used instrumentally in a number of cues, including the one that the song crossfades out into. (1:14) *
  • 3:08 in. (0:22)
  • 3:31 in. Short riff on the opening theme song, with a growly sax'.* (0:11)
  • 4:00 in Light New Orleans jazzy like cue, ending with a brief statement of the theme for Odie, which Bogus carried over into other animated Garfield specials and the TV series. (about 1:00 long, deleting several seconds of silence between cue parts) *
  • 5:27 in. (0:10)
  • 11:54 in. (about 0:15 minus some seconds of silence) *
  • 12:18 in. Delightfully fun riff on the opening song, with a growly sax taking the lead. Eventually we hear another "Sixty Men All Lost At Sea" use. (1:37) *
  • 13:58 in. Variation on the "Sixty Men All Lost At Sea" theme. (0:19) *
  • 14:21 in. Sad opening with harp and woodwinds (0:33) *
  • 14:57 in. Happy-sounding version of the "Sixty Men All Lost At Sea" theme, with accordion doing the backing and a woodwind doing the theme. (0:12) *
  • 15:11 in. Another New Orleans-style jazzy cue. (0:18) *
  • 15:42 in. Rising and falling trembling string quartet. (0:16)
  • 16:15 in. (0:08)
  • 16:30 in. Creepy old guy on a couch. He could be President one day. (0:10)
  • 16:42 in. (0:16)
  • 16:58 in. I think this was part of the above cue and a section was simple dialed down to zero. (0:05)
  • 17:10 in. (0:50)
  • 18:17 in. "Sixty Men All Lost At Sea" use. (0:17)
  • 18:36 in. Opens with a sax' cluster stinger and another use of the "Sixty Men All Lost At Sea" theme. (0:49)
  • 19:30 in. Trembling violin with a four-note repeating pizzicato sting bit over it. An ascending four notes played by sax's for the ghost pirates. (1:15) *
  • 20:59 in. Opens with a trembling sax and brass cluster, going quickly into action material with strings, brass, jazz like backing, wild sax' runs and ad libing, then going into light tense material with woodwinds taking the lead. (1:13) *
  • 22:13 in. Also including a "Sixty Men All Lost At Sea" theme use. And the Odie theme. (1:17)
  • 23:33 in. Short score bit leading into the end credits song, which is a slightly extended version of the song "Sixty Men All Lost At Sea". (0:33) *

    Short Odds & Ends
  • 0:17 in: WBOR channel music. (0:16)
  • 0:34 in: Binky the Clown Show music. (0:46)
  • 3:01 Solo timpani for Garfield getting exciting about candy. (0:07)
  • 3:43 (0:08)
  • 5:16 in. Three second Odie theme bit. (0:03)
  • About four seconds of snare drum stingers for Garfield's Odie jokes, occurring after the 5:27 cue. (0:04)
  • 8:58 in: Wooden drum stick clacking and a quick drum solo end for Odie. (0:08)
  • 10:17 in: Short riff on the "Sixty Men All Lost At Sea" theme.
  • 11:45 in: Short solo timpani bangs. (0:06)
  • 20:47 in: four seconds of strings. (0:04)
  • 23:24 in: Music for the TV program pirate movie festival, which is the four notes that repeated in an earlier cue in plucked strings. "Nice touch". (0:08)

    ESTIMATED TOTAL TIME: Somewhere between ten and fifteen minutes. Obviously too short to be released on CD by itself. Luckily there were multiple Garfield animated specials the two scored, so that can round out a disc. Certain the Christmas special and the Hawaiian vacation special could be on there (the vacation one has a catchy memorable theme song for the opening credits).

    Garfield: "I'd make him walk the plank if I had one."

    Garfield: "If I ever get back to land I'm going to give up this pirate business -- I'm going to stop pretending I'm something I'm not. I'm just going to be me: Garfield the house cat. Gourmet. Bon vivant. World traveler. Jet-setting playboy."

    Garfield: "Do you believe thi--"

    Garfield: "Maybe they didn't see us." (great line; that's how a kid would think and Garfield and Odie are essentially kids)

     Posted:   Oct 30, 2021 - 11:26 PM   
     By:   General Kael   (Member)

    Here here, good friend! I highly appreciate your post here. It is a classic indeed.

     Posted:   Oct 31, 2021 - 9:43 AM   
     By:   jkheiser   (Member)

    Interesting. I was only familiar with Ed Bogas’ work in computers. I didn’t know he was also a composer for film and TV.

    Here’s a ripping tune he wrote for a flight simulator.

    And another good one for Tetris:

     Posted:   Oct 31, 2021 - 2:17 PM   
     By:   orion_mk3   (Member)

    Ed Bogas did great yeoman's work for the various Garfield specials and TV shows (plus his wife Desiree Goyette was the voice of Nermal!) and this is probably his best work - great songs, but also some intensely spooky and dramatic music for the pirate ghosts. I'd buy an official release in a heartbeat!

     Posted:   Oct 31, 2022 - 1:55 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Another call out to hoping for a release.

    In my TV Series Scoring thread last year, I made a suite:

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