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 Posted:   Jan 29, 2022 - 1:09 PM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


I haven't watched an episode of this since probably shortly after it ended.

I decided to cover the thread here, since Alf Clausen scored it. The pleasant theme music was composed by Hans Zimmer. Why not Alf Clausen, who knows.


  • 6:45/7:27/7:48 in.
  • 8:49 in. Pleasant piece using Zimmer's theme.
  • 13:42 in.

    NOTES: Jay reviews "Home Alone 5". Of note: just a few months ago the HA franchise released it's fifth sequel, for six projects total now.

    Names dropped even back then in 1994: Conan O'Brien (seen but not heard from), Donald Trump.

    Jay was married.
    Jay is adopted.

    Mr. Phillips: "Why the hell do yo have to be so critical?"
    Jay: "I'm a critic."

    Female Reporter: "Mr. Phillips, you are fabulously wealthy, you're a world-class athlete, you were great in bed last night. How does that feel?"
    Mr. Phillips: "I have no one to envy."

    Jay: "Can we get a shot of that?"

    Mom: "Ugh -- can't one dinner go by where we don't talk about your rotting corpse?!"

    Jay: "The clown scared me and I wet my pants."

    Sister: "Oh, great -- welcome to our crappy family."

    Jay: "Son, let me tell you the key to holding on to a woman: you must build from a foundation of trust and understanding. If that doesn't work, tell her you have a tumor. Either way the key word is growth."

    Jay: "You did that on purpose!" (After his head is lit on fire)
    Doris: "So what if I did? I'm Union," lights a cigarette.

    "Marty's First Date"
    By: Jeff Rona

  • 3:22 in.
  • 5:19 in.
  • 6:26 in.
  • 7:32 in. Disco source music.
  • 8:57 in. Brief "Seinfeld"-esque music.
  • 10:17 in.
  • 12:03 in. Jazz source music.
  • 13:27 in.
  • 14:19 in.
  • 14:42/15:13/15:46 in.
  • 18:20 in.
  • 20:20 in.
  • 21:09 in.

    NOTES: I'm confused about how Jay's failed marriage even happened. In the previous episode he mentions being married and it failed. In this episode we meet her, we find out she was a nurse and met him while he was in a full body cast, was disgusted when the cast came off, and Jay says later in the episode she took half his money. Nothing is neither said nor implied they married while he was in the full body cast, so that means she would have had to have married him after she saw him and was repulsed.

    Teacher: "I don't think it's a man, I think it's a bear that likes keylime pie."

     Posted:   Jan 29, 2022 - 5:24 PM   
     By:   Wedge   (Member)

    NOTES: I'm confused about how Jay's failed marriage even happened. In the previous episode he mentions being married and it failed. In this episode we meet her, we find out she was a nurse and met him while he was in a full body cast, was disgusted when the cast came off, and Jay says later in the episode she took half his money. Nothing is neither said nor implied they married while he was in the full body cast, so that means she would have had to have married him after she saw him and was repulsed.

    Teacher: "I don't think it's a bear, I think it's a man that likes keylime pie."

    My assumption is that she presumed she could make the marriage work despite her initial reaction of disgust because she didn't want to think of herself as a shallow person who cared about appearances. But I wouldn't overthink it. razz

    (Also, I think you flipped "bear" and "man" in the above quote.)

     Posted:   Jan 29, 2022 - 5:30 PM   
     By:   JThree   (Member)

    Wish the theme had come out somewhere? There really needs to be a collection of "lost" tv themes.

     Posted:   Jan 30, 2022 - 4:02 AM   
     By:   CindyLover   (Member)

    The pleasant theme music was composed by Hans Zimmer. Why not Alf Clausen, who knows.

    Zimmer was in with James L. Brooks thanks to As Good as It Gets probably.

     Posted:   Jan 30, 2022 - 8:24 AM   
     By:   SBD   (Member)

    The pleasant theme music was composed by Hans Zimmer. Why not Alf Clausen, who knows.

    Zimmer was in with James L. Brooks thanks to As Good as It Gets probably.

    Their collaboration went back as far as 1994's I'll Do Anything, which opened a few weeks after the premiere of the show. (In fact, I even remember this site's 'Most Underrated Scores of the 90s' article mentioning I'll Do Anything: "Imagine a score written in the style of Zimmer's theme from The Critic.")

     Posted:   Jan 30, 2022 - 4:22 PM   
     By:   Goatmeal   (Member)

    Loved this series when it came out; definitely appointment watching when I was in college. A shame it only lasted 2 seasons.

    "Buy my book. Buy my book. Buy my book..."

     Posted:   Jan 30, 2022 - 4:51 PM   
     By:   Stéphane Humez   (Member)

    Hans wrote the theme as well as additional music on the Pilot (scored by Clausen).

    Rona scored the second episode, Clausen then scored the rest of the series.

     Posted:   Jan 31, 2022 - 12:42 AM   
     By:   CindyLover   (Member)

    Loved this series when it came out; definitely appointment watching when I was in college. A shame it only lasted 2 seasons.

    "Buy my book. Buy my book. Buy my book..."

    It's also a shame Matt Groening took his name off The Simpsons' crossover with The Critic... especially since he kept his name on much, much worse episodes...

     Posted:   Feb 5, 2022 - 1:02 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 1:

    By the way, "The Critic" is available free legally on Crackle:

    "Dial "M" for Mother"

  • 5:17 in.^
  • 10:29 in.^(small part)
  • 17:27 in.^
  • 19:08 in.^
  • 19:45 in.

    12:49 in: We have a Critic-verse problem. A family is watching "The Simpsons", with a scene created for this episode, yet Jay went and visited the Simpsons, meaning they are not a TV show and both series take place in the same universe. This episode contradicts that.

    As an addendum to the above note, we see Jay's mom has a pack of vicious attack dogs. Given that she has them, she's rich, and she likes to insult people, if they ever revived "The Critic", I think a cross over episode where she dates Mr. Burns would work gangbusters! I can already imagine her saying, "Smithers, release the hounds!".

    Jay has a hundred-millions viewers, according to his boss.

    Jay says John Hughes last three movies sucked. This aired in 1994. According to IMDb, Hughes didn't direct another film after 1991; assuming Jay meant films he directed (say what you will about "Home Alone", which he wrote, it wasn't a bad movie), the last three he directed were: "She's Having a Baby", "Uncle Buck", and "Curly Sue". Now, if he had meant the last three movies Hughes wrote, Jay's comment would have been spot on.

    (Note to Me: 2:47/gif, 4:15/gif, 5:00/gif, 8:39/gif, 13:30/gif, 13:38/gif, 14:34/gif, 17:54/gif, 21:32/gif)

    Jay: "I'm worse than Hitler?"

    Jay: "That's Adolph Hitler! Don't you recognize him?!"
    Male Yute: "Oh right, he played the mailman on "Cheers"."

    "Why so glum, me big-bummed chum?"

    Jay: "You don't think I'm gay, do you?"
    Doris: "No man in his right mind would sleep with you."

    Geraldo: "I can still see it when I shut my eyes."
    Jay's Mother: "You're not supposed to look directly at it."
    (Geraldo was voiced by the real Geraldo, by the way; you know, before he was busy hunting down Bin Laden, LOL)

    Jay: "You think I'm an ant?"
    "No, I think you're a fat toilet I'm flushing my money down."

    "Now, will you stand up so that I may knee you in the groin?"
    Jay: "Okay, but this is the last time."


  • 2:39/3:07 in.^
  • 5:59 in.^
  • 6:18/6:51/8:35 in.^
  • 11:53 in.^
  • 17:52 in.^
  • 18:02 in.^
  • 19:25 in.^
  • 20:39 in.^

    We see a flash back of the honeymoon with his ex wife, and she looks pissed and unhappy, so I guess it's possible she did marry him while he was in the full body cast and dreaded it once he was out.

    Jay has his own Guy Incognito.

    It took almost fourteen days before even Jay's sister went looking for him.

    7:37 in: I assuming this is the theme music for Jay's show.

    13:44 in: time for your 69th 'rona booster shot. Remember, you're a science denying idiot if you don't get it a 70th time. Ignore your puncture-mark ridden bloated arm -- that's science working!

    (NtM: 3:22, 1:29/gif, 4:42/gif and cop, 12:21/gif)

    "Ah, excuse me, folks, this buffet is just for Roger Ebert."

    Jay: "Now, I'm about to take off my shirt; a feeling of mild nausea is normal."

    Jay: "I wanted to look my best for you, so this morning I put on my tiger briefs and did a sit up."

    "I twelve-picture deal with Shelly Long seemed like a good idea."

    Jay: "Can I have your pickles?"
    "Sure, they give me gas."
    Jay: "Me, too."

    "What relationship with a woman has ever been enhanced by having a conversation with her?"

    Jay: "My God, I thought you were some kind of freaky alien chic. Not that I still wouldn't go out with you."

    Jay: "Hum. You seem to have a psychotic obsession with me. I like that in a woman."

    Jay: "I know you tried to kill me, but you did have sex with me, and that puts you a little ahead in my book."

     Posted:   Feb 12, 2022 - 2:37 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 1:

    Yes, I skipped passed three episodes. was doing them. I was in the middle of the third episode, I save a text file, about ten seconds later the laptop battery died. I restarted it. There is only blank spaces where the text should be. I am pissed. Too pissed to go back over them again; I'll re-do them next week.

    "Marathon Mensch" (1.8

  • 8:41 in. Could have easily come out of "The Simpsons".^
  • 9:54 in.^
  • 10:59/12:01 in.^
  • 13:46 in.
  • 19:47 in.^

    In real life, Jay's friend which is parodying actor Paul Hogan, was not in any episodes of "The Commish".

    Jay thinks Elvis' films were a disgrace to cinema.

    16:45 in: Still way better looking than nuBruce Jenner.

    Jay: "I can't hold a pencil under my breasts anymore!"

    Jay: "I'm a man; I don't need this runner's bra anymore."

    "L.A. Jay" (1.9

  • 3:35 in.^
  • 4:48 in.^
  • 5:12 in. Brief instrumental homage to the song "California Dreamin'".^
  • 6:59 in.^
  • 8:15/8:30 in.
  • 13:28 in. Short "Pretty Woman" instrumental homage.^
  • 15:39 in.
  • 16:41 in.^
  • 17:21/17:51 in. Car chase music.^

    About 12:28 in: That's still how Hollywood thinks.

    14:21 in: Pretty much on par with nuBruce Jenner.

    (NtM: 7:39/gif, 8:05/gif, 11:03/gif)

    Doris: "All I read is Smoker's Digest. Did you know Jesus smoked three packs a day?"

    "This repulsive space creature is too hideous to reveal to the public."

    "Dr. Jay" (1.10

  • 2:17 in.
  • 7:13 in.^
  • 14:38 in. Followed a few second later by a "Batman" 1966 music parody.
  • 15:04 in.^
  • 15:47 in.^
  • 19:10 in.^

    You know, it's rare to be creeped out by a comedy TV series, let alone twice in one minute: Hitler kissing a woman and then Jay -- drunk -- saying to his son in an excited voice, "God -- you're handsome!"

    Phillipsvision is something half of Hollywood is desperately trying to create.

    Phillips' fake Scrabble word is close to Bart Simpson's.
    Phillips is a cat lover.

    Jay thinks the film "Lorenzo's Oil" is crap.

    Jay: "Tuesday: Lunch with Stallone. so I can write it off."

     Posted:   Feb 19, 2022 - 11:03 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 1:

    And these are the ones I mentioned last week.

    "A Little Deb Will Do You" (1.5)

  • 1:43 in.^
  • 3:07 in.^(3:51)
  • 4:55 in.
  • 5:42 in.
  • 7:45 in.^
  • 14:36 in.^
  • 19:16 in.
  • 20:20 in.
  • 21:37 in.^

    Oh my goodness -- a masturbation joke. How'd that get passed the censors...

    4:02 in: Still better looking than nuBruce Jenner.
    18:25 in: Both probably still better looking than nuBruce Jenner.

    Edgar Hoover is Jay's uncle.

    Jay panned "Driving Miss Daisy".

    (NtM: 0:50/gif, 2:01/gif, 4:57/gif, 6:16/gif, 6:35/gif, 8:54/gif, 10:24/gif, 15:01/gif, 18:50/gif)

    Servant: "Why do they burn so long?"

    Jay: "I do have a way with women … over sixty."

    Jay: "What are you doing with that gun?0
    Jay's Mom: "It's called parenting."

    Jay: "Your cereal turned my urine pink."
    Hippo: "Well, you'd have to eat six bowls for that to happen."
    Jay: "Yes, yes, and a gallon of chocolate milk."

    Jay: "Wow -- cuter than Roger Ebert?"

    Jay's Mom: "Oh, I hope she'll at least sleep with him before she kills him."

    Out-of-context quote...
    "There's a terrible secret that awaits you below my waist."

    "Eyes on the Prize" (1.6)

  • 6:14/18:36 in. Alf's newspaper music is very similar to this newspaper music from "The Simpsons".^
  • 10:06 in.^
  • 14:33 in.
  • 15:51 in.^

    Phil Hartman provides three different voices.

    This is Jay's one-thousandth episode.
    Jay's show has been on the air since at least 1988.

    Jay has an illegitimate child. But the scene doesn't make any sense.

    Adam West plays Adam West for a short cameo. Jay doesn't like Adam West.

    Jay didn't like the following films: "Rain Man", "A Few Good Men" and "The Firm".

    Jay hates Steven Speilberg. But he thinks E.T. the alien design, is cute.

    Orson Wells sounds a lot like the Brain from "Animaniacs".

    NOTE: There was no sequel to the film "Fried Green Tomatoes" back then, however, in 2021, the author of the book that the film was based on, released a sequel book titled The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop. NBC was developing a series by Norman Lear based on the books, that would have starred Reba McEntire, but NBC passed on the script.

    (NtM: 1:25/gif, 13:04/gif, 17:40/gif)

    Adolph: "If you want the world to love you, you must be big and jolly like Santa Claus or Rush Limbaugh."

    Jay: "Doris, I do not want to be disturbed for the next two hours; I am going to be sitting my office without any cloths on."
    Doris: "Well, there goes the very last of my sex drive."

    Jay's Agent: "Sorry, I thought you were the Pat character from "Saturday Night Live"."

    Jay: "Wow -- I've got my denial mojo working!"

    Jay: "Glad we're friends again."
    Jay's Boss: "Me, too; would you like to stay and--"
    Jay: "--nope."

    "Every Doris Has Her Day" (1.7) (link used)

  • 4:57 in.^
  • 5:27 in. I just want the music under the song.^(open)
  • 6:05 in. Same as above.^(open)
  • 6:43 in. Again.^(open)
  • 7:26 in. Still again.
  • 9:22/9:40 in. And the cue after the commercial break.^(second and third)
  • 11:42 in.
  • 14:29 in.

    Jay is 36 years old.
    Jay has a heart attack.
    Jay's medical test results say (not read in-full): he has a virus only found in pigs [I won't even speculate how that happened...], and he must not reproduce.

    Doris had a fiancé named Earl, who was killed in Korea. And she has a son (whereabouts unknown; put up for adoption).

    Trivia: In real life there was no remake of "The Dirty Dozen", however, back in 2019 it was announced David Ayer was going to write and direct a remake that would be a first in a series. Chris Long was to be an executive producer. The film appears to have gone nowhere. We dodged a Junkie XL bullet there!

    (NtM: 1:27/gif, 10:34/gif, 11:20/gif, 8:19, 21:27)

    Doris: "Now sit down; I know a make up trick that will make you look ten years younger."
    Jay: "Why didn't you ever use it before?"
    Doris: "It was an extra minute out of my day."

     Posted:   Feb 20, 2022 - 3:55 PM   
     By:   Goatmeal   (Member)

    Orson Wells sounds a lot like the Brain from "Animaniacs".

    Both are voiced by Maurice LaMarche. He's also the voice of Jeremy Hawke in "The Critic."

    Among the many, many voices he's done for animation, he's also Lrrr, Calculon, and Morbo on "Futurama."

     Posted:   Feb 26, 2022 - 10:41 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 1:

    "A Day at the Races and a Night at the Opera"

  • 2:25 in.^
  • 4:34 in. Sounds like this was meant to be a "Chariots of Fire" parody.^
  • 5:24 in. And the cue after the commercial break.^(second)
  • 11:03 in.^

    We see the restaurant owner outside his business and he has a son that looks just like him.

    (NtM: 2:17/gif, 7:06, 7:37/gif, 10:31/gif, 10:43/gif, 20:26/gif, 21:37)

    Jay: "Skull cracked … brains leaking out … can't wait to see new Chevy Chase movie."

    United Nations Speaker: "Like the Real U.N. there was a lot of heated gibberish but nothing was accomplished and we send the bill to Uncle Sam. HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!"

    Jay: "Musicians don't have to be handsome, and do they get beautiful women? Let me just say two words to you: Lyle Lovitz."
    Marty: "I thought he was handsome."
    Jay: "No, you're thinking of Jon Lovitz, and I agree; with his sophotic good looks he takes the cake."

    "Uneasy Rider"

  • 4:45 in.^
  • 9:25 in.^
  • 10:07 in.^
  • 15:02/16:06/20:08 in. "Lawrence of Arabia" parody.^

    (NtM: 17:01)

    Doris: "Kiss my surprisingly firm butt."

    Network Announcer: "Tonight at ten: the best of Chevy Chase. Then at ten o-five, the news."

    "A Pig-Boy and His Dog"

  • 1:19 in.^
  • 3:06 in.^
  • 12:13 in.^
  • 13:12 in.^
  • 13:47 in.^
  • 15:07 in. Including a "Jaws" shark theme music parody.^
  • 18:10 in.^
  • 19:09 in.^
  • 21:20 in. "Looney Tunes" theme homage.^

    Jay's adopted mom lost her virginity at a Dave Brubeck concert.

    Jay apparently hates the first "Jurassic Park" film.

    That bit where Jay rips the tag off his pants to pass for his dog's papers -- comedic genius. Who ever wrote that line knows his funny.

    Trivia: Jay rips on "Barney: The Movie". At the time this episode aired -- 1994 -- there was no Barney movie. However, that line must have inspired some idiot in Hollywood, because less than four years later, he got one: "Barney's Great Adventure".

    (NtM: 10:25, 11:01)

    Jay: "Hey, Doris, my mother's bored with her life; what do women your age do?"
    Doris: "Die. And square dance."

    Jay: "I will not let you cook my dog!"
    "Are you suggesting I serve him raw?"

     Posted:   Mar 5, 2022 - 12:18 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    SEASON 2:

    Season two features a new, although not entirely different, arrangement of the theme. Nobody gets credit, but I assume Zimmer did it -- unless somebody here knows for sure.

    Originally an ABC show, they canned it and FOX picked it up for the second season. Jay makes fun of this by saying he used to have a big show "for like a week" on ABC.

    For some reason FOX must have felt Jay was too ugly, so he was made more cartoonish and cute in facial appearance. Everybody else appears to be the same. I don't like it.

    "Sherman, Woman and Child"

  • 4:02 in.^
  • 5:23 in.
  • 6:57 in.^
  • 9:50 in.
  • 12:13 in.^
  • 13:41 in.^
  • 14:15 in.^
  • 17:07 in.
  • 19:46 in.

    1:55 in: Featuring what must have been an insanely ridiculous amount of unnecessary money for a stop-motion "Nightmare Before Christmas" parody.

    We find out Jay's ex wife was cheating on him with the Judge who oversaw their divorce.

    Trivia: While there was no sequel to "A Few Good Men", in 2017 NBC did a live version of the original, with Alec Baldwin in the lead role.
    While Al Pacino was never a woflman as in the fake movie in this episode, he did play a character named Meyer Offerman, A.K.A. "The Wolf" in a 2020 series called "Hunters".
    You may be thinking there was never a sequel to that awful live-action "Dennis the Menace" movie, but about three years after this episode aired, a sequel was released that nobody and their gramother saw, titlted "Dennis the Menace Strikes Aain!" (with a score by Graeme Revell).

    (Note to Me: 4:00/gif, 5:43/gif, 6:45/gif, 12:03)

    "Have you done the dirty dingo?"

    Madonna: "Don't fuck with me, hippo."

    "Siskel & Ebert & Jay & Alice"

  • 2:26 in.^
  • 4:04 in.^
  • 9:08/9:22 in.^
  • 17:51 in.^
  • 19:44 in.
  • 20:24 in.^

    "Children of a Lesser Godzilla" ... you know, I might actually watch that.

    Trivia: There was, thankfully, never a sequel to "Rain Man".
    Arnold Schwarzenegger was actually one of multiple actors considered to star in "Mrs. Doubtfire". There actually a website where fans of films can vote on things like casting for films not even being made, and there is a 2019 petition to cast Arnold in a sequel (which, by the way, the director says would be impossible to make).

    15:38 in: William Shatnerbot.

    (NtM: 11:48/gif, 12:16/gif, 13:05, 15:50)

    "Lady Hawke"

  • 6:35 in.^
  • 12:41 in.^
  • 17:51 in.^
  • 20:27 in.

    I wonder if Mr. Sweaty Guy has Schweddy balls.

    5:08 in: Jon Lovitz voices himself and we see him in cartoon form.

    Trivia: There never was a "True Lies 2", but as of 2021, CBS ordered a pilot for a "True Lies" potential TV series.
    The book Little Women actually had a sequel titled Little Men, published in 1871. There was no film sequel though, though as of 2021 there was talks it might happen.

    Jay's friend, Hawke -- the "Crockadile Dundee" knock-off actor and star of the knock-off films in'verse, has a sister who slept with "Pete Best" -- presumably an in-joke to Peter Best who scored two of the "Crockadile Dundee" films.

    (NtM: 3:33/gif, 4:25/gif, 12:47/gif, 15:08/gif, 13:12, 11:06, 19:39)

    Doris: "That wasn't sdexy, was it?"

    Jay: "You're high on vitamin Jay, baby."

     Posted:   Mar 12, 2022 - 11:54 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 2:

    I hope to spend the next two Saturday's finishing up the series.


    "A Song for Margo"

    "From Chunk to Hunk"

  • 3:44 in.^ *
  • 7:37 in.^
  • 8:46 in.^
  • 9:50 in.
  • 10:31 in.^ *
  • 13:34 in.^
  • 16:16 in. Opens with a "Beverly Hills Cop" parody of the Axel F theme.^
  • 18:06 in.^

    10:57 in: The new Disney animated film, "The Cockroach King".

    12:49 in: William Shatner.

    14:48 in: Mr. T.

    I don't see the credit on IMDb, but I'm pretty sure that's Rush Limbaugh voicing himself. Also nothing in the end credits.

    * = Cues that could have easily been from "The Simpsons".

    (NtM: 2:50/gif, 3:02/gif, 4:47/gif)

    20th Century FOX Network Executive: "Jay, this is the FOX Network with a little advice: at the beginning of each show why don't you write on the chalkboard like Bart? And could you change your name to 'Homer'? And wear and eight-foot tall blue wig like Marge?" Jay smiles, "And how would you feel about sucking on a pacifier?"

    Ralph Wiggum Sound-Alike: "Stop -- you're soiling my dickie!"

    Ralph Wiggum Sound-Alike: "And I'm hiding from those ruffians who wish to man-handle my dickie! They've already kicked my ascot!"

    "All the Duke's Men"

  • 6:24/6:42 in. James Bond theme parody.^
  • 7:54 in.^
  • 14:14 in. Another cue that could have come from "The Simpsons".^

    I would have liked to have had Norm MacDonald voicing Bob Dole, but you can't win 'em all.

    Trivia: Jay thinks about a "Goodfellas 2" film. In real life about five years later, there was news that Scorsese was going to executive produce and direct a sequel to the film, according to an old 2000 New York Post article. Nothing further that I can see without going several pages, comes up regarding that. Obviously it never happened, but I don't know why.

    4:15/7:02/7:22 in: Klingons.

    18:48: "Apocalypse Wow!" the musical.

    (NtM: 10:53/gif, 15:11/gif, 17:41/gif)

    Jay: "It's a giant horse's ass!" turns to break the Fourth Wall, "You're watching FOX: Give us ten minutes and we'll give you an ass."

    "Sherman of Arabia"

  • 8:09 in.^
  • 10:46 in.^
  • 14:54 in.^
  • 15:06/19:27/20:09 in. "Lawrence of Arabia" homage.^
  • 15:49 in.
  • 20:31 in.^

    Continuity error: episodes ago it was established that the famous critic -- like Siskel & Ebert seen here -- didn't know who Jay Sherman was, but now in the flashback in 1991, they did.

    5:30 in: the Arabian parody TV series "Brown Acres".

    7:13/7:57 in: "Hee Haw: The Next Generation".

    (NtM: 1:48/gif, 16:52/gif)

     Posted:   Mar 19, 2022 - 10:33 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 2:

    "Frankie and Ellie Get Lost"

  • 2:24 in.^
  • 6:04 in.^
  • 8:56 in.^
  • 10:21 in.^
  • 12:06/12:37/13:04 in.^
  • 14:46 in.
  • 16:14 in.^(16:30)
  • 14:13 in.^
  • 19:25 in.^
  • 20:27 in.^

    Jay was a virgin when he married his ex wife. And my theory that she divorced him once the full body cast was off, is shot by the flashback showing them vacationing in Hawaii. I can't imagine what the explanation would be why she hated him so much that she stayed with him long enough to go to Hawaii. There has to be one since the writers obviously were not paying attention and it's canon now.

    Margo is not eighteen yet.

    Jay's fake parents are worth about a billion dollars.

    Trivia: While there never was "The Bodyguard 2", Kevin Costner did say in a 2012 interview that he was proposing a sequel in the 1996/1997 time that would have had him assigned to protect a princess, and that real life Princess Diana would star in the movie as said princess. In late 2021, Costner said a sequel was back in development and that he would return to play the same character.

    (NtM: 2:10/gif, 7:50/gif, 15:22/gif, 6:30, 14:18, 18:49)

    Cigarette Company Executive: "But Mr. Sherman, think of the children: If they don't have cigarettes, what will they do after they have sex?"


  • 12:36 in.^
  • 14:35 in.^
  • 15:42 in.^
  • 17:32 in.^
  • 20:04 in.^
  • 20:56 in.^

    (NtM: 1:50/gif)

    "Jay, this is your inner child. I escaped and I just robbed a liquor store."

    Jay: "Comedians sticking themselves in classic films? What's next -- 'Doctor Stranglovitz'? Wait a minute -- that's a brilliant idea!" picks up a wireless phone and dials, "Hello, Hollywood? Here's the pitch: Doctor Stranglovitz! He's a character actor. No I don't think he died!"

    12:52 in: Jay and his girl goes dressed as Marge and Homer Simpson.

    "I Can't Believe It's a Clip Show" (original network series run finale)

  • 4:17/4:31 in.^
  • 9:50 in.^
  • 18:38 in.
  • 19:51 in.
  • 20:47 in.^

    This episode has a dozen writers credited.

    The end credits closing scene of Jay in the theater should have been like this:

    Movie Theater Usher: "Ah, excuse me, sir, but the show has been cancelled."
    Jay: "Is ABC still not taking my calls?"

    Cancelled by FOX after ten episodes.

     Posted:   Mar 19, 2022 - 11:41 AM   
     By:   CindyLover   (Member)

    While Al Pacino was never a woflman as in the fake movie in this episode, he did play a character named Meyer Offerman, A.K.A. "The Wolf" in a 2020 series called "Hunters".

    And then was Jack And Jill, showing that real life always one-ups parody.

     Posted:   Mar 26, 2022 - 8:16 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


    A series of original shorts that should be de-canonized. "The Critic" wiki sums it up better than I would have:

    They were released gradually throughout 2000 and 2001 on the now-defunct Each one of them was written by Al Jean and Mike Reiss.

    While Jay remains the protagonist, many side characters are omitted, save for Vlada. The series mainly focuses on Jay and his pining over Jennifer, a new character who replaces the roles of Alice and Doris, as well as Jay's usual tirades about modern cinema. Due to the lack of most of the character from past seasons, these episodes mainly rely on movie parodies.

    Unfortunately, they kept the cartoon-ized version of Jay that the second season on FOX introduced.

    Zimmer's theme is kept and Alf Clausen provided the original music.

    1 (only remastered episode)

  • 1:12 in.^

    Jay: "Oh! Are you legs really that fat?!"


  • 1:03 in.^

    Jay: "Our first film is 'Mission: Impossible 2'; Tom Cruise is nearly indestructible in it ... because he has an executive producer credit in it."


  • Nothing.


  • Nothing.

    Jay hated "Titanic" and "The Sixth Sense".


  • Nothing.

    Amongst movies Jay likes: "Raging Bull" and "Citizen Cane".

    Additional Music: Eric Speier (

  • 0:00 in.^
  • 1:07 in.^

    Jay actually likes "Sleepy Hollow".

    (Note to Me: 2:16/gif)


  • 0:00 in.^

    Jay likes "Castaway", Unbreakable" and "The Legend of Bagger Vance".

    Jay: "Hey -- I didn't get sex either way. Please, call your internet service provider to complain."

    Additional Music: "Dodo & Zeti"

  • 0:00 in.^
  • 1:21 in.^
  • 2:17 in.^

    2:09 in: "Seinfeld".

    Jay: "Ummm, I hope it's sex. Or candy."


  • Nothing.

    Additional Music: "Dodo and Zeti"

  • 0:00 in.^

    I wasn't able to find out who Dodo and Zeti are, just that they are a husband and wife team according to the website of a friend.

    (NtM: 3:03/gif)

    Man: "Excuse me, I hate to interrupt, but, ah, my son thought he recognized you."
    Jay: "Un hum, your son is very observant."
    Boy: "Are you Shrek?"
    Jay: "No."

    And that was finally the end.

    Some of you may be wondering why in an era with one awful film after another and one old TV series being revived after another, that this show hasn't come back yet. Well, one of the creators did an interview not too long ago and said the rights to the show belong to Sony. He went in and pitched a revival to them; they didn't accept or pass. Nothing has happened since. It's all up to Sony now and Sony does not appear to be interested. What a shame.

     Posted:   Mar 27, 2022 - 3:46 PM   
     By:   Goatmeal   (Member)

    Thanks for the memories, Justin. Haven't watched these since they came out on DVD back in 2004. Makes me want to dig them out of storage...

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